Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Exclusive FM 2014 Wonderkids and Talents (U19)

Football Manager 2014 Wonderkids

Dear friends,

So awaited FM 2014 wonderkids from me today! My blog is well known for creation of convenient player listing that began in 2007. Since that time other FM sites started to be copycats making something similar to my list. But every year my new list get new original features that other sites have no. That’s probably why my last year FM 13 list got more than 5 millions of views and became the most popular page of the blog.

So here is my gift to you dedicated to recent Football Manager 2014 release is a list of FM 2014 wonderkids and talents. It was created with love and passion, and I believe it should be helpful for many of you.
Sunday, 7 July 2013

Will Hughes in FM 2013

Hi guys,

One of the most exciting English wonderkids is Will Hughes. It’s my humble opinion which is shared by many other FM gamers. Will is certainly one of the best players in my Nottingham Forest. He is also present in my wonderkid list with TFM rating of 4.

So I’d like to tell you about my personal experience with him and try to point how to take full advantage of his presence in a squad.

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Season 7. Youngsters promoted to the first squad

Dear blog readers,

Quick posting today. I have four names representing young talented footballers from Nottm Forest reserves. All of them were bought 2-3 seasons ago and now it’s time to give them some chances. They are:

  • wonderkid central midfielder Allan Cleland
  • last year’s best Championship goal scorer John McLeish
  • promising ring and central back Stepen Kavanagh
  • young French goalie Kevin Prevost


Saturday, 1 June 2013

Jamaal Lascelles in FM 2013

Dear readers,

Today’s post is clearly dedicated to one of my favourite players in Football Manager 2013. He is definitely one of the wonderkids. Forest academy graduate Jamaal Lascelles has been Nottingham Forest captain since the second season (which was my PL debut).

Just think about that: he got a captain armlet being only 19 years old.

I do hope to retain Jamaal Lascelles in Nottm Forest till the end of the story. He will become a single original Forest player who is absolutely dedicated to his club like great Ryan Giggs.

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Football Manager 2013 Wonderkids and Young Talents

Football Manager 2013 Wonderkids
Hello my dear blog readers,

If you want to find FM14 Wonderkid list, please take a look at my post with exclusive FM 2014 player set.

Actually the most advanced list of Football Manager 2013 wonderkids from me. My original idea to analyse database from game appeared in 2007. Since that time I have been creating such kind of popular lists every year. For example, its version for FM12 was the most visited blog page ever getting more than 4 million page views.

So FM 2013 didn’t become an exception as you see. The list will definitely be useful for those who are in need of help while searching FM 2013 wonderkids and young talents.
In fact, it’s not just a simple list. It’s my vision of football talents all over the world.
Saturday, 11 February 2012

Q.P.R. changes in summer of 2014

Dear readers,

OK, I am ready to present the review of season 4 preparation process. Today we’ll discuss the latest QPR changes. I would like to start with a “Vast” stadium expansion made by boardПодмигивающая рожица  Look like a joke but it’s still +1000 seats.

Stadium extension

After that I got a quite tempting offer from Manchester United but rejected it, of course.

Man Utd approach Mokosiy


Season expectations

Champions League promise

I claimed to get Champions League place this season. It’s somewhat risky but I had to do it just because one of my story targets is to get into Champions League in 4 seasons.

Additionally, I hope to make another attempt to win Europa League, Carling Cup, and repeat success in FA Cup.

The board was very kind giving me $57.5M for transfers and driving the club into $20M debt. This time I spent all the money:


Wage budget is almost completely used after all transfers I did:


Media prediction is just a bit higher than before the last season. Top 4 is a tough task for the Rangers.


Club reputation:


Unfortunately, Q.P.R. reputation didn’t grow much after the last season when we managed to win FA Cup and become Europa League runner-up. It means I was perceptibly limited in transfer opportunities…


Q.P.R transfers

Players out

Players out

It’s a bit unusual to see only 2 sold players. I had no serious remarks regarding performance of QPR players. Only Yaya Sanogo was irritating me. If you read the last QPR story post, you’d probably agree with this transfer.

Goalie Miguel Angel Moya asked for the first team place and went for it to Reggina.


Players in

Players in

Long list of newcomers you see here. But if you take a closer look, you’ll see $59M were spent for only for 3 players: Cahill, Garmash, and Vukojevic.


1. Gary Cahill (DC) - $24M

Gary Cahill in Football Manager 2012


I consider Gary Cahill as the best transfer in the campaign. He is a player I dreamt to buy: central defender with good Passing and Technique. Gary will play in pair with Kaboul.


2. Ognjen Vukojevic (DMC, MC) - $15M

Ognjen Vukoevic in Football Manager 2012

Brilliant Croatian DMC from Dynamo Kyiv. Welcome to Q.P.R! Vukojevic possesses great mental abilities, Strength, Tackling, and Marking. In the real life he is the best player of Dynamo Kyiv.

I understand you may $15M is too much for a 30 years old player. But I needed a great defensive midfielder.


3. Denys Garmash (MC, DMC) - $19M

Denys Garmash in Football Manager 2012

Another transfer from Dynamo Kyiv and the first Ukrainian in Q.P.R. Garmash is a talented central midfielder who should become an important part of the team.

By the way, he is one of the wonderkids at the very start of the game.


4. Andrea Masiello (DC, DR) - Free!

Andrea Masiello in Football Manager 2012

It was tempting to sign Masiello for free. A solid commanding centre back who can play as a right defender as well. Actually I hope to use him on the right flank rather often.


5. Johannes Geis (DMC, MC, DR) - Free!

Johannes Geis in Football Manager 2012

Versatile youngster Geis became my hope to replace Andreas Hinkel in one season or so. I hope Johanness will develop himself well during trainings because he has amazing prospective.



6. Ivan Cosic (MC) - Free!



Next Boban

Simply the next Zvonimir Boban. A newgen wonderkid who should make a competition for Marco Verratti at MC position in future.

By the way, I want to advice you using Finding newgens article by celticman. It’s really helpful if you are interested in an efficient newgens search.


7. Bogdan Lobont (GK) - Free!

Bogdan Lobont in Football Manager 2012

Famous Romanian who agreed to backup goalie status.


8. Alexandru Bourceanu (DMC) - Free!

Alexandru Bourceanu in Football Manager 2012

Once again I signed Romanian footballer for free. Bourceanu will not be the first squad midfielder, of course. Though he will have some chance to play from substitution bench competing for this right with Cole Skuse.


9. Albano Bizzarri (GK) - Free!

Albano Bizzarri in Football Manager 2012

Another famous keeper who also agreed to backup status.


10. Sasha Seeger - Free!

Sasha Seeger

Just a prospect for attack.



Team report and comparisons after the transfers

Team report


Defense[5] Midfield



So now I have many players in the squad. Even too many. Thus not all players will be able to register for Europa League and Premier League. Anyway the great squad depth should help when having a lot of matches in a short time period. In the end I have a question for you:

What’s your opinion of the transfers I made?


Exciting to be blogging for you,

Vitaliy Mokosiy

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Squad revolution before the 2nd season

Before you start reading about huge Q.P.R. squad changes, please take a look at this awesome tactical post by one of the best FM Crowd authors:

Understanding Football Formations – The 5-3-2

There Football Manager Tactical Newspaper author makes in-depth analysis of 5-3-2 formation in Football Manager 2012.


Squad revolution!

The board was very generous for my promise to achieve a finish near the middle of the standings. They gave me $31.36M for transfers keeping wage budget the same. I had a lot of money for the squad revolution as you seeПламенный привет

Season expectations and transfer money


Players out

I sad Bye to enormous amount of players, don’t remember when I did the same last time…

Players out before season #2

Players out[5]

Here I should single out sales of the former first squad players:

- Adel Taarabt

- Armand Traore

- Paddy Kenny

At last I managed to get rid of Anton Ferdinand and Jay Bothroyd. They were like a dead weight for the team. Petter Vaagan Moen was suddenly sold after thinking over one of the comments made by a blog reader. I didn’t plan to let him out but you, dear readers, convinced me to do that. You see you have an essential influence upon meУлыбка


Players in

22 players bought

As you see we bought 22 players during the transfer campaign. There’s no sense to enumerate all of them. So I will start with Top 10 ranking of new signings and only after that you will see full list of Q.P.R. newbies.


1. Oscar (AMR, MC, AML) - $20M

Mentioned in my wonderkids list

Oscar in Football Manager 2012

Brazilian wonderkid who can become a world star in 3-4 years! It’s the best my signing I suppose. Going to use this guy on flanks. Most part of the paid money - monthly instalments for period 48 months.



2. David Ospina (GK) - $18M

David Ospina in Football Manager 2012

I decided to replace Paddy Kenny with a goalie of higher level. There were several candidates including Diego Barreto, Sebastian Veira, Kevin Trapp… But David Ospina seemed to be the best of them for Q.P.R and not so expensive as Trapp. I like his Reflexes and ability to communicate and organize defenders.

Pay attention that David became the best Ligue 1 goalkeeper in the last season.

Ospina awards


3. Sulley Muntari (MC, DMC) - Free!

Sulley Muntari in Football Manager 2012


I grabbed Sulley for free. We had very difficult contract talks with his agent, but I believe this incredibly experienced and versatile midfielder can become one of team leaders. The biggest Rangers name now! Палец вверх

Additionally, I want to notice he has quite useful preferred moves to fit into our wide passing style.

Preferred moves of Sulley Muntari


4. Ivelin Popov (AML, AMR, MC) - $6M

Ivelin Popov in Football Manager 2012

I had to compete with many clubs for getting Ivelin Popov. Bulgarian winger should become our new first squad AML.


5. Alberto Paloschi (SC) - $3.1M

Mentioned in my wonderkids list

Alberto Paloschi in Football Manager 2012

Alberto Paloschi, Italian talent. Very determined young striker with already pretty good Finishing and Composure. He will compete for the first squad place with Yaya Sanogo and the next my signing - Jay Rodriguez.

We can talk about his prospects and strong sides a lot. But pay attention Alberto has shortcomings of quite low Passing and Dribbling.


6. Jay Rodriguez (SC) - $9.75M

Mentioned in my wonderkids list

Jay Rodriguez in Football Manager 2012

The same shortcomings regarding Passing and Dribbling can be found in Jay Rodriguez profile. I decided to buy him to have a competition for the first squad position and opportunity for some rotation among strikers.

Now I have 3 young talented forwards in the squad! Вечеринка


7. Petar Zanev (DL) - $675K

Petar Zanev in Football Manager 2012

It was the most advantageous transfer of the whole campaignДеньги  Only $675K paid for the player of such calibre. Zanev is quick, strong and brave full back. I think Lucas Digne will become a backup player for him. Though I tend to use them both in rotation.


8. Scott Brown (MC) - Free!

Scott Brown in Football Manager 2012

Experience of Scott Brown should help our refreshed team. It’s important because Q.P.R. has the most young squad now, whereas we had the oldest squad before the 1st season!


9. Korey Smith (MC) - $700K

Mentioned in my wonderkids list

Korey Smith in Football Manager 2012

English prospective midfielder. I paid just $700K for Korey Smith. Sure, he will be a backup player. Hope Korey will show himself well during trainings and matches of the Reserves.


10. Jordan Obita (AML, SC) - $1.7M

Mentioned in my wonderkids list

Jordan Obita in Football Manager 2012

Jordan Obita is very promising attacking midfielder. Look at Potential Ability reported by my scout and you will understand why I paid $1.7M for him.

Potential of Obita


You saw Top 10 Q.P.R. transfers. Now it’s time to uncover the full long list!

Players in before season 2

Players in

There are many youngsters signed on free who may grow during trainings:

- Christian Derflinger (AML), 18 years old

- Samed Yesil (SC), 18

- Jerome Roussillon (DL, AML), 19

- Daniel Bessa (AML, AMR), 19

- Kevin Friesenbichler (SC), 18

- Andrea Romano (DC), 19

- Alex Henshall (AML), 18

I tried to pick up many decent young players released by clubs after the first season. Who knows maybe some of them will develop themselves during trainings much…


Q.P.R. finance after the transfers

3 points here:

- Almost all transfer money is spent.

- Wage budget has a good reserve of $130K.

- Balance is negative, very negative.  We went to large debts.

Transfer money

Wage budget

QPR balance


Q.P.R. clauses were widened with 3 large monthly installment packages for Oscar, Ospina and Rodriguez. So it will be hard to get out of debts during upcoming years.

Transfer clauses of Q.P.R.


The next 2 screenshots will give you an opportunity to compare Q.P.R. squads before and after the squad revolution.

Team report before transfers

Team report before transfers

Team report after transfers

   Team report after the transfers


Team comparison

Now I want you to compare our team with other Premier League clubs and see that Q.P.R became perhaps the 10th-11th team by squad strength.

Goalkeeper & Defense

Goalkeeper Defense[4]

Midfield & Attack

Midfield Attack


I am starting the 2nd season!

Yes, I am ready to do that. I spent so much time making the squad revolution and can’t wait till my first Premier League match. Buy the way we are are starting at home against Liverpool. Then Q.P.R. will play away match against Sunderland, they kicked us out of FA Cup by penalties in the quarterfinal replay match. Two next matches are very tough: home game with Chelsea, away game with Man City.

It will be very complicated season start because new players need time to blend into the team. I think it’s possible that we can even loose all these 4 matches suddenly!

Just stay tuned and you will know how I start the season with all the squad revolution newcomers.