Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Last video story episode on my blog

Hello dear readers,

I decided to stop posting video story of NTM on my blog due to its low popularity here. I understand everybody is waiting for my story.

You can still follow his video updates signing to the Youtube channel.

Friday, 9 December 2011

Season 2. Team blending after squad revolution

Today we will start with the 3rd episode of season 3 in the NTM’s video story:

Now let’s get back to the Rangers story.

Q.P.R. matches

The Rangers started the 2nd season poorly having 3 draws and 4 losses in 8 Premier League matches.
Premier League standings
6 of 12 goals were conceded in 2 games versus Man City and Tottenham. Our defence is fairly well at the start. I cannot say the same about attacking force of the Rangers.
QPR matches in PL and LC
First of all, I have already written two special posts about the starting match against Liverpool and League Cup fight with Bolton on my addition blog. Read them if you missed them:
- Season 2: The first match
- League Cup thriller against Bolton
And now some statistics from failed games. There was only one match when Q.P.R. was helpless against opponent - away loss to Manchester City leading in the league now. In other matches we had to take much more points! Just look at the stats below.
Q.P.R. - Chelsea 0:1
Stats vs Chelsea     Q.P.R. - Portsmouth 1:1
Stats vs Portsmouth 

Q.P.R - Wolves 0:1                                                            Q.P.R - Tottenham 1:3
Match stats vs Wolves[5]
  vs Tottenham
Chelsea was playing a bit better but we could make a draw in the rivalry (it first we had chances to do that!). Portsmouth, the weakest PL team, was simply very lucky holding 1:1 score. Wolves won because of penalty caused by my defender Bjelland.
Tottenham beat us due 2 red cards given to Kaboul and Hall (who appeared at position of Kaboul). What I like is passion of my players after the first red card. They managed to create several clear cut and half chances but didn’t seize on…
QPR - Tottenham

Poor start reasons

I expected a better starting period with less complications. But currently I have what I have. The team performs decently but it can play football much better, I feel that potential. The reasons of bad results are:
1. Team blending after huge squad revolution in summer.
2. Low efficiency of attackers (Paloschi, Rodriguez, Popov, Oscar, Wright-Phillips).
3. Five weeks injury of Ospina (my goalie) and bad fortune in some matches.
4. Tough calendar. 4 out of 8 Premier League matches were against Man City, Liverpool, Tottenham, Chelsea.

Q.P.R. players

So you see the failure reasons are almost all about the players. Let’s look at the traditional player list sorted by average ratings:
QPR players
The worst QPR players were:
Worst QPR players

New strikers: Paloschi and Rodriguez

First of all I want to lash Alberto Paloschi and Jay Rodriguez. Both strikes failed many goal chances and proved that half-season adaptation period exists in FM 2012 as well as in previous version. I have even started to thinking about Sanogo playing as a main squad forward.
Paloschi stats
Paloschi stats
Rodriguez stats
Rodriguez stats
Now compare my guys with Gary Hooper performing for Wolves excellently at the season start:
Gary Hooper
I hope you understand what I mean…

Q.P.R. newbies

Good matches were played by new left back and goalkeeper only. Midfielders and attackers started the season weakly. I can group the players into 4 categories:
Good start: Petar Zanev, David Ospina
Decent start: Sulley Muntari
Bad start: Ivelin Popov, Oscar, Alberto Paloschi, Jay Rodriguez
Played few matches only: Korey Smith, Jordan Spence, Scott Brown
“Bad start” category is the largest one now… The situation should change after November and December matches I believe.

Free transfers - new QPR goalie

Due to the loss of Ospina, I had to sign for free additional goalkeeper. Experienced Jeremie Janot came to the Rangers as a result.
Jeremie Janot in Football Manager 2012

Upcoming matches

Upcoming QPR matches
The next matches should be easier because I have already played versus Manchester City, Tottenham, Liverpool and Chelsea. In January I hope to see the Rangers at the 10th position in the table or something like that.
I can’t wait also till League Cup encounter with my favourite (in the real life) Arsenal. It’s the case when I would be happy to make a draw and go to the next round by penaltiesПодмигивающая рожица Just because the Gunners is a very strong team.
Monday, 5 December 2011

NTM's video story: Season 3, Episode 2

New episode of video story by NTM managing Pacos de Ferreira.

Watch previous episodes getting them by video story tag.

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

NTM's video story: Season 3, Episode 1

Here is another episode of NTM's video story. He continued managing Paços de Ferreira in the 3rd season.

Watch previous episodes finding them under video story tag.

Monday, 28 November 2011

Staying in the league by goal difference…

Dear readers,

At first I would like to offer you watching another episode of video story of my friend NTM.

NTM’s video story: The 2nd season is over


Q.P.R. Story: Season #1 is over

Now it’s going to be a quite long post about my story.

I am disappointed with the season finish because Q.P.R. managed to complicate it maximally. Destiny of my club was decided in the last fixture. Marco Verratti scored a beautiful goal helping us to stay in the Premier League. It’s a big surprize for me because I expected to take the 14th position approximately. Instead Newcastle, Swansea and my Q.P.R. got 37 points… So goal difference turned out a key factor in this case.

Final Premier League table. Season 1

Premier League table, Season 1


Reasons of the failure

I expected to take 7-9 points in the four last matches. But unfortunately I got only two vital points that turned out vital.


Once again I had problems with morale level of my players. At first Manchester United destroyed us with 0:5 score, though I am sure we didn’t deserve it by goal chances:

Match stats, Manchester United

Then I decided to arrange team meeting to boost a mood before 3 important games. Unfortunately, 18 players reacted badly on my speech, and I had to play the matches using many players with Very Poor morale level

We could won 2 last matches and have a draw in the game against Fulham… But all chances were lost due to weak efficiency of our attack, the weakest area of Q.P.R. squad now.

In short, it was a nervous season finish… One line above relegation zone…

QPR position history


Bad news about facilities enhancement

I am disappointed also with actions of my chairman… Why did the hell it happen?! All enhancement plans are cancelled!




Squad revolution ahead!

QPR players

Worst QPR players

Surely I am not happy with the performance shown by the most of Q.P.R. players. This is why I am going to make a squad revolution getting rid of many guys. I need footballers that will blend into:

- my Rigid philosophy

- Supersonic tactics and its properties

Pretty high Teamwork, Work Rate, Determination, Passing, Technique, Decisions, Pace, Acceleration, Stamina are must!


Players I am going to leave in the squad

- DC: Younes Kaboul, Andres Bjeland, Matthew Connelly, Fitz Hall (for backup)

- DL: Lucas Digne

- DR: Andreas Hinkel, Arne Friedrich

- DMC: Joey Barton, Alejandro Faurlin, Daniel Paulista (backup), Shaun Derry (backup)

- MC (Playmaker): Marco Verratti, Petter Vaagan Moen (backup)

- AML: DJ Campbell (backup)

- AMR: Shaun Wright-Phillips

- SC: Yaya Sanogo (backup)

By the way, compare attributes of Marco Verratti before and after the season. He has the best growth level in my team.




Verratti after the season

QPR fans voted and gave an award to him this year:

Fans player of the year


5 main positions for strengthening as ranking

1. SC

2. AML

3. GK

4. DC

5. AMR

Other positions need strengthening as well but not so much. Do you agree these 5 positions are the most important to strengthen? Any tips?

In any case you should await a serious squad revolution during the upcoming transfer window! So just stay tuned.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Q.P.R. Too many unlucky matches

Hello, dear readers!

Today’s post I am going to start with NTM’s video story. It’s episode #1 of season 2:

And now - Q.P.R. story!

January and February of the first Q.P.R. story season were really unlucky. My boys played well having all chances to get 7-9 points more for the team. But it didn’t happen, and Q.P.R. is located at the the 16th line in the table.

Premier League table

Just one point to relegation zone when we actually should be in the middle of the table!


Premier League matches


Almost every match was really interesting and takes much time to analyse and make some conclusions. The best PL matches were against Newcastle and Manchester City. In the first one Shaun Wright-Phillips scored 3 very similar goals getting to a ball crossed from a left flank. The game against Man City entertained visitors because of 6 goals and our comeback due to a funny last own goal by Micah Richards.

But the most interesting part for me and you should be regarding unlucky matches. Q.P.R. could win at least two of them!

Q.P.R - Everton 0:1                                       Q.P.R. - Tottenham 0:1

QPR - EvertonQPR - Tottenham

Q.P.R. - Stoke 0:2

QPR - Stoke 

Surely weak attack influenced much on the results of the matches. But I think it was especially unlucky time period for us. They say Q.P.R.’s slump continues…

Bad run


FA Cup success

I should mention our good results in FA Cup where we managed to get to quarterfinals. We 2 complicated matches against Wolves. The win in the second one was brought by 2 goals of our super-sub player Peter Vaagan Moen!

FA Cup match stats

Next Q.P.R.’s FA Cup opponent is Sunderland.


My players

QPR players

QPR worst players

First of all I want to state that attackers are inefficient in scoring goals. Well, it was predictable but I decided to sacrifice attack strengthening only defence during the last winter transfer window.

The new defenders - Friedrich, Kaboul and Bjelland - are only on the way to blend into the team. Kaboul and Bjelland have been already playing fairly well, but Friedrich is a disappointment at the moment. Not so good as I expected! His definite weakness is winning headers. Therefore I think he is not useful as Premier League central defender and can play at the right back position.

Good news is that my trust into young talented left back Lucas Digne was rewarded by excellent performance from him. He appeared to be truly stable and quite reliable defender, even in such a young age! Take a look at his attributes, they didn’t impress much at the moment, but the guy has the 3rd average rating in the team!

Lucas Digne in FM 2012


Dear readers, stay tuned because I will finish the 1st season very soon!

Friday, 18 November 2011
Monday, 14 November 2011

NTM video story: New one, unique one

My friend NTM has started a new original video story. This time it’s not about managing a top or middle club,  it’s about… wel, watch it by yourself Улыбка

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

NTM is got sacked managing Arsenal!

Arsenal video story is over. My friend NTM didn’t cope with Arsenal and its high season expectations.

Watch the last video of the story, listen to his minds about a new story in FM 2012 as well.

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Q.P.R. I do not like my tactics!

Hello dear readers,

first of all - Arsenal video story by NTM, Episode 3:


And now I am going to be critical regarding my current tactical approach. And this is not because of quite poor results. The reason is that my current tactics doesn’t show a kind of football I like. I prefer an attacking style of football, but currently my Q.P.R. shows a cautious and defensive style.

So my conclusion after all played PL fixtures and matches in the League Cup is:

I am creating a completely new attacking tactics with nearly the same formation.

Surely, my players will have to blend into it from the very beginning. It will be another obstacle on my way to survive in the Premier League…

Latest results

Premier League table

Well, we are still at the bottom but not in relegation zone. Liverpool is below us, Kenny Dalglish is under critics and going to be sacked soon. My board confidence is stable because I promised to avoid relegation only.

Here are the latest played matches of Rangers:

QPR Matches

Almost all games were played without injured Taarabt and DJ Campbell, one of the best attacking QPR players. So we lacked a force in attack.

I didn’t expect to take at least one point against Tottenham, Chelsea and Man City. Moreover, Joey Barton and Luke Young got red cards in two of these matches failing all our hopes on a sudden success. Detailed information about rivalry against Chelsea can be found in this post.

Unfortunately, QPR conceded too many goals in a equal away game against Swansea loosing it with 2:3 score… I can only single out 2 very good home matches bringing QPR 6 points. The first one was against West Bromwich Albion. Here is its video highlights and detailed information:

First win without Taarabt

The 1:0 victory over Wigan was marked by the first goal of wonderkid Yaya Sanogo. This is also was a moment when I decided to change tactical approach to more attacking and quick one.


New QPR formation

Formation was slightly changed because I moved AMC to MC position. You would ask me: Isn’t it making tactics more defensive. Well, yes. But the biggest changes were made in team instructions… Going to implement extremely quick tempo usage and wide play (I understand how it’s difficult).

Soon I will post my new tactics which I am going to follow and develop with Q.P.R. It’s really making me excited!


Q.P.R. players

Players list

  Worst players

Well, Paddy Kenny and Alejandro Faurlin were the best players of the first quarter of the season. I can single out also Joey Barton, Peter Vaagan Moen, Adel Taarabt and Shaun Wright-Phillips. All these footballers showed a performance of quality level I expected.

It’s a pity but defenders didn’t perform well in spite of logical defensive tactical approach used from the very start of the season. Materazzi, Hinkel and Traore have the worst ratings among all QPR backs. But I think it’s still early to state that all these players are rubbish. They need some time. Though obviously I understand that defence is the weakest area and needs strengthening during winter transfer window.

That’s all for now.

Next my Q.P.R. story post is going to be about the attacking tactics I started developing and using in FM 2012. It will completely new tactical approach I have never created and used in any version of Football Manager!!! Stay tuned!

Friday, 4 November 2011

NTM’s Arsenal video story, Episode 2

Watch the second episode of video story about Arsenal managed by my friend NTM:

Monday, 31 October 2011

Arsenal video story by NTM. Started!

Hello all!

Today I am makig a short and quick post announcing the video story start by my friend NTM. He decided to manage Arsenal in Football Manager 2012 what obviously makes me excited. You know I am a Arsenal fan :)

So here is the first video!

Saturday, 24 September 2011

FM 2012 Social Networking + NTM’s video story

Short joint post today.

Football Manager 2012 Social Networking

FM 2012 will allow us to upload custom video highlights that can be recorded manually during match. I think it’s very good addition that can help us sharing interesting match events easily through Youtube. The camera selection option before upload is also quite helpful.

Moreover, Miles announced that Facebook supported has been added to FM 2012.


NTM’s video story: Season 3, Episode 6

Watch the latest video of NTM as Napoli manager in FM 2011:

Previous parts of the video story are available under the tag: video story

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Awards’ winners, Neymar, Dortmund, Fulham, etc.

Today I have prepared the series of new screenshots from Boston story that you, dear readers, asked me to post. As a bonus, you can watch another video story episode of NTM.


Napoli video story by NTM. Season 3, Episode 5


World Golden Ball winners



Fifa player of the year winners



World Cup best players




Neymar in Football Manager 2011









Fulham in Football Manager 2011




Mario Götze

Mario Gotze in FM 2011



Ilkay Gündogan





Bebe in FM 2011



Ravel Morrison




Paul Pogba

Paul Pogba in FM 2011








Alex Chamberlain

Alex Chamberlain




Senegal in FM 2011




Liga BBVA winners



Champions League winners

CL winners






Carl Jenkinson




Phil Jones

Phil Jones



Connor Wickham

Connor WIckham in FM 2011



FC Utrecht




Jukka Raitala

Raitala in FM 20112[14]


Danny Haynes

Danny Haynes in FM 2011



Reuben Noble-Lazarus




Danny Rose