Thursday, 27 December 2012

FM 13 Best Directors of Football

The new staff role added to Football Manager 2013 arose the highest interest after the game’s release. A director of football can be responsible for the following actions:
  • Assign scouts;
  • Bring youth players into the club;
  • Hire or sack staff;
  • Work over club transfers and loans using three lists: Transfers Targets, Unwanted List, Development List.
As for me the last one seems really valuable action set. Now I’d like to share my thoughts about the most significant attributes for a director of football.
Saturday, 8 December 2012

Football Manager 2013 in Offline Mode

--- Guest post by Igor Subotic ---

This will be very useful tutorial to all of you who are let’s say going for a trip and are unsure if you’re going to have internet connection or not. There is a quick and simple way to play your Football Manager 2013 offline. Brought to you by

Okay, so follow these simple steps and you’ll be on your way playing FM13 in an offline mode…

Launch Steam and log in to your account, for this you’ll still going to need internet connection.

Once the Steam launches, click on the ‘Steam’ in the drop down menu and then select option ‘Go Offline’


Now the pop window will appear ‘Steam – Go Offline’, on it click on ‘RESTART IN OFFLINE MODE


And that’s basically all there is to it. Next time you launch Steam, it will not be connected to the internet, and you’ll be able to play your Football Manager 2013 in a offline mode.

Please note, some of the features such as Friends and the Server Browser, will not be available while in offline mode. And once new update for FM13 arrives you’ll have to go online for Steam to download the latest patch for your game.

Also, here is a quick video tutorial you can watch if you still don’t know how to get your Football Manager 2013 to start in offline mode…

Hope you enjoyed this quick tutorial. For more useful tutorials and much more regarding Football Manager, visit us at

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Football Manager 2013 Assistant Managers

FM 2013 Assistant Managers
If you don’t know men on the picture: it’s Steve Bould, one of the Premier League assistant managers. He helps Arsene Wenger in Arsenal.
Today I would like to share my thoughts about the significance of assistant managers in Football Manager 2013 and actually the best of them in the game.
Sunday, 25 November 2012

Football Manager 2013 Scouts

Football Manager 2013 Scouts

In my opinion scouts have been becoming more and more important with every new version of Football Manager. Of course some of you may say that player search is enough for you. I would not agree, especially if realistic attribute masking is enabled in your game.

First of all you should what scouts can do for you:

Thursday, 22 November 2012

My experiment in Football Manager 2013 trainings

My Forest story have stepped over season 1 equator. It means I am in January playing matches and making transfers now. And finally I am ready to share the results of the training experiment started on 15.08.2012.

I’d like to enumerate the basic experiment conditions once more:

  • I have been monitoring training progress of my players since the start date till December 31, 2012.
  • Forest has 3.5-star coaches in all but Attacking and Goalkeeping categories.
  • Good training facilities.
  • Players were divided into three groups by training settings:
    • Individual focus on a role;
    • Individual focus on a single attribute;
    • No individual focus.
  • General training: Balanced with Average Intensity.
  • Match training: Tactics only + Allow rest after match.
  • Scheduling slider: More match training, one position to right from maximal level.

Read my initial experiment post for more details.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Football Manager 2013 Custom Profile View

Dear readers,

I feel it’s time for another FM 2013 hint today.

Moving around all FM 2013 screens can take a lot of time. The news inbox doesn’t show all the most important information about team members and its financial. But FM 13 has something I like to call an “information radiator”. If you go to your manager profile hitting F2 shortcut for example, you will see quite helpful total information combined into set of widgets. 2 of them are useful but the others are not the best selected variants as for me. They can be customized.

How to use your manager profile more efficiently

Take a look how I customized my manager profile view in Football Manager 2013:

Customized profile view in FM 2013

Monday, 12 November 2012

How to change skin colours in Football Manager 2013?

I have received this question several times since FM 2013 release. This is why I decided to share my knowledge regarding this simple issue in the separate post.

Changing skin colours is available in Football Manager 2013. You just need:

  1. Go to Preferences.
  2. Click on Interface subsection.
  3. Here are 2 tabs in the left top screen part: Interface and Skin Colours. The latter is the one you are searching for.

Actually these 2 tabs of Interface screen is a tricky thing due to pale font and background colours causing such kind of questions!

Skin colours in Football Manager 2013

Excited to blog for you,

Vitaliy Mokosiy

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Thursday, 8 November 2012

Football Manager 2013 Coaches

The new FM13 training system has influenced many of us adding some new and somewhat tangled at the beginning features. However, coaches still remain coaches. An effect from their quality is the most significant factor when we talk about player growth. The other factors: training scheme, work rate and professionalism of player, training facilities.

I decided to write about every type of coach in Football Manager 2013, their key attributes. Additionally, I created lists of the best cheap Football Manager 2013 coaches in every category.

Football Manager 2013 coaches

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Football Manager 2012 Tips and Hints

Football Manager 2012 Tips and Hints

Welcome to my “Football Manager 2012 Tips and Hints” guide. I decided to create this one trying to help other Football Manager 2012 gamer with smart advices and useful links.

The guide’s concept is a compactness.

This is the reason why it contains very short tips and hints combined with links to other articles.

Share the guide with your friends!



Лампочка  Player with low morale level is not really efficient. Therefore you can put him into Reserves where he will be able to raise morale back after few matches.

Лампочка  If you drop player from main squad, talk with him about this explaining that you are going to give a rest.

Лампочка  Your relationship with a player can be improved by means of asking him to recommend someone to a team.

Лампочка  Setting high competition bonuses before the season will motivate your players.

Лампочка  Pay special attention to player condition and match fitness. Both attributes should be 100% ideally. If condition is near 100% but match fitness is below 90%, set your player available for Reserves.

Available for Reserves in FM 2012

Лампочка  Don’t change player squad status often. It may upset him.

Лампочка  Try to use player private interaction and team meetings to raise morale level of the players. For instance, chat with a player complaining his last match performance was bad if his match average rating is below 6.8.

Лампочка  Normally foreign players need some time to settle in new country and blend into your team.

Лампочка  Use customizable views to compare performance of players. There are many helpful attributes you can take a look: Tackles Ratio, Headers Ratio, Passes Ratio, etc.

Лампочка  Use my Preferred Player Moves guide to understand what PPMs suite for that or another position in your formation.


Helpful player lists:

- Wonderkids

- Best cheap players

- Free players


Some additional player tips:

- the Best, Good and Bad player personality traits

- Factors of Player Performance in FM 2012

- How to get rid of unneded players



Tactic Familiarity Levels

Лампочка  Reach fully filled tactic familiarity levels in match preparation. Start every new season with Very High match preparation workload until all the levels become fluid.

Лампочка  Use Push Higher Up touchline shout when opponents forwards are slow (Pace and Acceleration < 13). Vicee versa use Drop Deeper in case of fast forwards.

Лампочка  OK, you are winning a game in 1 goal and want to hold a score. It’s good to use combination of Contain strategy and Retain possession + Play Narrower + Pass into feet touchline shouts to do it.

Лампочка Use hard tackling in opposition instructions if referee is not strict. His strictness can be checked by my formula:

        (yellow cards / judged matches) < 3

Лампочка Playing against stronger teams using Counter Attack strategy can be often efficient.

Лампочка More tactical tips can be found in my Supersonic tactics post.

Лампочка If you don’t like to create tactics by yourself, you can download already working examples:  FM 12 Tactics



Лампочка  Use Offer to clubs if you want to sell your player quickly. Though there won’t be an opportunity to bargain in price in this case.

Offer to clubs in FM 2012

Лампочка Offering too many players in short time period can decrease morale levels of other players.

Лампочка Status ‘Not needed by the club’ increases probability of player sale.

Лампочка Praise another managers via media interaction. It may improve relationship with them and easy transfer bid acceptance level.

Лампочка  You can decrease financial expectations of a player during contract talks increasing his agent’s signing fee.

Лампочка  All newcomers need time to blend into the team. Don’t expect them to do their best during the first season’s half.



Лампочка Morale level matters during trainings. Try to keep it as high as possible!

Лампочка Too intensive trainings can cause many injuries. Just be careful.

Лампочка Use my Coaches and Coaching guide to find the best staff for your team.

Лампочка Some good tranings can be found here: FM 12 Trainings

Лампочка Awesome detailed training guide is created by Mantralux.



Лампочка Add all players you like to your shortlist.

Лампочка Let’s suppose you hesitate about buying already scouted player. Scout him once more using another scout.

Лампочка I try to use scouts of different nationalities who has expertise in their countries. It allows to perform more efficient scouting.

Лампочка Feeder clubs share their scouting network to parent clubs automatically .

Лампочка Some player scouting tips can be found here: FM 12 scouting tips


Other Football Manager 2012 tips and hints

Лампочка Player transfer hints

Лампочка Football Manager 2012 GUI Tips

Лампочка Advanced FM Tips


I hope you find my Football Manager 2012 tips and hints helpful. Of course, it would be great to know your opinion in the comments below! Палец вверх

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Football Manager 2012 Coaches and Coaching

Need good and cheap coaches of FM 2013? You may find them in my Football Manager 2013 coaches article.


Football Manager 2012 Coaches
Hello my dear readers,
I am glad to share an information about Football Manager 2012 coaches today. It’s well known that player development efficiency during trainings is influenced by several different factors:
- Player professionalism, work rate and morale
- Training facilities
- Workload during trainings
- Coaches you have
Today I would like to emphasize on coaches' importance and hint the best of them for all training categories. Lets examine the categories one by one.
Football Manager 2012 Training Categories


Influences the following player attributes: Jumping, Natural Fitness, Stamina, Strength, Work Rate
The best Strength coaches are:
- Elio Carravetta, Internacional.
- Ivan Carminati, Manchester City.
- Julen Masack, Valencia.
- Massimo Neri, unemployedПалец вверх
- Bruno Demichelis, unemployedПалец вверх
- Steve Black, unemployedПалец вверх
Coach attributes’ that should be high to train Strength:
Fitness, Determination, Level of Discipline, Motivating


Influences the following player attributes: Acceleration, Agility, Balance, Pace
The best Aerobic coaches are the same as for the Strength category. The point is in that both categories belong to physical type of trainings and require the same coach attributes:
Fitness, Determination, Level of Discipline, Motivating

GK - Shot Stopping

Influences the following player attributes: Composure, Concentration, Reflexes, One On Ones
The best goalkeeper coaches are:
- Alessandro Nista, Inter.
- Marco Onorati, Catania.
- Christophe Lollichon, Chelsea.
- Olivier Pedemas, LEMANS FC.
- Tony Coton, unemployedПалец вверх
- Joe Corrigan, unemployedПалец вверх
Coach attributes that should be high to train goalkeepers:
Goalkeepers, Determination, Level of Discipline, Motivating

GK - Handling

Influences the following player attributes: Aerial Ability, Handling, Kicking, Throwing
The best GK - Handling coaches are the same as for the ‘GK - Shot Stopping’ category. The both categories belong to the same type and have the same requirements to coach attributes:
Goalkeepers, Determination, Level of Discipline, Motivating


Influences the following non-goalkeeper attributes: Anticipation, Composure, Concentration, Decisions, Teamwork
and also some goalkeeper attributes: Command of Area, Communication, Rushing Out 
The best Tactics coaches are:
- Mauro Tassotti, Milan.
- Bernhard Peters, Hoffenheim.
- Pat Rice, Arsenal.
- Christian Lantignotti, Cesena.
- Francisco Ayestaran, unemployedПалец вверх
Coach attributes’ requirements:
Tactical Coaching, Determination, Level of Discipline, Motivating

Ball Control

Influences the following player attributes: Dribbling, First Touch, Flair, Heading, Technique
The best Ball Control coaches are:
- Rene Meulensteen, Manchester United.
- Mark Howard, Blackburn.
- Rodolpho Borrell, Liverpool.
- Daniele Bernazzani, Inter.
- Massimo Neri, unemployedПалец вверх
- Patrice Bergues, unemployedПалец вверх
Coach attributes’ requirements:
Technical, Mental, Determination, Level of Discipline, Motivating


Influences the following player attributes: Marking, Positioning, Tackling
The best Defending coaches are:
- Martin Keown, Arsenal.
- Paul McGuinness, Manchester United.
- Warren Joyce, Manchester United.
- Ivan Carminati, Manchester City.
- Arthur Albiston, unemployedПалец вверх
- Francesco Pedone, unemployedПалец вверх
Coach attributes’ requirements:
Defense Coaching, Tactical, Determination, Level of Discipline, Motivating


Influences the following player attributes: Creativity, Crossing, Off the Ball, Passing
The best Attacking coaches are:
- Phil Cannon, Blackburn.
- Brian McClair, Manchester United.
- Rodolfo Borrell, Liverpool.
- Tosh Farrell, unemployedПалец вверх
- Thomas HaBler, unemployedПалец вверх
Coach attributes’ requirements:
Attack Coaching, Tactical, Determination, Level of Discipline, Motivating


Influences the following player attributes: Finishing, Long Shots
The best Shooting coaches are:
- Rene Meulensteen, Manchester United.
- Berhard Peters, Hoffenheim.
- Tony Whelan, Manchester United.
- Roberto Sesena, Lazio.
- Tosh Farrell, unemployedПалец вверх
- Thomas HaBler, unemployedПалец вверх
Coach attributes’ requirements:
Attack Coaching, Technique, Determination, Level of Discipline, Motivating

That’s all folks.
Excited to be blogging for you,
Vitaliy Mokosiy