Friday, 30 May 2014

Substitute goalkeepers: to use or not to use?


Hi everybody,

I have a quick question today: Do you use substitute goalkeeper?

Obviously he’s quite rarely needed, just in case of your main keeper gets injured. But if that happens and you have no backup goalie, you take much higher risk to loose a whole match. Dilemma…

I decided: let’s arrange a poll and see how many people tend to use second goalie at substitution bench. Please vote using the right side widget to share your opinion.

My thoughts

I have always been using second goalkeeper to have, well, feeling of reliability. In very rare cases that worked out and 2nd goalie was coming out from substitution bench to replaced his injured partner. Though this event has a very low likelihood.

As for red cards, goalkeepers in FM 2014 doesn’t receive them at all which is certainly unrealistic. I bet this was made consciously to escape young FM players moaning about “unfair red card that broke everything”.

Currently I suspect it’s time to change strategy. One additional place at substitution bench for a defender/midfielder/forward should enhance tactical diversity with more options for substitutes. Going to try that during upcoming matches!

Excited to blog for you,

Vitaliy Mokosiy

Friday, 11 April 2014

FM 2014 Questions

Hello dear readers,

Thanks for joining me again. Today’s blog post is numbered as 793.

I didn’t manage to play a remaining part of season 4 matches with Dresden, so currently I prepared a set of questions for you. Normally I help you with tips and hits about Football Manager but now it’s a good moment to exchange roles. You will be my experts, and I am going to ask you several things about FM 2014.

1. Goalkeeper Rating

Goalkeeper rating

Friday, 14 March 2014

Team instructions during match in FM 2014

Hello dear readers,

Today I would like to discuss team instructions that we got reworked in Football Manager 2014. They became more convenient and realistic way of managing how your team should act during matches.

I suspect some of you already forgot about sliders from previous game versions. Frankly speaking I always had some kind of feeling of artificiality regarding sliders. So new team instructions seem as a large step in evolution of Football Manager.

Team instructions in Football Manager 2014

Friday, 14 February 2014

6 tactical tips and hints, FM 2014

Hello dear readers,

My Dresden story is in progress but currently I would like to share some thoughts about tactics in FM 2014 based on my experience. The first thing I learned is about flanks.

1. Use flanks


In the real life we see most of teams use flanks very actively to attack. Formerly popular classic 4-4-2 formation yielded to the times and 4-3-2-1 with two inside forward rules now. It uses flanks even more actively than 4-4-2.

Football Manager 2014, as the best football world simulator, reflects the modern trend. In my opinion flanks work better and allow to create more efficient attacks than through a centre.

As a confirmation – my main tactic in Dresden story.



Saturday, 25 January 2014

Some words about training and youth facilities in FM 2014

Dear friends,

Thanks for joining True Football Manager blog again. It –17 degrees behind the window, meanwhile I continue to write about Dynamo Dresden and express impressions sitting in a warm kitchen :)

Whilst summer transfer campaign is in progress (actually it’s coming to an end) I would like to share news about Dresden training and youth facilities. The last season was successful and brought some money to the club budget so it’s was obvious to ask board about upgrades.

They supported that:

Facilities to upgradeFacilities[5]

Sunday, 5 January 2014

FM14 Custom Views: Player Search

Hello dear readers,

First of all sorry for the delay in blog updates, I travelled to home town where I had no good Internet connection.

Not long ago I published my custom squad views used in Dresden story which have already  been downloaded by more than 400 people so far. So today I would like to continue sharing customised views I created in Football Manager 2014. I’m sure some of you will be glad to see such kind of FM content. This time it’s all about Player Search screen which is certainly one of the most significant in the Game.

Player Search Views

Player search screen is used in two cases:

  • Straight player search with different filters. Frequently used by me to find transfer/loan listed or value free player.
  • View and analyse player shortlist. By the way, my current shortlist as a head coach of Dresden contains 727 footballers!
Saturday, 28 December 2013

Pack of my squad views in FM 2014

Hi everybody,

Going to share my customized views today. That’s one of new features appeared in Football Manager few years ago that makes me happy. So now I can’t imagine FM 2014 without customized views.

Squad views

This screen is most visited by any FM gamer. You have full access to the list of first team players can view and sort it in any possible way due to available customization. Currently I have three customized view there. My default one is called TFM Squad view. It allows to follow the most important player stats while selecting squad for a next match. Especially I like to follow Key Passes/Headers/Tackles and percentage ratios per each action.

Squad view in FM 2014


Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Contract negotiations in FM 2014

Contract negotiations in FM 2014

I am kind of interested how you like changed contract negotiation process in FM 2014. I find it the most complicated and tricky comparing to previous FMs. Still feel like I don’t completely understand all features there.

Anyway I can give a couple of tips from my winter transfer window experience with Dresden:

  • Giving Team of the Year bonus helps to ease agent requirements for player.
  • Increasing Loyalty bonus allows to decrease salary. However, the bonus money is taken from transfer budget then.
  • Increasing Goal or Cleen sheet bonus helps just a little bit.

What I don’t really like is quite high appearance fees. They increase club expenditures on bonuses quite much. How do you deal with that?

May be you have any other helpful advices to FM community regarding contract negotiations. You are welcomed to share them via comments!

Excited to blog for you,

Vitaliy Mokosiy

Thursday, 14 November 2013

FM 2014 Shortcut Sheet

Hello everybody who decided to join True Football Manager blog today!

I am a real fan of keyboard shortcuts in any software including games. It’s often so convenient to use key combinations instead moving mouse and then clicking. I think most of you have this feeling as well. That’s why today I would like to share Football Manager 2014 shortcuts. What’s the point, you can ask. We all can easily go to Preferences->Shortcuts and find all of them there. Yes, but I cannot stop thinking it’s not really convenient if you want to learn FM 2014 shortcuts maximally.

That’s why I placed all FM 2014 shortcuts at the single page in this blog for you.

Going to bookmark the post for myself because some of helpful shortcuts are still forgotten by me from time to time. For instance, Team Stats and Player Stats in Competition section or Team Instructions in Team section.


Friday, 28 June 2013

Master-class of trainings in FM 2013

Trainings in FM 2013

The posts with youngsters promoted to the first team before season 6 and season 7 caused lots of questions about training process set up by me in Nottm Forest. That’s how idea of today’s post actually sprung up.

Frankly speaking I don’t really feel myself a king of trainings who can give you lots of knowledge. It’s just because I didn’t experiment much with them trying many completely different cases. However, I have a success story that surely can give some helpful information for you dear blog readers.


Sunday, 26 May 2013

Early snippet of FM 2014 news + Best site poll results

Hello my dear readers,

Hope you all enjoyed yesterday’s Champions League final. Jupp Heynckes did achieve something really unique winning the trophies this season. It’s interesting if he joins any other club in summer as head coach.

Today I want to share the unexpected piece of information about Football Manager 2014. Miles Jacobson, SI Games studio director was very kind to share some interesting FM14 news in Facebook.


Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Squad management tricks in FM 2013

How do I manage and rotate the squad? This question I receive from time to time from blog readers. Today I would like to share several principles used by me for Nottingham Forest in Football Manager 2013.

1. 100% Match Fitness


I follow not only condition level of every player but also match fitness. My hand is always on a squad pulse: all players have to have 100% of match fitness at any moment during season. How can one achieve that? It’s quite simply. Use squad rotation and - what is more important – availability for reserves.

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Scoring from corners in FM 2013

You remember I promised to present my set pieces scheme used for corners in FM 2013. Here it is. Since the very story beginning I have been experimenting much with more than 10 variants. I had to play four seasons to find a really working one.

Football Manager 2013 corners

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

FM 2013 Free Players after transfer update 13.3.0

Update: For those who seek free player of the latest Football Manager version: FM 2014 free players.




Hi all,

Several days ago Sport Interactive Games released the official data transfer update containing all latest club squads’ changes all over the world. Therefore I decided to present to the updated FM 2013 free players list. This is the way how my blog as a trendsetter in FM community treats updated FM 2013 database.

Sunday, 24 February 2013

7 tips in FM 2013 you should know

It’s hard to impart how much Football Manager 2013 is complicated. There are so many different factors that may influence your team and results… Well as in real life. It’s tough to become a good club manager, particularly if you don’t tend to choose grand clubs. This is why I decided to share my FM 2013 experience giving 7 uncommon tips which my help to increase performances and get more pleasure playing Football Manager.


Thursday, 7 February 2013

FM 2013: Head of Youth Development

Ramon Martinez – Head of Youth Development in Real Madrid

head of youth development in fm 2013

Head of youth development is a new role presented in Football Manager 2013. Let’s try to figure out why and how FM gamers should use this kind of staff role.

Head of youth development has the following responsibilities:

  1. Bringing new fresh youngsters into U18 squad.
  2. Handling and signing contracts with U18 players.
  3. Loan out or sell U18 players.
  4. Finding and making offers for young players for the future.

His responsibilities can be controlled via Staff responsibilities screen.

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Morale management in Football Manager 2013

Sometimes you may encounter a difficult schedule when your team must play against 4-5 grand clubs in a row. It’s a rare case but it happens. If your season task is a league survival and avoiding relegation, then most likely the matches would be lost and players’ morale would be decreased to a poor level. As for me the morale is one of the pivotal factors in Football Manager 2013. Any tactics or player squad may loose matches being in a bad mood.

So now I’m going to share the methods for raising morale in Football Manager 2013.

All the methods of morale improvement are based on my personal experience.

Morale management in Football Manager 2013

Thus you see here only those tricks that I use in practice.

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

How to search Basque players in Football Manager 2013

A short hint today. I received the question about Basque players search in FM 13 several times. I feel it’s necessary to give an official answer in a distinct post which people will encounter while searching for information via Google.

OK, this hint if those who don’t afraid to manage good old Athletic. This Spanish club is famous for its transfer policy: the board doesn’t allow to buy any players but Basque ones. Unfortunately, there’s no search filter by Basque nationality in Football Manager 2013, this is why the question exists.

Monday, 14 January 2013

Football Manager 2013 Best Physios

Ok, let’s talk about physios. This kind of staff is probably the most simple in Football Manager 2013. Albeit if feel I should tell about them a bit. Physios in FM 2013 are responsible for preventing players’ injuries and recovering them in case if injuries happen. They always provide information about injuries in your squad. It’s quite obvious.

Though it’s also interesting to know that better physio you have, then:

1) more exact injury time estimates you receive;

2) fitness level of players is increased higher.

I would advise you to employ as many physios as possible. It’s a case when quantity is converted into quality because it influences on time length of injuries.

Important attributes for Physio

  • Physiotherapy. The most important attribute as you understand.
  • Fitness, Determination, Motivating and Level of Discipline.
  • Working With Youngsters (applied to youth only).
  • Adaptability (if physio is from foreign country).


Thursday, 3 January 2013

FM 2013 Graphics Collection

Hello my dear readers,

Currently there are quite many facepacks, logopacks, kits, skins, backgrounds on different Football Manager web sites. I felt a certain need to group them somehow and wrote this post. It contains useful links on any kind of FM 2013 graphics. Following the links below, you find information about every Football Manager 2013 skin, facepack, logopack, kitpack and download it for free.

Share FM13 graphics collection with friends


FM 2013 Facepacks