Thursday, 22 March 2012

Strolling to success in the 5th season

Hello everybody,

My club is in great form now producing wins one after another. I am in a very good mood and think we’re able to win not only Premier League but also Champions League. Just because we haven’t still lost a single point in our debut Champions League!

10 matches: 8 wins, 2 losses



Champions League

Perfect and fantastic result I couldn’t really expect. 4 games, 4 wins, 15 goals scored and only 2 conceded. My team is already in the next round!



I had 2 easy matches with Ajax in spite of the fact they seemed as nearly equal team by squad. But in the end legendary Dutch club got defeated twice with 0:4 and 0:3 scores. They were not ready to play against Supersonic tactical approach cultivated by me.

Home statsAway stats


The Alianz-Arena match - it’s quite another matter. I should feel very lucky having 3 goals scored with 3 shots on target. Meanwhile Bayern managed to score only twice, though they made a lot of shots and had a perceptible advantage through the whole game. I should confess their squad is of Worldwide quality and much better than mine in any comparison.  We’ll see how we play against Bayern Munich at Loftus Road.

Lucky away match against Bayern


Premier League

PL table

The Rangers took the 2nd line firmly pursuing Manchester City - 3 times in row title winner. Look how Man City is good in defence: they conceded only 4 goals in 12 matches… Though my attack is currently the best in the league. QPR players score a lot; it’s like a confirmation of efficiency of attacking Supersonic tactics.

Liverpool and Manchester United are nearby. But my guys defeated both clubs in two last matches. Manchester United was devastated mostly by Jay Rodriguez. Read more details here: Birthday gift from Jay Rodriguez

The most unexpected victory

Most unexpected match

Frankly speaking, my guys didn’t deserve 3:0 victory in the game when Liverpool had an advantage. Only the highest efficient on counter attacks helped QPR to score so many goals.


The worst match

Vs Wolves

Well, I don’t know what’s happened. Wolves know how to win matches against my team. Playing against them is a problem for me always. It’s especially pity to loose in so poor way knowing that all Wolves players had very low Morale before the match…


Q.P.R. - Chelsea 0:1


Another loss during the reported period was a classic one. Our low shots on target + perfect performance from Peter Cech were key factors for the fail in this rivalry. Sometimes such kind of matches happens.


Q.P.R. players


QPR players

My players are great and simply the best!!! Улыбка  There are only 5 footballers below 6.96 average rating as you see. I am only troubled with Popov and Zanev, both have been underperforming in the current season. All other players deserve praises. It’s even difficult to select the best of them during the reported period. It can be as usually goal-machine Jay Rodriguez, excellent winger Oscar, reliable and creative Ognjen Vukojevic, surprising Craig Cathcart, and even Gary Cahill with his goals.

I feel I need give more opportunities to Carlos Fierro but Jay Rodriguez is so amazingly good… It’s really complicated to take risks leaving Jay on a bench…


Future matches

Next matches

Now I should set a very simple target: win in every match. I feel my Rangers are ready for that.

And now I am sharing squads of all 6 Premier League grand clubs as promised to one of readers. Hope you will like this information.


Manchester City

Man City


Manchester United

Man Utd














Excited to blog for you,

Vitaliy Mokosiy

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Season 5 is started!

Hello dear blog readers!

Season 5 is started! My last transfer campaign affected positively Queens Park Rangers. I made this conclusion basing on the starting results in the Premier League and Champions League.

Q.P.R. matches and results

Premier League

QPR matches

8 matches: 5 wins, 1 draw, 2 losses

My Supersonic tactics works nearly perfectly bringing a lot of scored goals. There was only one ‘dry’ Carling Cup match against Manchester United when only misfortune hindered my club to score goals and qualify into the next round. All other games finished with 2 or more scored goals proving strength of our attack.

Though QPR cannot boast with reliable defence now conceded goals in almost all matches. I think it’s due to sale of Kaboul who was a leading defender for the Rangers. But I have already started rebuilding process of the defensive line using younger players.


Best match: Q.P.R. - Tottenham 3:1

QPR - Tottenham

What a comeback by Jay Rodriguez! Certainly it was the best match. Just look our advantage in shots!


Champions League debut

QPR group in the CL

I got into a quite interesting group where struggle will be taken between my club, Ajax and Bayern Munich. It was nice to make a debut against weaker Rapid Wien scoring 5 goals. You can watch all of them at my additional blog:

Five-start debut in the Champions League


Q.P.R. players



Now about the players. I had signed rather many newcomers during the last transfer window. Now all of them are only blending to the team. So we have to wait. Though I can single out Chris Brunt and wonderkid DC Samir Breinburg as the most successful debutants.


Best player - Jay Rodriguez

Jay Rodriguez

7 goals in 7 matches! Our attack leader continues to grieve opponents from match to match as it was in his first 2 season in QPR.


Worst players

It’s strange but I can the worst players of the reported period were 2 experienced Bulgarians:

Ivelin Popov (AML), 6.82

Petar Zanev (DL), 6.73

Zanev was playing instead Digne because of the injury the French had.


Closest future


3 next matches in Champions League are very important. I dream to qualify into the knockout round and gain as much CL money as possible.

There is a tough match series in the 2nd part of November when we play against Manchester United, Liverpool, and Arsenal. It’s important to win at least 2 games if I want to underline my intentions to be a title contender this season.


Excited to blog for you,

Vitaliy Mokosiy

Monday, 5 March 2012

Season 4. Took the 3rd place!

Dear readers,

Premier League was the only tournament after failures in Europa League and English cups that could change impressions about this complicated season. I didn’t need to participate in any tournaments apart from English Premier League. It was my advantage over other Top-4 competitors. It helped me to take then 3rd position in the end! Therefore I can claim: the main target which I set for the 4th season is finally achieved!


Last Premier League fixtures

12 matches: 7 wins, 4 daws, 1 loss

QPR matches

One of the winning factors for Q.P.R. was a confident defending in the games with Man Utd and Chelsea. Both ended with bore 0:0 score. Nevertheless we could and should win the home game against The Red Devils. I have already made a post at my additional blog about that:

If you don’t score, you don’t win

In short, my Rangers played very well in almost all matches excluding the one at Emirates Stadium. Arsenal merely devastated us there and made me hesitating regarding chances of Top-4 finish. But Marco Verratti returned from long-term injury and helped the team making several important passes. Marco has scored the last Q.P.R. goal of the season from free kick.

It’s really pleasant to see 6 of 12 matches without conceded goals at all. It underlines pretty good reliability of QPR goalie and defensive line.

Don’t want to analyse last fixtures much because I am thinking more about the current squad and its future changes now. So just look at this report if you missed it:

Top 4 chances after knockout from Arsenal


Q.P.R. players

QPR players

QPR players[4]

Let’s sum up the season and performance of my players starting with few somewhat negative impressions.

I can’t say I am disappointed about performance of my defenders but sometimes they didn’t play stable football. They all had several failures during the season. Perhaps it’s OK but it influenced the results much. I create special table that uncovers problems with every footballer playing more or less permanently in QPR defence:

Defender Pos Problem
Younes Kaboul DC Poor passing accuracy (66%). Passing = 5
Gary Cahill DC Long adaptation in the new team. Not good in winning headers (77%)
Craig Cathcart DC The most instable Q.P.R. defender. Only 67% tackles won.
Lucas Digne DL 10 yellow and 2 red cards.
Petar Zanev DL Was quite average as a team worker.
Jordan Spence DR Good performance for his level. But the level is not enough for QPR.
Andreas Hinkel DR He is already too old and slow. Pace = 12, Acceleration = 13

In spite of the abovementioned shortcomings, my defence played better than in all previous seasons. You may compare conceded goals:


Now let’s praise the best of the Rangers! Улыбка

MVP of the season

1. Ivelin Popov

2. Ognjen Vukojevic

3. Jay Rodriguez

Jay has not so good season as previous two due to abnormal amount of injuries:


Best new signing

1. Ognjen Vukojevic

2. Denys Garmash

3. Ivan Cosic



Average minutes per goal

The screen shot shows that I have 3 very efficient forwards in the team!

QPR strikers



David Ospina is certainly one of the best PL goalkeepers.



Key passes

My leader and captain Ivelin Popov impressed the league with amount of made key passes.

Key passes

He has also got into the 2nd squad of the Barclays Team of the Season:

Season team

Goal analysis confirms the importance of left winger Ivelin Popov for Q.P.R:

Goal analysis


Best young players in the league play for Q.P.R.

And surely, Queens Park Rangers has a lot of talents who took many monthly awards during the season.

Best youngsters




Good news about QPR financial situation. As you remember the club was in $35M balance debt. The president of the club decided to help loaning those millions!



After all we got $23M for the 3rd place in the Premier League, paid season bonuses, and have positive $16M balance now.

Current balance


Club reputation

Nice to see that QPR reputation has grown since the last season. Now we have 3.5 stars instead of 3. I hope it will help to attract some better player in the closest future.

Club reputation


Players to sell + Positions to strengthen

Frankly speaking, I have several ideas but I don’t want to share them just right now. Some of them were hinted by you in the post comments during the middle of the season.

So now I am just posting several additional screen shots below and want to ask you two questions:

1. Who would you sell if you were me?

2. What positions should be strengthened soon?

Wage eaters[9]

wage eaters[11]

Wage budget

Team report


Excited to blog for you,

Vitaliy Mokosiy