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Don’t like to create your Tactics in FM 2012?

Need a good FM 2013 tactics? Here I have an original tactical approach which includes 3 efficient Football Manager 2013 tactics. Check it out!


FM 2012 Tactics

If yes, just a quick tip for you and those people who ask me often about efficient tactics. I have prepared the link list containing various efficient FM 2012 tactics available in the Web. You can download them for free!

- My Supersonic tactics 

- Ranked tactics at FM Crowd

- Tactics at FM-Base

- Tactics at

- Tactics at FM Formation

Hope the FM 2012 tactics links list will be useful for you!

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Football Manager 2012 Tactics: Supersonic

If you are searching for FM 2013 tactics, please take a look at Football Manager 2013 tactics used in Nottingham Forest story.
Dear readers,
Today I am ready to share my original Football Manager 2012 tactics. I called it Supersonic because of very quick tempo. The tactics can be download from FM Share at
Download my Football Manager 2012 tactics

Share the tactics with your friends! They'll be happy!

Team instructions

I decided to experiment with effective tactical approach in Football Manager 2012 consisting of the following components:
- Maximally quick tempo
- Wide play
- High defensive line + Closing Down opponents
- Rigid philosophy following my initial story targets
As a result I got very attractive attacking style of football produced by my Q.P.R. I am really proud of it!


Formation, player roles and duties

Tactics formation, FM 2012
My formation is 4-2-1-2-1. I use it at first in all Football Manager versions I ever played.  Well, let’s consider some important principles of Supersonics tactical formation.


Efficient flanks

At first sight the formation seems fairly defensive because of 6 players below centre of midfield. But actually it’s attacking formation due full backs overlapping wingers and forcing flank attacks much. As a result each of flanks has 2 players hugging the line and trying to make a cross to the striker with Poacher role.


Slightly asymmetric

Asymmetric tactics FM 12Left back joins attack more often than right back. I made this change increasing Mentality slider manually. The reason of that - I have two quick attacking left backs Traore and Digne.
You can also see 2 asymmetric defensive midfielders. DMLC has Anchor Man role what compensates more attacking style of a left back. DMLC covers area of a left back. Meanwhile DMRC works closer to central midfielder because right back run away from position not so often.



Central midfielder = Playmaker

Using playmaker is important tactics feature. MC should be a smart technically gifted guy who will quickly resolve an issue “What attacking direction is better in a current case?”. There are 4 cases when playmaker can aggravate an opponent:
Attacking directions, Football Manager 2012 tactics
Playmaker may:
1. Pass to a left winger.
2. Pass to a right winger.
3. Pass to a forward.
4. Dribble forward distracting opponent’s defensive players and making more spaces for passes.
Currently this role is given to wonderkid Marco Verratti in my team:
Verratti as a playmaker in my FM 2012 tactics

Supersonic striker

Poacher striker should very fast and have a great composure to score one-on-one goal moments. It’s also useful if he is good in air winning headers coming from wingers. Though Crossing instruction can be changed to Drill Crosses in case if you striker is of very low height.
Another important feature is absolute pressing. Your striker together with quick wingers always close down defenders with ball causing them to make mistakes:
Defensive instructions of striker, FM 2012 tactics
Certainly high Stamina and Work Rate are must.

Sweeper keeper

The high defensive line is good for taking away the ball earlier when opponent’s player is not close to your goalie. But sometimes it may happen that quicker striker overtakes a DC and only a goalkeeper can run and take away the ball. It’s the same as Victor Valdes acts in Barcelona.
The role of Sweeper keeper demands high Pace, Acceleration and Rushing Out.

Requirements to players

You can be successive manager with this tactics only if you sort out players. Quick and wide attacking style with high defensive line demands high level of the following player attributes:
- Passing
- Technique
- First Touch
- Decisions
- Determination
- Teamwork
- Work Rate
- Stamina
- Pace
- Acceleration
So please take a look at these attributes at first if you are going to use Supersonic tactics.
Defensive high line means you should get fast central and wing backs. It’s compulsory!
As usually you should also pay attention also to Player Roles. Every role has distinct requirements.

Using touchline shouts

Here are some touchline shouts I use with this tactics in different cases.


Case 1: Your team needs to score a goal

In this case I do one of the following actions:
- shout to Hassle Opponents. If referee is not strict, use also Get Stuck In shout.
- set Control strategy + Push Higher Up shout.
- set Attacking strategy + Get Ball Forward shout + Work Ball Into Box shout.
- find the most weak players in opponent’s formation. Flanks or middle? Set Exploit The Flanks or Exploit The Middle then. It will help your playmaker to decided better attacking direction.


Case 2: Your team needs to hold a score

- set Contain strategy + Pass into Feet + Retain Possession + Play Narrower In the very end of the match you can make a Play Even Safer shout.
- set Counter Attack strategy.
- use Drop Deeper shout.

Case 3: Your team plays against very strong opponent

- Counter Attack strategy is must! It works very well with Supersonic tactic!
- You can add to the strategy these 2 shouts: Pass into Space + Exploit The Flanks.



I never created a tactics with such a quick tempo level. Let’s try to recall all tactics created during the life of True Football Manager blog. I produced 3 tactics with short tempo during last years:
- FM 2008. Southampton tactics
- FM 2009. Hull tactics
- FM 2011. Boston United tactics
FM 2010. Leeds United was based on normal tempo. And only FM 2010. Northern Ireland tactics had been a slightly quick. But it was nothing if we compare it with my current maximally quick tempo!

What do you think about my FM 2012 tactics?

I hope you will find helpful my Football Manager 2012 tactics because it’s one of the best I’ve ever created! It would be great to see your comments about it. I know some of you can even help me to improve the tactics. So I am ready for you comments!Улыбка
Saturday, 12 November 2011

Q.P.R. Much better with new tactics!

The first half of the season is passed in Q.P.R. story. I have to confess I was never so inspired playing Football Manager! It’s due to the tactics I created. A football style shown by QPR players is attacking, very attractive, and merely awesome! But let’s consider everything step by step.

Premier League performance

QPR is at the12th position

12th position and 6 points gap from relegation zone. It’s a great result for me, especially after decision to change tactics in the middle of the first season’s half.

Pay attention also that Manchester United is still unbeatable. I don’t believe other clubs will be able to compete with the Red Devils for title.

Now let’s take a look at the latest QPR matches:

Played matches


The most complicated match: Manchester United

It was a very tricky and tough game for us due to numerous injuries and one suspension of defensive QPR players:

Injuries and suspension

Additionally, I was very troubled by Manchester United form. They had 0 losses and only 7 goals conceded.

Manchester United and Top 4

The first half of the match was played under sign of absolute domination of the Red Devils. They made 14 shots and scored twice. During half-time I decided we have nothing to loose and set somewhat crazy in this case Attacking strategy Улыбка  But this my tactical tuning resulted in our slight advantage in the second half! We scored a goal and had slight chance to wring a draw. All 4 shots were made by QPR players  in the 2nd half.

Match stats

QPR player ratings look very well after such a tough game underlining good performance of my boys.

Player ratings


The easiest game: Norwich

My Rangers could destroy Norwich in home match, but they had a luck conceding only once.

VS Norwich

You may also find more game reports on my additional FM Crowd blog if you haven’t still read them:

- Second derby with Chelsea (0:2)

- Almost a comeback against Aston Villa (2:2)


New tactics

Just some words about the new tactics… I LOVE IT!Улыбка 

It’s one of the most inspiring tactical approaches I ever created! I promise to write a separate post describing the tactics. The post will also include the tactics file for you to download.

And now I can only uncover the most important part of my team instructions:


So you see it’s a very quick and wide attacking style. It demands high stamina level from players, good passing and first touch skills.

By means of Very High Workload in match preparation, my players got almost blended into this tactical scheme (screenshot made in the end of December):

Tactics familiarity levels


Q.P.R. Players

I have to confess the new tactics demands many squad changes. Quick enduring players with good ball control are needed. Just because it’s difficult to control a ball quickly when your players have average Passing level. Moreover, they should correspond my initial requirements:  high Determination, Teamwork, Work Rate are must due to Rigid philosophy.

So you should wait for something like squad revolution in summerПодмигивающая рожица Though several transfers will be during the upcoming winter transfer window as well. It depends on money given by board and successive sells of some current players.

QPR players at the moment

Players list

worst players

Well, average ratings are not high. But it doesn’t matter because I am tuning tactics and planning to change the squad seriously. So now I just want to single out the best player of the first season half… Shaun Wright-Phillips is my MVP! Explosiveness of Shaun and ability to outrun an opponent on speed is a main reason of his 6 assists and 4 goals.

Form of Shaun Wright-Phillips during last matches

SWP form


Shaun Wright-Phillips stats

SWP stats


Some words regarding Taarabt and Bothroyd. They both have very poor morale because I decided to put them on transfer list. They both don’t fit into the new tactical approach. Taarabt is a bad team worker, Bothroyd is not efficient as poacher striker in attack. I will try to sell him, hope I will succeed.


What areas should be strengthened at first?

Here is current QPR team report:

Team report

The most problematic area is defence of course. Take a look at team comparison in the Premier League below. QPR defenders have the worst Tackling level and bad in Heading, Marking, Positioning. Certainly I should by at least one good central back in winter!


Other areas should also be strengthened, but at first – defense.


Matches ahead

Matches ahead

9-12 points taken in all these Premier League matches would be a very good result for me. I can’t wait playing against Stoke City because they easily won in our away match in the first half. It was a surprize for me. Also, an interesting challenge is playing at home with Tottenham. Who knows may be The Rangers will take a point here using few new players bought during the winter transfer window…

Stay tuned to Q.P.R. story because I am very excited and inspired managing the club in FM 2012!

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Boston transfers and tactical changes

Today I am revealing winter transfers and, what more important, changes made in the tactics.


Normally I don’t change my squad much in winter because it’s too risky. So this transfer window doesn’t differ from the previous ones.

Players out

Players Out

Most of you know that I was really unhappy with Mario Balotelli. And I have already announced the departure of Mario in my FM Crowd blog: Bye-bye, Balotelli. So there’s nothing to tell more about him. Balotelli moved to the Seria B team.

The $3.1M was got for young talent French keeper Tison who had got tired spending his time in the Reserves and claimed his intentions to play in the first team. Tottenham paid the double price for the goalie.

The other sells and loans doesn’t deserve your attention.


Players in

Players In

I spent almost $14M buying 3 players. 2 of them, Freddy Adu and Danilo will be play in the main squad. Marko Skvorc is a decent backup player for the left flank.

Danilo Star


Welcome another Brazilian wonderkid in my team! He should lead Boston defence the next year. Now I give him half of season to blend into the squad.


Freddy Adu

Freddi Adu

Freddy Adu's stats

Oh, ye! Legendary former American wonderkid of many previous Football Manager versions. He didn’t grow in the world star in Football Manager 2012 as you see. But Freddy’s good attributes’ values and versatility (he can play any attacking midfielder position) should help Boston to improve attacking potency.


Marko Skvorc

Marko Skvorc

Just substitution bench guy.


Tactical changes

Look what changes I’ve done. Boston formation and team instructions remained the same as it described in this post. The changes just touched some concrete player roles.

AML/AMR: Wingers instead Inside Forwards

Wingers instead Inside Forwards

Perhaps the most important change. I confessed myself that my AML and AMR can’t perform efficiently in the Premier League as inside forwards. The level of opponents is too high here. Therefore I decided to set more suitable Winger role patching such specific instructions as Mentality, Cross From, Cross Aim, Tackling and Closing Down.

Now I believe the wingers will be more dedicated to our attacks trying to deliver ball to a centre forward.


STC: Complete Forward instead Poacher

Complete Forward instead Poacher

My forwards have been disappointing me since the very season start. It may seem strange to you but I decided to experiment with striker position. So now more responsibilities entrusted with Complete Forward role to my forwards. We’ll see…


DL/DR - less closing down

Less closing down

Closing down

It was noticed wing backs loose their positions closing down opponent’s winger too early. Simple decrease of the corresponding instruction has to improve the situation.


New DMC role

New DMC role[4]

My defensive midfielders possess (especially the main one - David Abbott) good creative abilities. This is the reason why I decided to give more freedom for the position changing Anchor Man role into Defensive Midfielder with Support duty.



Dear friends, I consider all these changes should improve Boston performances in the Premier League. It would be good if we finish the 9th season in Top 12. I want also to remind that the main season target is squid rebuilding started in summer…

Saturday, 9 July 2011

My Premier League tactics

If you are searching for Football Manager 2012 tactics, please take a look at my Supersonic tactics used in Forest story.

Premier League tactics in FM 2011
Some of you, dear readers, started asking me about Boston tactics in the Premier League. This is what for I am writing this post.  Boston story was started with this Football Manager 2011 tactics originally created by me. Later on in the League 2 I felt a need in moving central midfielder to DMC position. You can read about the change in the tactics here: Decent start in League 2.
As a result it has been my main tactics till the current first Premier League season. By the way you can download it following the link:
4-3-3 True FM Tactics
Tough level of Premier League clubs made me use my default tactics less often than the new one with rigid counter-attacking style. It’s download link:
4-3-3 Rigid Counter-Attacking Tactics


4-3-3 Rigid Counter-Attacks

Actually it’s still 4-3-3 True FM tactics with changes in team instructions and 2 player roles. It’s purposes and main features are:
- Resisting stronger opponent teams
- Careful ball control
- Working more like a team in rigid philosophy and sticking to positions
- Efficient counter-attacks
Here you can see the tactics changes comparing to 4-3-3 True FM.

Team instructions

Team instructions of FM 2011 tactics
The tactical innovations are:
- Philosophy: Rigid
- Strategy: Counter
- Creative Freedom: More Disciplined
- Roaming: Stick To Position


MLC as Ball Winning Midfielder with Defend duty

The MLC role in 4-3-3 True FM tactics was Central Midfielder with Support duty.
MLC as Ball Winning Midfield with Defend duty

MRC as Box To Box Midfielder

The MRC role in 4-3-3 True FM tactics was Advanced Playermaker with Support duty.

That’s all folks! If you have any questions I will be happy to answer on themУлыбка
Wednesday, 8 June 2011

The Art of Set Pieces in Football Manager 2011

Hello my dear readers!

This is some kind of guide for those who want their teams be more efficient during set pieces in Football Manager 2011.


Attacking corners

I am not going to say anything about attacking corners because I described it in the distinct article here:

Scoring from corners in Football Manager 2011

Please read it if you missed it.


Defending corners

Defending corners in Football Manager 2011

Several advices:

- Set Mark Tall Player only to those your footballers who are good in air and have high Marking attribute value.

- Always set 2 players to mark far and near posts! It will allow to escape series of goals during corners.

- Set Man Mark or Mark Small Player to players with high Marking and poor ability to challenge in air.

I use here a special special trick giving Stay Forward instruction to 3 attacking players. Sometimes it allows to perform efficient counter-attacks after defending corners, especially if attackers are quick.


Attacking free kicks

Use players who have “Hits free kicks with power” PPM and high value of Free Kick attribute selecting Long instruction in your tactical settings. Long Shots, Finishing, Technique attributes matter as well.

Set Best Header option in case if you don't have good free kick takers who can make dangerous direct shots. Actually I use this scheme with Boston United:

Attacking free kicks in Football Manager 2011

As an example you can watch a recent goal scored by my defender Jonas Ivens using the Best Header scheme:


Defending free kicks

This is the way how I set up my players during defending free kicks:

Defending free kicks in Football Manager 2011

Nothing really special. Defensive players mark opponents, attacking players form the wall. My team concedes goals during defending free kicks in very rare cases.


Throw Ins

I prefer Short throw ins because it’s less risky to loose a ball. Here how my players take positions during left throw in:

Throw Ins in Football Manager 2011

If you have a player with high Long Throws attribute (> 18) and Long Flat Bullet Throw PPM then it resembles more attacking corners. So you can try use the same player positions as in attacking corners scheme with slight changes. Those changes is a kind of art and depend much on the players you have. I just can say that it’s important to set a player at the edge of the area to prevent counter-attacks.


Penalty takers

I would say there are 2 most important player attributes:

- Penalty Taking

- Composure

One should select penalty takers looking at these two first of all.


Hope you like my article about set pieces in Football Manager 2011. If you have any questions or comments I am always glad to here them from you!

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Football Manager 2011 Tactics

Trying to find a good FM 2013 tactics? Here I have an original tactical approach which includes 3 efficient Football Manager 2013 tactics. Check it out!


Dear readers, finally you can review my Football Manager 2011 tactics used Boston United story. Pay attention that explanation of tactical approaches and the download link are located in the end of the post.
ATTENTION! Here you may find the latest variants of the tactics: My Premier League tactics.


Football Manager 2011 tactics formation
This formation can be called either 4-3-2-1 or 4-3-3. Whatever. What I like about it is an intention to rule the pitch getting more possession than opponent. 3 central midfielders together with Short passing style are the key feature for gaining possession.
Another nice thing I like is, for sure, two wingers with roles of inside forwards. They are the spirit of attacking force in this formation.


Team instructions

Team instructions in my FM 2011 tactics
As I described the tactical approach, it’s important to hold the ball possession. Therefore short passing style was chosen. It helps to provide more accurate passes between players.
Fluid philosophy gives some freedom to players. I would like to trust my players during match. Of course, it obliges to form squad more carefully signing smarter players with good mental skills.
Take a look also at the Set Pieces part. My tactics provides high opportunities to score goals from corners in Football Manager 2011. Corner taker passes the ball to the far post where 2 central defenders wait for it with instructions:
- Attack far post
- Stand on far post

Player instructions

Goalkeeper (Sweeper Keeper)

Goalkeeper instructions in FM 2011 tactics
I like more goalies who can secure their defensive lines. It’s important if attacking style is chosen. Therefore Sweeper Keeper role was chosen for this tactics.

DLC (Limited Defender, Stopper)

DLC instructions in FM 2011 tactics
Limited defender with Stopper duty. Tackle balls and take care of defensive line – main targets of this player.

DRC (Limited Defender, Cover)

DRC instructions in FM 2011 tactics
Almost the same as previous DC but with Cover duty. It means this defender should cover errors of the second DC. This is the reason the very best defender has to be used at this position.

DL, DR (Automatic)

Left/right defender instructions in FM 2011 tactics
Classic full backs with Automatic duty that changes depending on a team’s strategy (attacking, defensive). Defenders with good Pace, Acceleration, Tackling and Crossing should be used here.

MC (Ball Winning Midfielder, Support)

MC instructions in FM 2011 tactics
Ball winner, king of pitch’s centre. This is the case when defensive attributes are even slightly more important than attacking ones. High tackling, determination and good speed are very demanded from a player at this position.

MLC (Central midfielder, Support)

MLC instructions in FM 2011 tactics
Classic midfielder who should have high levels of Decisions, Technique, Passing, Work Rate, Teamwork and so on. Well, I think everybody used this type of midfielders in the centre. So there is no need to explain Улыбка

MRC (Advanced playmaker, Support)

MRC instructions in FM 2011 tactics
We’ve just seen MLC having Central Midfielder role. Prepare for assymetry in roles!Пламенный привет  MRC performs role of Advanced Playmaker supplying the attacking trio with good balls. High Passing, Creativity, Technique, First Touch, Flair, Teamwork, Decisions are necessary. Truly important player in this tactics.

AML/AMR (Inside Forward, Attack)

Inside forwards instructions in FM 2011 tactics
Attacks through flanks works very well in Football Manager 2011. Two my wingers became the motor of all attacks. Inside forward role with Attack duty allows to achieve this effect. High speed abilities, Dribbling, Off the Ball demanded. As well as Finishing and Composure because players at these position have scoring chances very often.

FC (Poacher)

FC instructions in FM 2011 tactics
Central forward will score most of the goals. Since the previous version of Football Manager I prefer to use Poacher role. It seems the most efficient for me if you want a striker to score goals permanently. Good poacher’s attributes set: Finishing + Composure + Anticipation + Off the Ball + Balance + Technique + Pace.

Tactical approaches

Football Manager 2011 is a complicated game. It’s not enough to set up one tactics for all matches without any change. Some people even use several different tactics trained during Match Preparation (and it works!). I prefer leave formation the same and tune tactical approach during match using team instructions and touchline shouts.
Let’s examine several match cases.

Your team needs to score a goal

In this case I do one of the following actions:
- set Control strategy. Controlling ball in more creative way and pushing higher defensive line often helps to score a goal.
- set Attacking strategy + Get Ball Forward shout + Work Ball Into Box shout. The 1st shout allows a ball not being delayed at your pitch’s half, the 2nd reduces amount of long shots produced by the 1st shout and Attacking strategy. Long shots go off the target too often. I think it’s a very good tactical approach.
- shout to Hassle Opponents if you want your team to get the ball quicker. If referee is not strict, use also Get Stuck In shout.
- find the most weak players in opponent’s formation. Middle or flank? Set Exploit The Flanks or Exploit The Middle as a result of this analysis.

Your team needs to hold a score

- set Contain strategy + Pass into Feet + Retain Possession + Clear Balls to Flanks. In the very end of the match you can make a Play Even Safer shout if it’s necessary to save the score but opponent’s team is very dangerous.
- set Counter Attack strategy. Sometimes it’s really efficient in this case because your team will bring a ball to opponent’s half and score goals from time to time that should lighten a pressure.
- use Drop Deeper shout.

Your team plays against very strong opponent

This is really special case when you understand that you team will loose a game. But sometimes miracles happen. And we can do miracles trying to tune tactics with these hints:
- Set Counter Attack strategy + Pass into Space + Exploit The Flanks. It can result in one or two goals in case if you have quick wingers.
- Don’t use Hassle Opponents shout because every your player will use pressing more. It’s dangerous because they will loose positions. Instead try to profit from Opposition instructions. Set Hard tackling and Closing Down on opponent’s central midfielders disallowing them to make dangerous passes to forwards.
- Try to win ball possession if it’s possible by means of these touchline shouts: Pass into Feet + Retain Possession + Play Narrower + Exploit the Middle. It can be efficient tactical trick sometimes even with very strong teams.

Download my Football Manager 2011 tactics

Download FM 2011 tactics file

Hope you will like my Football Manager 2011 tactics this time as well Улыбка