Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Best FM 2015 Sites

This page contains my personal view of currently existing FM community. My idea to create this list of the best FM 2015 sites is just simple: from time to time one may need help in some FM issue, want to install FM graphics, share own Football Manager story, or just read some good FM blog or guide.
This page is a starting point. It contains only the best Football Manager resources throughout the whole Web.

All rankings are based on my personal impressions and can't be changed by opinions of others.

Rankings are editable. If you know an active English-language FM site with some unique content or services for Football Manager fans, please remind it in the comments below. I will kindly take a look at your suggestion and possibly add to one the rankings.

Sunday, 12 January 2014

The blog is ad-free now!


Dear friends,

True Football Manager blog has just become absolutely ad-free. At first in its whole history since 2007!

I decided to reject from decent monthly income (~$350 per month) produced by True Football Manager blog making it more fast and more usable. I bet those who follow my blog on a permanent basis should be happy about this announcement.

It’s unprecedented for FM community where every site contains numerous ads. But I feel True Football Manager as a trendsetter should continue to influence other sites dedicated to Football Manager.

Since now I promise not to put ads at this blog anymore. Forever.

Hope other FM sites will join me in this, as I believe, completely right direction of community development.

Excited to blog for you,

Vitaliy Mokosiy

Friday, 6 December 2013

Interview with me :)

Dear readers,

I hope you will find something interesting in this interview taken by Anmol Sharma. It was a part of his college assignment but anyway there is some nice information about me for many of you.


Sunday, 26 May 2013

Early snippet of FM 2014 news + Best site poll results

Hello my dear readers,

Hope you all enjoyed yesterday’s Champions League final. Jupp Heynckes did achieve something really unique winning the trophies this season. It’s interesting if he joins any other club in summer as head coach.

Today I want to share the unexpected piece of information about Football Manager 2014. Miles Jacobson, SI Games studio director was very kind to share some interesting FM14 news in Facebook.


Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Best FM 2013 Site. Your opinion?

I have returned from my trip and had no much time to play Football Manager 2013. That’s why there’s no Nottingham Forest story report today. However, I feel it’s a good time for this kind of post about the whole FM community. I need to know what Football Manager site you consider to be the best of all.

You may vote using widget which I placed today at the right sidebar of the blog. Please don’t mention my blog there. I know perhaps you like to read it if you are here. It’s more interesting to know what other FM sites you prefer.

It would be great if you explain your opinion in the comments.

Why do you like that or another FM 2013 site?


Sunday, 18 March 2012

FM Crowd blogs. Best to suggest

Dear readers,

I am ill now therefore decided to prepare a quite short post for you today. I want to suggest you reading some blogs which I consider the best at the current moment at FM Crowd. I suppose if you like my blog you could like these ones as well. Personally I read all these blogs regularly.

For it’s grand old team to manage


The blog of John McParland where he describes his adventures with Celtic. John claimed the following targets:

  1. Ensure Celtic are the dominant force in Scotland.
  2. Win the Champions League with Celtic.
  3. Become the Scotland Manger and lead them to the European Championship and World Cup finals.

What I like is his very analytic approach to FM details. More analytic than mine. I merely love reading the blog!




Tim Hepworth is the author of the blog dedicated to low-league management. In FM 2011 he brought Blyth to success, now he is managing AFC Wimbledon. Tim writes to the blog in his own original style many people like.


Football Manager Tactical Newspaper

Football Manager Tactical Newspaper

Another unique blog! Sam Johnson, as its author, likes to write about tactics and go into deep analysis of different tactical approaches.

I am almost sure there are no similar FM blogs on the Web.




One of the most active FM gamers at FM Crowd. He plays Football Manager quickly and writes many captivating reports. His current club is Lille.


Karam's Football Manager Blog!


The best new blog at FM Crowd. The author currently manages Wolves trying to impersonate Mick McCarthy.


Excited to share my minds with you,

Vitaliy Mokosiy

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Football Manager 2012 Logos (Logo Packs)

If you play FM 13, I strongly advise to download Football Manager 2013 Logos. It will make you game more pretty.


There are two finest Football Manager 2012 logo packs created by different fans of the Game. I want you to knowabout them, if you still don’t know, because such efforts are worth of it. I would like to thank every Football Manager 2012 logos creator with this post.

Share the logos with your friends

1. Metallic Logo Pack

FM 2012 logos
It’s my favourite Football Manager 2012 logos from Sortitoutsi community. I am using it in my Q.P.R. game.
Download via Torrent
Forum where you can information about the logo pack: http://sortitoutsi.net/forum/forum/185-metallic-logos/

2. B'Logos Club Megapack

Football Manager 2012 logos
Nicely styled logos that will fit into any skin hosted on FM-Base.co.uk.
          Download #2
Forum where you can information about the logo pack: http://www.fm-base.co.uk/forum/downloads.php?do=file&id=6026

How to install Football Manager 2012 logos?

  1. Unpack downloaded archive file with logos.
  2. Move its unpacked files to folder “graphics\logos” subfolder of Football Manager 2012 “user data” folder  (if “graphics” folder doesn’t exist then create it manually).
  3. Your FM 2012 preferences (Display & Sound section) must have the following settings with these values:
    - Use Skin Cache = Off
    - Always Reload Skin on Confirm = On
An example explaining folder location:
After all I have a folder "C:\Users\Rayden\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2012\graphics\logos".
This is where unpacked folder with logos will be located. ‘Rayden’ is my username in Windows 7.

Hope you will like these FM 2012 logo packs!
Sunday, 4 December 2011

FM Share - a new way of sharing downloads for Football Manager

Hello dear readers,

First of all I want you to know I am working over Q.P.R. squad revolution post. The transfer campaign is completed. I am happy with its results… You will be able to read the post on Tuesday when it will be ready.


FM Share at FMCrowd.com

Football Manager 2012 downloads at FM Share

Today I would like to make an announcement of a new site area at FMCrowd.com, community of Football Manager 2012 blogs. It allows FM Crowd users (not only bloggers, you can be just registered user for that) sharing different helpful FM downloads:

- Tactics

- Trainings

- Shortlists

- Tips & Hints


Rankings by likes


The best thing about this way of sharing is that any user can ‘like’ your, let’s say, tactics moving it higher in the rankings. By means of this function the best FM content will go up to the first ranking positions. It will help all Football Manager fans to see what tactics/trainings are the most valuable and should be downloaded at first!

Another captivating idea put in FM Share rankings is that you can compete with other FM gamers uploading your tactics/trainings/shortlist/tip.


Time to share

FM Share was started 2 weeks ago, therefore its highest ranked tip, for instance, has only 6 likes. For a while you don’t need many like to get to Top 3 in any of 4 categories (trainings, tips & hints, tactics, shortlists). I think its a good opportunity to upload some FM content you are proud of, for example, your tactics. I wish you to become the first at very beginning!

You may share something original you’ve created via this page: Share

It’s time to share!Улыбка

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

How to become a Pro Football Manager in 7 Days

Pro Football Manager

Hello my dear readers!

I believe it’s time to share with the free FM 2011 eCourse created by Daniel Monksfield, the author of AidTheBoss blog. It’s really nice and efficient tutorial containing more than 20 smart tips and hints that will help you to increase your Football Manager 2011 understanding and to become a successful manager.

It covers the following FM 2011 areas:

  1. Money Making Tips
  2. Finding talents
  3. Developing youth
  4. Using reminders

In my opinion the eCourse is truly worth reading. And it will not take too much time because it’s short and doesn’t contain reduntant information. Moreover, it’s absolutely free.

You can sign-up for the eCourse here:

Become a Pro Football Manager in 7 Days

Sunday, 26 June 2011

FM Crowd blogs review (26.06.11)

Hello my friends!Улыбка

Today I would like to make a short review of the best FM Crowd blogs of the last 3 months. I am convinced that this always growing blogs’ community has prepared many interesting FM stories and articles analysing that or another part of Football Manager 2011. So now I just want to single out 4 blogs that were the smartest and most attractive to read during the last months.

Palermo story + FM 2012 discussion

Palermo story + FM 2012 discussion


His stories are always interesting and captivating. Palermo story is the brand new one I would recommend to read.

What I like also is his post where FM Crowd people discuss Football Manager 2012 improvements and additions.


FM Joy from Croy

Pastore incident

FM Joy

Croy is managing Bayer Leverkusen currently. But I would single out this FM Crowd blogger even more because of his interesting and original posts:

- Tips for youth development

- The revolution has begun

- Could this be possible? (About Pastore!)


Dinamo Zagreb management by alexsaras7

Dinamo Zagreb management by alexsaras7


Top FM Crowd blogger started a new entertaining story in Croatia. Stay tuned to get to know how he will try conquer Europe with the team!


Managing football team on Cook Islands

Managing on Cook Islands

Septagon Success?

sibo373 is the one of the best FM Crowd bloggers. The most active one in the community having already more than 280 written posts!

His last story is about starting a game in unemployed mode. He made a decision to accept of Titikaveka F.C. - the football club of Cook Islands. There the players are much weaker than in the Blue Square North and South Leagues!

Monday, 6 June 2011

Poll results: The best FM site

Poll results: The best FM site

Dear readers, first of all I want to thank you very much for taking participation in the poll!

True Football Manager became the best FM site in this voting. Though I can’t say the poll was objective because it had been held only at my both blogs: True Football Manager and True Football Manager + at FM Crowd.

So as for me FM-Base can be considered as poll winner. This FM community has got much more votes than other competitors. By the way, I am really wondered by low amount of votes given to FM Scout and Football Manager Stories. I expected they would compete for the title of the best FM site…

Additionally, voters were able to make custom votes entering favourite site name. Here are the results:

2 votes

Neoseeker football manager 2011 forums

The Away Stand

FM Pundit

The Dugout

1 vote

Fm graphics  

FM Addicted

FM Norge

world cup teams


Aid The Boss

FM site

Football Manager Community  

pie is good

FM Greece  

FManager Brasil   



Questions I want to ask you

So how do you like the results of the poll?

What kind of poll would you like to see as a next one in my blog? Any idea or even concrete topic?

Friday, 29 April 2011

8 facts you didn’t know about me

Vitaliy Mokosiy - True Football Manager author

My dear readers, this time I decided to make a post that will get you to know me better. Yes, it’s kind of off-topic. But I think long-term readers can be really interested in some facts of my biography. As a result this post should make True Football Manager blog more humane.

8 facts you didn’t know about me

- I was born in Cherkassy in 1982 but live in Kyiv now (where Dinamo Kyiv is the leading club).

- My profession is a software developer. Currently I am a IT-expert with more than 8 years of experience.

- The most amazing football match I’ve ever watched being at stadium: Dinamo Kyiv – Barcelona 3:0 (Champions League group stage, 1997).

- In real life I support all Ukrainian teams and Arsenal from London.

- My first football management game – Football Limited.

- My first football management game from SI Games – Championship Manager 97/98. I remember I started my first game and chose Arsenal…

- I love playing badminton and volleyball. Have trainings twice per week. I am fond of table tennis as well.

- I dream to visit London some day, sit at Emirates stadium, and enjoy Premier League match of Arsenal!

Feel free to ask me any personal questions in the comments!


P.S. Attention: I will be absent for 4 days because of my short vacation to Carpathians.

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Football Manager 2012

LAST UPDATE - 06.10.2011

Here are links on my newer posts regarding Football Manager 2012 videos, announcements, players, tips and hints, features:

[06.10] Download FM 2012 Demo!

[06.10] System requirements announced!

[05.10] Video: Team talks and Match viewer

[03.10] Video: Conversation tones and team meeting

[01.10] A lot of screenshots from FM 2012

[24.09] Football Manager 2012 Social Networking

[20.09] Miscellaneous new features

[17.09] How to activate Football Manager 2012

[15.09] Tutorials and How-To systems in FM12

[14.09] Video: Tactics in FM 2012

[14.09] Q.P.R will be my club in FM 2012

[12.09] Football Manager 2012 Release Date

[05.09] Miles Jacobson talks about FM 2012

[23.08] Video: Goalkeepers in action

[15.08] Football Manager 2012 announced!

Football Manager 2012
The last patch for Football Manager 2011 numbered as 11.3.0 has been already released. Now I think we can start a fascinating discussion about Football Manager 2012. We have a half of year till FM 2012 release to raise ideas of new features for the game. Sports Interactive team follows such discussions; so don’t afraid to tell your opinion and you’ll be heard! Let’s try to answer the question: 

What enhancements would you dream to see in Football Manager 2012?

Here is my list of new features:
- History of player attributes’ changes since the very 1st season.
- Integration with other sites and services. Facebook, for instance.
- Inner blogging. I would love to have internal tool to blog straight from Football Manager 2012! I think SI Games should think over this idea because there are FM community of bloggers grew much since the last year.
- Better team-talks. More options are needed. The result of team-talks should be less predictable.
- Better graphics in the 3D match.
- More feedback from players about some things or club events they like or dislike.
- Talking to with staff members seems also a nice feature.
- More participation in youth development, opportunity of contribution to youth academy somehow.

Controversial ideas

Football Manager 2012 Ideas
I would like also to mention 3 controversial ideas I hear from Football Manager gamers quite often. I don’t really like all of them but may be we’ll give birth to smarter thoughts in discussion:
1. Option to disable regens
Some people don’t like regens at all and would want to see the game without generated players. I don’t see how FM 2012 will remain realistic in that case.

2. Becoming a Chairman/Assistant Manager/Coach/Scout/Physio
The game is called Football Manager but not Football Chairman or Football Scout!
3. Spending  money you earn as manager
People want to do something with manager salary. I think it’s good but I don’t really see efficient Footbal Manager-styled way to put the money somewhere. I heard ideas of buying houses, cars, wives, land… Betting the money sounds somewhat better idea but anyway it’s not about football management.

What do you think of these controversial features?
I wonder also what new features would you like to see in Football Manager 2012?
Wednesday, 2 March 2011

FMstory – one of the most pretty FM 2011 blogs

FMstory – one of the most pretty FM 2011 blogs

Today I am going to share my opinion about one interesting Football Manager 2011 blog – FMstory.com

I have already mentioned FMstory blog in my all sites list almost two weeks ago. I insist praising its smooth rounded and merely nice design. It just makes using of the blog more pleasant and comfortable.  The author of the blog is Lye Kuek Hin from Singapore. As many of us he is also excited about Football Manager 2011. One of Lye’s distinguishing features is his love to low league management in FM 2011. So he doesn’t belong to FM fans majority that manages teams from the top leagues. And sure, Lye describes the way he manages the team in his cute blog.

The most interesting articles at the blog

Lye tries to write mostly about his FM stories. Actually he plays and describes the gaming process quicker than meУлыбка  The most interesting posts are about:

- Telford story. Telford is in the League 1 in the 4th season already.

- Lye’s tactics.

- Mallorca story. Ultimate European Challenge!


Hope you’ll like and follow this blog as one essential FM community sites!

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Football Manager 2011 Site List

We are large Football Manager community!

Football Manager community has never been so large and strong as at the current moment! Therefore I decided to create the largest list of almost all Football Manager 2011 sites. It should help FM gamers to orient themselves in Football Manager web community globally. Consider this article a global web guide or navigator for Football Manager gamers.

Pay attention also that all links to other FM sites are "dofollow".

ATTENTION: The list is extendable! If you know any English Football Manager site out of the list just inform about it writing a comment.

The main requirement for all sites in the list is a language. Only English sites are accepted here. Another requirement is that each site shouldn’t be younger than 2 months.


FM 2011 Communities

All Football Manager communities were divided into 2 groups depending on the core part of sites: either blogs or forums.

Blogging communities

FMCrowd.com – community of FM 2011 bloggers consisting of more than 530 separate blogs, project of Vitaliy Mokosiy.

FootballManagerStory.com – consolidated 10-12 blogs and social network by Johnny Karp and Darren Smith.

TheFootyManager.com – the oldest blogging community started by Niall Walsh in 2007.


Forum communities

FMScout.com – perhaps the most known and oldest FM community having forums, blogs, downloads, tactics, player lists, etc.

FM-Britain.co.uk – many articles about tactics and forum with 15000+ members.

FMFormation.net – downloads, articles and forum with 60000+ members.

FM-View.com – different good articles and forum with 2900+ members.

TheAwayStand.co.uk – popular forums with 1400+ members and interesting community blog.

PlayFootballManager.com – young community with 1000+ members in their forum.


FM 2011 Forums

FM-Base.co.uk - 273000+ members, the most popular FM forum.

Community.SIGames.com – 213000+ members, forum of the Game creators.

SortItOutsi.net - 126000+ members, creators of famous Cut-Out Faces Megapack, great amount of FM utilities and graphics.

TheDugout.tv - 73000+ members.

CMFrenzy.com - 44000+ members.

FMDiscussion.com -  10000+ members.

FootballManagerPortal.co.uk - 10000+ members.

FMGamer.com - 6500+ members.

FMRTE.com - 6000+ members

FootballManagerFanBoys.net – 3700+ members, well-designed forum.

FMReporter.com - 700+ members

FootballManagerTeamTalk.com - 120+ members


FM 2011 Blogs

TrueFootballManager.com – popular FM blog of Vitaliy Mokosiy, started in 2007.

FMPundit.com – intelligent blog by Thomas Levin, started in 2009.

FMStory.com – pretty looking blog by Lye Kuek Hin. Start date – October, 2009.

FootballManagerFreak.com – one of the oldest FM blogs started in 2008.

DueNorth.me – quite new blog with unique feature - FM comics.

FMAddicted.com – started in 2009.

AidTheBoss.com – nice-styled FM blog.

FootballManagerSite.com – active and interesting blog started in 2010.

FMCenter.co.uk – started in February, 2010.

FMBuff.com – decent FM blog.

AllAboutFm.com – another one of new decent blogs about FM 2011.

FMCrazy.FMCrowd.com – the top blog in Football Manager Crowd community.

FootballManagerPlayer.Blogspot.com – decent young FM blog.

FMObsessive.Blogspot.com - young blog of Olly Hunter.


FM 2011 Facebook groups

Group of James Hill - 2600+ members

Group of Vitaliy Mokosiy - 1400+ members

Group of James Shrubb - 9900+ members (not really active group)


FM 2011 Sites of the Game creators

FootballManager.com – official Football Manager 2011 site

SIGames.com – Sports Interactive Games, creators of the Game.


Other FM 2011 sites

There are some Football Manager 2011 sites that I cannot classify so easy:

FMDownloads.com – site of Cut-Out Faces Megapack.

Football-Manager.info – English FM portal by Polish guys.

FMDugout.com – fresh new FM 2011 site.

FootballManagerMad.com – unusual but good Football Manager 2011 site.

FootballManagerWiki.com – Wikipedia-like site about Football Manager.

TheGaffa.co.uk – old inactive FM site.

Saturday, 19 February 2011

FM Pundit – one of the best FM blogs in the Web

FM Pundit

There are many different Football Manager 2011 blogs and stories in the Web apart from the blog you’re reading now. For a new FM gamer it’s a complicated task  to find a good FM resource containing smart thoughts and ideas.  In my mind Football Manager Pundit is one of the best such sites actually.

Thomas Levin - the Author

Thomas Levin

Thomas Levin is a person with 10 years of experience in Football Manager. It helps him to write really intelligent articles at the blog. By the way, he started FM Pundit blog more than two years ago (October, 2009) growing from active Football Manager community contributor at FM View site

Read more about Thomas here: About.


The best FM Pundit articles

Now I would like to single out the articles I liked the most at FMPundit.com:

- Spotting the best young players

- What makes up a coaching team? Part 1 and Part 2.

- Dealing with the Extra men

- What You Need to Look For in an Assistant Manager

- What can we learn from the El Classico

There is also interesting and even somewhat innovative page is Football Manager CV of Thomas Levin. Hope you like these FM Pundit articles if you still haven’t read them!


Sincerely, I appreciate much people like Thomas who develop Football Manager community creating sites devoted to FM and sharing wise ideas with everybody.

Monday, 24 January 2011

FM Crowd will be free forever

FM Crowd registration

I decided to return back a free registration at FM Crowd. No more payments!

You can just fill sign-up form quickly and start blogging there! I would like to see our community growing every day. So I promise the registration process will be free forever!

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Best FM Crowd blogs review

FM Crowd top blogs rankingFM Crowd most active blogs ranking

Dear friends,

today I would like to make some kind of short review of the best FM Crowd blogs. Football Manager Crowd community exists a bit more than 1 month. It’s a very young project comparing to other FM sites. Anyway the start was really successful:

446 blogs registered, 1646 posts made

Surely all these blogs are not of the high standard. Some of them are even empty at all… Though here are several blogs I would give the awards “Best Blogs of the 1st project’s month”.


Currently managing: Millwall

Most Active Blogs rank: 1

Top Blogs rank: 2

FMCrazy blog at FM Crowd

The most active blog of FM Crowd! I am really proud – the author is really dedicated and managed to write 102 posts. I can only dream of such amount of leisure time. Previous Dover story and current Millwall story are described in details very well.

Moreover, I would single out decent player lists of FMCrazy:

      - Free Players

      - Wonderkids and Young Talents


Manager: Bear

Currently managing: Tottenham

Most Active Blogs rank: below top 10

Top Blogs rank: 5

Manager: Bear blog at FM Crowd

The smart blogger. He writes very interesting posts allowing to understand and learn something new about Football Manager 2011. I am excited by his desire to help the FM Crowd blogger – vikingmarius – in this post:

        - Helping out vikingmarius

I think Bear invented new type of posts!


Gasper, the manager

Currently managing: Olympique Lyonnais

Most Active Blogs rank: 4

Top Blogs rank: 7

Gasper blog at FM Crowd

Currently managing Lyonnais (2016/2017). Nice blog with 60 posts already! I like his prediction post regarding Champions League results most of all:

           - European Championship Cup analysis



Currently managing: Blyth

Most Active Blogs rank: 10

Top Blogs rank: 3

Timbo blog at FM Crowd

I would say Timbo is the one of the most inspired FM Crowd authors. He writes almost every day. His posts are long and really interesting to read. Therefore Timbo managed to win 4 or 5 FM Crowd Blog of the Day Awards in row!

If you like well described low league management stories, just follow Timbo and his experiences with Blyth Spartans.


Footy Manager Mad

Currently managing: Sunderland

Most Active Blogs rank: 5

Top Blogs rank: 6

Footy Manager Mad at FM Crowd

The guy has been managing Sunderland, won several trophies and resigned. Now he is concentrated on management of English nation team. It’s so unusually! Though I believe soon he will sign a contract with new club. Nice blog!


That’s enough for now. Hope you will like these FM Crowd blogs!

Friday, 31 December 2010

FM Crowd free registration continued


Perhaps you remember my first unlucky attempt to start FMCrowd.com. It’s great that everything works fine since the second attempt. We are blogging together for one and half of week there.

At first I was intending to make registration only by invitations. But the first month was announced as free for all who want to join the community. Due to the delay between the first unlucky start attempt and the real start of FM Crowd. I would like to continue free registration till the 10th of January.

FM Crowd can boast of the following statistics:

Football Manager Crowd statistics

So hurry up to join our community of the best Football Manager 2011 bloggers if you have no blog there yet!



In the end I want to wish you a Happy New Year, friends! Let’s view some best goals of 2010 together! Улыбка




Sunday, 12 December 2010

Welcome to FM Crowd!

FM Crowd start

Today is the special day for me! I’m truly happy to announce the start of my new site – Football Manager Crowd.


You know I am a big fan of Football Manager. I enjoy playing it and want to see a progressive Football Manager community. Actually, therefore FM Crowd website was created. Many guys try to start their own story blogs like my True Football Manager. Some of them succeed to create and start posting, but the blogs became too separated in the Web with low amount of visitors…

FM Crowd will group the best Football Manager blogs and their authors together. We will be able to write to the blogs, share our thoughts, hold a hand on pulse of our friendly community, and have many blog readers.


Who can become a FM Crowd blogger?

Everyone. Though you should hurry up, because free FM Crowd blog registration is opened until 01, January, 2011. After that the registration will be available only by invitations.


Advantages you may like

- You get a lifetime free account and a subdomain. Take a look at the true.fmcrowd.com as an example:

Free domain name in a browser


- You can use one of the 50+ best free Wordpress themes for your blog

Blog themes at FM Crowd


- Automatic participation in the Top Blogs ranking brings you more visitors if you get to the TOP 10:

Top Blogs ranking at FM Crowd


- Blog of the Day Award for being the most active blogger of the day. Even more visitors will come to your blog.

Blog of the Day Award at FM Crowd


- Your blog posts always appear on FM Crowd home page! Every FM Crowd reader or blogger will be able to see it.


- Finally, you will get many readers by being an active writer. I will take care of all advertisement efforts for FMCrowd.com


- Me and you. We will be blogging together with the new True Football Manager blog. By the way, it’s an additional blog to this one. It is updated more often with short posts containing fresh screenshots and videos from my game in Football Manager.


I spent several months creating this project. Hope you’ll it! Улыбка

If you have any questions, write them in the comments to this post. I’m always opened for you, dear readers.

Vitaliy Mokosiy, the author of FMCrowd.com and TrueFootballManager.com