Friday, 19 December 2014

Season 1. All tournaments in Dream Job story

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Dear readers,

My transfer campaign for Braganca is already over. However, I don't want to rush with the next update uncovering new Braganca squad because there should be a traditional blog post about results of all the most important tournaments in the first season.

So let's get started!

Champions League

Hot penalty shutout between Bayern and Chelsea in the final ended with mistakes by Oscar and Ivanovic.

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Season 4 tournaments. FM 2015 expectations

Hello dear readers,

I prepared a traditional type of article for you today with FM 2015 flavour. If you can’t wait till know something about FM 2015, just scroll down the post.

By the way, I am writing to this blog for the 796th time. 4 posts till jubilee :)

Season 4 totals

While I am in a hot transfer campaign (quite many Dresden squad changes will be reported in the next blog post), here is the set of final league standings and cup results.

Champions League

Penalties were missed by Messi, Van Persie, and Rafael.

Friday, 21 March 2014

Comparing top league debuts

Hi everybody,

Thanks for joining this blog today. I wanted to write Dresden story update but wasn’t in time to play sufficient count of matches. That’s why I decided to create a some kind of unusual blog post. As you know from the last  update, Dynamo Dresden appeared at the 10th position after first nine fixture in the Bundesliga which I consider a very successful top league debut. Later on I thought:

How much successful were my top league debuts in the previous FM stories?

That’s a really interesting question! Therefore I decided to devote a distinct blog post to that.

Another entertaining nuance for me is that I don’t know the results at the moment. I mean I haven’t checked the previous FM stories and can’t wait to do that right now.

Friday, 28 February 2014

Season 3 totals

Hello dear readers,

It’s the first July in my Dresden story, and at the moment I can boast of two made transfers. Though I am not going to do it now and we should wait till the next post when transfer campaign comes to an end. Today there are screenshots of all included tournaments in my save.

Champions League

Stuttgart became a real force in Europe and only CL winners Chelsea managed to stop them in the semi final.


Thursday, 23 January 2014

Season 2. Totals of the tournaments

Dear readers,

While Dresden story was slowed down due to my summer transfer window, I can show you results of all important tournaments. It was season 2 in FM 2014 for me.


First of all, let’s look over results of Germany where I manage Dynamo Dresden. Season summary shows Stuttgart as the most surprising club in the Bundesliga. Its footballers Timo Werner and Nicusor Stanciu became the best goal scorer and assist maker correspondingly.

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Season 5 came to an end

Dear readers,

I am ready to inform you season 5 is finally finished. Unfortunately, Queens Park Rangers got into a poor streak after bad results against grand clubs reported in the previous post and the catastrophic match at Camp Nou. A low morale level resulted in a low amount of goal chances and poor shot accuracy in the next 4 games. You may see we didn’t even manage to score at least once against Sheffield Wednesday, the worst PL team of the season…

Last fixtures


Premier League totals

Table standing

I lost the 2nd position to rival Chelsea by goal difference. It’s a pity, of course, though it’s not so painful because we will start in the group round of Champions next year again.

Moreover, I would single out the final result because it’s really the best in QPR history. You may compare:

QPR history in PL


Here is the key loss after which Chelsea overtook my QPR:

Key loss


Champions League. Quarterfinal match at Camp Nou

Barcelona - QPR

Barcelona plays football at the other level than my Q.P.R. After tough home loss with 2:4 score, they proved their world class defeating us even more brutally. Though, if you look into shots stats, you will understand the score is not fair.

Anyway I consider it was the successful Champions League debut for Q.P.R. due to 3 factors:

- Reached quarterfinals

- 18 points in 6 group matches

- Fantastic drama in the knockout round with Sevilla

By the way, Barca’s Alexis Sanchez is wonderful, nearly like Messi!



Q.P.R. players


Worst players

I won’t analyse my squad much because the next post will be completely dedicated to this process. Now just some awards and Disappointments category.


MVP of the season

1. Ognjen Vukojevic. 83% of tackles won, 9 assists. One of team leaders!

2. Jay Rodriguez. The best QPR goal scorer.

3. Carlos Fierro. He has already grown to the level of Jay. We will see if he overcome his teammate.

Jay Rodriguez as a goalscorer



Best debutant

1. Samir Breinburg. Wonderkid with great heading abilities.

2. Douglas Costa. Perfect winger who loves to score free kicks!

3. Sime Vrsaljko. He was very good in the first season’s half, the same can’t be said about the 2nd one. Hope to see him playing better in the next season.

Key headers



1. Gary Cahill. Many mistakes in big decisive matches.

2. Denys Garmash. He didn’t make at least one assist in 25(11) games.

3. Petar Zanev. Lowest average rating due to instability.


Oscar became the Best Young Player of the Year, while Verratti took the 3rd place.

Oscar and Verratti


Facilities and finances

Look what kind of message I got! Damn! Have you seen such messages?

Facilities Downgraded

It was the facilities state after the message:


I hurried to change something making request to improve training facilities and was successful:

Making request

Planned works

Youth facilities upgrade


I had $18M on balance before planning facilities work. After training and youth facilities upgrade decisions the balance has decreased to $4M.

After facilities upgrade


Important question for you

How do you like my season 5 results?

I didn’t manage to win Premier League in 5 season as it had been specified in my Story Targets. Is it OK? I feel the answer is ‘yes’ because Manchester City has won the 3rd title in row and remains too strong for me.


The next post will contain in-depth squad analysis. Be patient :)

Excited to blog for you,

Vitaliy Mokosiy

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Season 5. No more intrigue…

Well, not the best time for me because all  the most important matches were lost. Now I have no chances to win the Premier League and Champions League.

Premier League


9 matches: 4 wins, 1 draw, 4 losses

Last matches

Well, you see Manchester City is too far away from me in the table standing. They won all their games regardless of opponents’ strength. In the meantime QPR failed to win against all grand clubs we played: Man Utd, Chelsea, Arsenal. All games were more or less equal but we got only 1 point in the end. Now I can forget about ambitions in this season.

The only result I am proud is victory over Wolves. They beat us with 4:2 score in the first half of the season, I was waiting for revenge. Suddenly Ukrainian Denys Garmash was sent off on the 6th minute. But nevertheless my team played better lacking one player on the pitch and having a certain advantage which turned into 2 goals by Oscar.


QPR - Wolves[4]


Champions League

First of all, you should read my post about encounter with Sevilla. We lost 2:4 away match, won 4:2 home match. Nervous penalty shutout resulted in 9:8 numbers on a scoreboard!!!!! I was so emotionally tired after that incredible game!!

It was the most dramatic match in my FM career!


Then we got Barcelona in the quarterfinal. What I can say… Here is the difference in class between Manchester City and my Q.P.R. Obviously we are not ready to compete with the best teams like Barcelona or Man City.

QPR - Barca

Spanish team under Roberto Mancini management stroke out all my plans in this league. His Barcelona plays the same football as real Barcelona of Guardiola does. They sold Messi to Manchester City but it didn’t influence much as far as I see.

They have the 2nd Messi there - Alexis Sanchez. He scored a marvellous goal beating all my defense in the match. You can watch it in the video highlights below.

Alexis Sanchez in Football Manager 2012

QPR - Barca[5]


Q.P.R. players



Strikers Jay Rodriguez and Carlos Fierro together with ageless Ognjen Vukojevic (32 years old) are the best players in this season. Additionally, I want to praise newcomer Douglas Costa who started to score goals and make assists. Moreover, I am happy that finally I got the footballer with great free kick taker abilities!


Now I want to return to the losses of those matches against Barcelona, Man Utd, Arsenal and draw versus Chelsea. One of the key failure reasons was Gary Cahill.

Gary Cahill

Gary Cahill form

This experienced English centre back made so many mistakes during the matches. Cahill made me really angry after all. Just look at his current form! Even fans have begun to moan about his poor form… I think it’s time to make my wonderkid Bernard Holt a first eleven DC. He has been doing really great when training. Look how this 18 years old youngster is awesome!

Bernard Holt

Should I move Gary Cahill to substitution bench?


Last season 5 matches

Future fixtures

I have no hope to win the reply match at Camp Nou. There’s nothing to say about my prospect in the Champions League. Premier League situation is still unclear because QPR has to stay at the 2nd line in the table. Chelsea is very near in 3 points! Luckily I have a convenient match schedule…


Excited to blog for you,

Vitaliy Mokosiy

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Mokosiy versus Mourinho

Loud opposition between Mourinho - Man City head coach - and me this season!Пламенный привет

It’s because my Queens Park Rangers is in 4 points from leading Man City after 26 fixtures played. I don’t like Jose Mourinho in the real life, therefore I try to build the same relationship. We nearly hate one another in the gameУлыбка


Not a fan

Yes, the competition is very hot now. Though Manchester City has much stronger squad containing Leo Messi, Aguero, Vidal, Shawcross. We can understand this fact looking on their +54 goal difference. Compare with my modest +26…

Premier League


Latest matches

16 matches: 12 wins, 2 draws, 2 losses

Last matches

Manchester City punished us easily due to early red card by my Jay Rodriguez. 0:4 score is another hint that my team is not really ready to compete with the winner of 3 PL titles in row. But I hope something will happen to break a good form of Man City players. It could be, for instance, many injuries or bad results in the Champions League…

Don’t want to pay much attention to other matches now. Some of them were described at my additional blog:

- Messi and Man City (about 0:4 loss to Man City)

- Another Cup failed (regarding unlucky FA Cup match against Arsenal)

- Marvellous Champions League (6 wins in 6 group matches!)


Q.P.R. players

Welcome Douglas Costa!

I will start with the winter transfer. Great one as for me! Douglas Costa was offered by Shakhtar for excellent price. It was impossible to reject and cash was spent on this talented Brazilian.

Douglas Costa has awesome attribute values for a winger. He should fit greatly into my Supersonic tactics. I believe he will replace Ivelin Popov who is already 28 years old.


Douglas Costa in Football Manager 2012


Making money on loans


Not much, of course. But anyway I made some good deals for balance which had become negative again after Douglas Costa transfer. It’s around $-5M now.


Performance of my players

QPR players


I am almost happy with the performance of all QPR players. I have no serious claims to any players. 

Though special thanks should be given to my forwards. Both Jay Rodriguez and Carlos Fierro score goals confidently. Sure, sometimes they fail moments but in the most case both strikers show their class. I like the fact that Fierro is about to be as great as Rodriguez in spite of his young age. By the way, the Mexican has got two last Young Player of the Month awards:

Carlos Fierro

Carlos Fierro

Carlos Fierro[4]

Fierro's stats


Another youngster should be praised as well. Central defender Samir Breinburg (wonderkid!) has been playing in his debut season better and more reliable than experienced Gary Cahill. I like his Tackling and Heading stats. Moreover, Samir is my first central back in FM12 who is truly great in air. This guy scores from corners using his head and height!

Samir Breinburg




Upcoming matches


Well, all matches I have to play till the end of the season. Though I hope at least several games will be added in the Champions League. From the one hand, Sevilla is a convenient opponent for us to overcome. We had 2 victories in Europe League over them. But from the other hand, Sevilla is leading in La Liga now…



It’s quite understandable my Premier League fate depends much on 3 away matches against Chelsea, Manchester United, and Arsenal. The Rangers should show the best football to remain in a title contender status in the beginning of April.

Let’s also compare my schedule with the one Mourinho has:

Schedule of Man City

We see Manchester City will also play away against the same 3 grand clubs. So we will fight for a title with Mourinho without seeing!


Excited to blog for you,

Vitaliy Mokosiy