Friday, 2 November 2012

Football Manager 2013 Free Players

Update: For those who seek free player of the latest Football Manager version: FM 2014 free players.


Hi all,

First of all I want to congratulate everybody with the official FM 2013 release that happened in midnight.

FM 2013 Free Players

Here is coming my present to all of you: Football Manager 2013 free players list. You know every year I create this kind of stuff. This idea became so popular that many other FM sites try to create different player lists faster than me and publish them at the very first day of beta release.

However, I feel my blog is a trendsetter in FM community. Therefore I could not fail expectations of readers and created my official list of the best free players in Football Manager 2013.

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Nottingham Forest in Football Manager 2013

Hello everybody,

It’s time for my first squad analysis post in Football Manager 2013. Your squad is the most significant thing for you as manager.

Taking look and thinking over players you have is the first step everybody should make starting managing some club.

As you know I have some squad restrictions initially including skipping first transfer window and bias to British players. This is why the squad analysis is very important for me as never. My following thoughts about players are not stuck to any tactics; however, I keep in mind a choice of formation and going to share my ideas at the end of the post.

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Football Manager 2013 Wonderkids and Young Talents

Football Manager 2013 Wonderkids
Hello my dear blog readers,

If you want to find FM14 Wonderkid list, please take a look at my post with exclusive FM 2014 player set.

Actually the most advanced list of Football Manager 2013 wonderkids from me. My original idea to analyse database from game appeared in 2007. Since that time I have been creating such kind of popular lists every year. For example, its version for FM12 was the most visited blog page ever getting more than 4 million page views.

So FM 2013 didn’t become an exception as you see. The list will definitely be useful for those who are in need of help while searching FM 2013 wonderkids and young talents.
In fact, it’s not just a simple list. It’s my vision of football talents all over the world.
Monday, 7 May 2012

Lucas Digne in Football Manager 2012

Hello dear readers!

Left back Lucas Digne has been playing for my Q.P.R. since the very first season. I bought the French talent for $4.3M and don’t regret now. I would like to analyse how much my trainings schedule influenced on development of Lucas Digne in FM 2012.

Development during trainings

Here is the schedule Digne has been working on.

Training schedule for Digne

You see Defending is the most trained category. Then advantage is give to Ball Control, Tactics, and Aerobics. Interesting that Strength is not so important in my eyes for wing backs as Aerobics.

The training schedule together with quality of coaches and training facilities influenced attributes of Digne much. And now you can see the growth between starting season and the 6th season.


Lucas Digne in 2011



Lucas Digne in 2017

Lucas Digne in 2017


Defensive attributes



I selected the most important defensive attributes to show their growth. Tackling has the largest increase, from 7 to 14! It was caused by Individual Training Focus.


Physical attributes



Physics wasn’t progressed so much. Just 2-3 points up. Anyway Lucas Digne is pretty strong physically at the very beginning of the game.


Matches in Premier League


You know we have an opportunity to see history of league matches by seasons. Digne has decent average ratings in all seasons.  Though 7.15 in season 4 can be considered as a very good result for full back.

By the way, it would be good if Football Manager 2013 developers add a feature when we can see all season matches in it including European and national cups. Hot FM 2013 discussion is available at my blog.


Lucas Digne vs Gael Clichy

Now let’s try to compare Digne with one of the best left backs Gael Clichy playing for Manchester City.

Digne vs Clichy

I remind you it’s season 6. So we see Lucas Digne lacks some important values in comparison with Clichy. First of all, Passing. 10 versus 15 of Clichy. Technically the more experienced French overcomes the younger one in Dribbling,  First Touch, and Technique as well.

Mental attributes. Clichy has higher Anticipation, Determination, Positioning, Work Rate, Teamwork. Digne is better in Concentration and Decisions which are important for any defender.

And only Physical attributes are more or less equal for both players.

Summarizing: Digne became a very good left back in FM 2012 but didn’t reach a world class level.

How has Lucas Digne been developing in your FM story?

Excited to blog for you,

Vitaliy Mokosiy

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Q.P.R. squad analysis after season 5

In-depth squad analysis today, dear readers. At first look at the formation and we’ll continue thinking over players and positions step-by-step.



David Ospina


I think David Ospina is good enough to win Premier League and Champions League. Surely, he is not a world class goalie like Casillas or Neuer but I have no chance to buy or sign them at the moment. However, goalkeeper change would be preferable option for me in this transfer window.


Central defenders


Stats of DCs

Samir Breinburg won 90% of balls in air making 94 key headers! Awesome result! The best DC in the team!

I would give another chance to Gary Cahill in spite of his pretty low average rating and made mistakes. I don’t think he should be sold. Don’t forget that Gary is 30 years old already and valued just in $4.6M.

For a while I am not going to sell or buy centre backs. Who knows may be you will change my intention writing a comment…


Wing backs

Left defenders

Right defenders


I don’t see why I should make any changes at DL and DR positions. Digne and Vrsaljko have been developing during trainings and performing better and better. I believe in these two guys. By the way, pay attention how many interceptions Sime Vrsaljko managed to execute during the season!

There were some hesitation regarding Zanev in winter. I was thinking whether I should renew his ending contract or not. I decided to leave him as a backup player until better cheap DL strikes my eyes.


Rachid El Amrani

I want you also to look at the most prospective wing back in Q.P.R. Wonderkid with high Determination and Bravery while being only 17 years old!

Rachid El Amrani





You know my formation has 2 DMC positions.

Ognjen Vukojevic is an absolute team leader and the best DMC. Other players were not so good as I expected. Diame, Garmash and rarely Verratti with McCafferty played at another position in Defensive Midfielder role. All of them didn’t impress me during the whole season.

What I am going to do now is to return back Deep-Lying Playmaker role (remember, my first version of tactics had this role) moving Marco Verratti to play it. Probably Denys Garmash should be sold if he doesn’t agree to be a backup midfielder for QPR.


MC as a Playmaker

Advanced Playmaker

Central midfielders

Potential playmakers

A crucial question for me:

Who should be a new playmaker if I move Verratti to DMC position?

Now I see 5 variants of solutions:

- Buy a new playmaker. Can be very expensive.

- Douglas Costa

Pros: He has maximal Flair, great Passing and Creativity. Plays one-twos, shoots from distance… Many pros.

Cons: he is very quick and natural winger, it would be pity to loose so technically gifted and explosive player at a flank.

- Oscar

Pros: Passing, Decisions, Creativity >= 15. Shots on Target in the last season = 44%.

Cons: Actually the same as about Douglas Costa with only one exception - AMC is the only natural position for him. Teamwork = 12.

- Chris Brunt

Pros: 8 assists + 14 key passes in 9 (11) matches. Powerful long shot. Passing, Creativity, Teamwork = 15.

Cons: 31 years old already. Not so quick as his competitors: Pace = 13, Acceleration = 12.

- Ivan Cosic

Pros: Passing = 20, First Touch = 17, Work Rate = 19. Cosic is only 21 years old!

Cons: Lack of experience and Determination.



Left wingers

Right wingers


I cannot say there are problems at winger positions. But I have already signed for free one talented AML. Won’t tell his name now, please wait till the next post.

Nevertheless Douglas Costa is my my winger who can perform on both flanks. Oscar is a kind of player who likes to score key goals in big games. Therefore I would call him my 2nd main winger. Popov and Vadillo are approaching to substitution bench and squad rotation mode, though I feel I should trust 21 years old Alvaro Vadillo more due to his potential.





Carlos Fierro has reached level of Jay Rodriguez creating a true competition for main QPR striker. I have two great strikers and two talented youngsters at a bench. Why would I sign a new striker?

Juan Jose Alonso Romero is ready for a debut in the main team. I am moving the youngster from reserves because he managed to become better than Kolar.



Wages and budgeting

Now some information about current salaries and salary eaters. Basing on this info and above-made analysis, you could advise me some players to sell during the upcoming transfer window. I would appreciate every your advice!


Salary eaters

Salary eaters[5]


Excited to blog for you,

Vitaliy Mokosiy

Monday, 2 April 2012

Analysing Marco Verratti in FM 2012

Dear readers,

Today I want to analyse Marco Verratti and the influence of my FM 2012 training schedules on him since the very start of the story. Probably you remember I bought Italian wonderkid during the first transfer window when he was just 18 years old. Therefore it should be entertaining to take a wide look at his whole career in my Queens Park Rangers.

Development during trainings

Verratti has been training under the same schedule developed for attacking midfielders since the story start. It’s based on a quite heavy workload with accents on Attacking, Shooting, Tactics, and Ball Control categories. This is how it looks:

Training schedule for Verratti

As a result you can compare how Marco’s attributes changed between 2011 and 2016 years.

Marco Verratti in 2011



Marco Verratti in 2016



Now we can look at Verratti’s history of some major attributes for playmakers. But at first you should pay attention to the past injuries my favourite playmaker had. Unfortunately, Verratti broke his leg in the end of 2014 and was out of the game for a long period of 5 months. It influenced his development much, you will see this on the screenshots below.

Verratti's injuries


Aerobic attributes



OK, I has taken 4 Aerobics attributes. You see their confident growth since the very beginning and the drop due to 5 month injury. Well, it’s logically.


Tactical attributes



Marco’s tactical learning is very well I should confess. His first two years in the club were played under sign of a large progress. It’s also interesting to see that the long-term injury doesn’t influenced the tactical attributes so much as it was in case with the Aerobics category.


Attacking attributes



Growth of Attacking attributes is very good and doesn’t differ much from the Tactics category. Though I am slightly worried regarding depression of growth during the last half of year…


Comparison with Wesley Sneijder


I think Marco Verratti is a playmaker of the same type as Wesley Sneijder. This is the reason why I decided to compare Italian talent with great Dutch playmaker who is already 31 years old in my game. What we see here? What traits does Verratti lack in comparison with Sneijder?

First of all, the Dutch is better technically in First Touch, Long Shots, and Free Kicks. In Mental area Sneijder has even larger advantage overcoming Marco in Concentration, Decisions, Determination, Off The Ball, Team Work, and Work Rate. I suppose this difference in mental attributes is a key to answer why Sneijder is better than Verratti.

Physically Marco excels Wesley slightly. But it’s not really important for a playmaker.


Career roller-coaster

Marco Verratti is like on a roller-coaster now due to his 5 month injury in the end of 2014. It was the time when he had got his last award. Moreover, his Premier League stats are not so good in 2015/16 season as it was in the previous season before the injury. I hope my favourite QPR player will return to his level closer to decisive spring matches.

Verratt's awards


Carrer stats


Marco’s statistics in the current season (March, 2016)

Current season


Couple of questions for you in the end:

What do you think of Marco Verratti as a player?

How has Verratti been developing in your FM story?


Excited to blog for you,

Vitaliy Mokosiy

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Q.P.R. squad changes before the 5th season

Hello my dear readers!

Season #5 is about to begin in my Q.P.R. story. As you remember, at the story start I set a target to win Premier League in 5 seasons. So now I should try to compete with Manchester City. They have been dominating in the league for 3 years winning 3 titles in row. Nevertheless, when I was asked about season expectations, I claimed the same target as before the last season:

take Top-4 position to qualify into the Champions League.

Just don’t want to be sacked in case of failure Подмигивающая рожица  It’s due to my feeling that QPR is not ready to compete for the title. Though last QPR transfers can change my opinion. In short, we’ll see…

Season expectations

PL bets

Media prediction


Players out

Players out

I sold a lot of players trying to ease loading on the wage budget and return to a positive financial balance. By the way, your advices in the comments helped me much because I had been hesitating over several footballers.

Most noticeable sales are:

- Alberto Paloschi (SC)

- Younes Kaboul (DC)

- Andreas Bjelland (DC)

- Korey Smith (MC)

- Alejandro Faurlin (DMC)

- Jordan Spence (DR)

- Cole Skuse (DMC)

It was sad to say ‘goodbye’ to Faurlin, Paloschi, and especially Kaboul.

Faurlin wasn’t really efficient during the last season. After this transfer campaign he became the 4th best DMC in the squad. His salary, age, and wish to play in the first eleven helped me to arrange his transfer to Vitesse.

I bought one excellent wonderkid centre back (mentioned in the next post section) and understood it’s necessary to sell one current DCs. Younes Kaboul is nearly 30 years old with the wage of $59K. I was hesitating between him and Cathcart, decided to to sell the French because Craig Cathcart is only 26 years old.

Alberto Paloschi… Perhaps some of you will be disappointed to see him leaving the Rs. But I felt I should give more chances to younger Carlos Fierro as a backup of my main striker Jay Rodriguez. Moreover, there are young talented regens Kolar and Romero who also need some real football practice. By the way, Paloschi’s wage was high: $63K.

Alberto Palochi who has just left the Rangers

Alberto Paloschi


Players in

Players in

It was somewhat unexpected because I didn’t want to do many signings. One of the most important targets was earning money on players’ sales and saving finances to keep positive balance. But my squad needed strengthening, therefore quite I managed to get 8 new players for the first squad!

Here they are:

1. Sime Vrsalljko (DR, DMC) - $11.75M

Available in the Wonderkids List

Sime Vrsaljko in Football Manager 2012

Signing of Sime will certainly resolve my old problem of right back. He was an ideal candidate and worth spent $11.75M. No doubts!


2. Samir Breinburg (DC) - $7M


Breinburg is that wonderkid whose appearance in the Rangers made me to sell Younes Kaboul. He is already very good and strong lacking only Pace and Acceleration to fit into my Supersonic tactical approach. But look at his age! Breinburg has to become one of the best defenders in the world together with another young talented DC I have - Bernard Holt.



3. Mohamed Diame (DMC, MC) - $3.3M

Mohamed Diame in Football Manager 2012

I have been dreaming to get this tenacious defensive midfielder 2 or 3 seasons. He is nearly perfect to fit in my tactical model. The guy replaced Faurlin at DMC position and is going to compete for it with Garmash. He is much more defensive than the Ukrainian what allows to have some tactical fluency. I’ll be able to use Diame when there’s need in better ball winning.


4. Bruno Santos (GK) - $4M


Backup goalkeeper for Ospina. Young and talented.

Next Hilario


5. Chris Brunt (MC, AML, AMR) - $3M

Chris Brunt in Football Manager 2012

It was a risky solution but I wanted Brunt so much. His strong side is a versatility. Leader of Northern Ireland can play evenly good as a central playmaker, left and right winger. Therefore I am going to use his mastery and experience on different position. More tactical fluency here as well as in the case with Diame.


6. Jordan Henderson (MC, AMR) - Free

Available in the Wonderkids List

Jordan Henderson in Football Manager 2012

Henderson was an over-priced English wonderkid at the beginning of the game. Just think: Price=$25M, Wage=$110K

Now I managed to sign him for free for quite advantageous salary. Jordan will play from a substitution bench, though I understand he may leave the team complaining about the first eleven experience lack.


7. Rachid El Amrani (DR) - $2.4M


What a talent! Rachid El Amrani is 16 years old only but can play as a backup player at DR position. He has very promising future!



8. Corrin Brooks-Meade (GK) - $850K

Corrin Brooks-Meade in Football Manager 2012

Just a third goalie with English nationality who agreed on a backup status in the squad.


Team report before the transfers

Team report before

Team report after the transfers

Team report after transfers




Wage budget

Now it’s much better. The balance of Queens Park Rangers is above zero, and it makes me very joyful.

I am in mood to be very determined during the Champions League matches to get as much money as possible. Though the most important my target for the season is competing with Manchester City for the title. I understand there are Tottenham, Man Utd, and others… but Man City is dominating in my story now.

Wish me a good luck! Улыбка

So how do you like my transfers?


Excited to blog for you,

Vitaliy Mokosiy