Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Football Manager 2013 Patch 13.1.3

Football Manager 2013 Patch 13.1.3

Small but nice Football Manager 2013 patch was published by SI Games yesterday. It's particularly valuable because it contains quite many Match Engine changes.

The patch is automatically applied from Steam. You should restart Football Manager 2013 to ge updated.

Here is also the discussion of match engine improvements at SI Games forums.

Original FM 13.1.3 changelog

  • Refined position of d-line and also the lines infront of it when defending
  • Brought wingers a bit deeper when defending
  • Weaker players more likely to favour direct passes quicker
  • Improved short pass accuracy slightly
  • Tried to increase number of crosses slightly
  • Fine-tuned shot accuracy
Thursday, 8 March 2012

FM 2012 Patch 12.2.0 is out

Football Manager 2012 patch 12.2 is out

Good news as you see! FM 2012 Patch 12.2.0 containing transfer update was released yesterday. So now I am re-posting some information from SI Games here:
I am pleased to announce the release of the Football Manager 2012 January Transfer Update. The update will be rolling out via Steam after 6pm depending on your connectivity. Also included within the update are a number of fixes for the game which are included in a changelist in the post below.

Again as with previous updates, you may already have already noticed Steam updating your game automatically (depending on your Steam settings) and once complete you will be running the latest version of the game.

Bear in mind this update includes the latest database, so will be slightly larger than previous updates. Please be patient while the update downloads and automatically installs itself – it may also be worth waiting a few minutes after the download completes before attempting to launch the game.

Please if you have any feedback in regards to the 12.2.0 update please feel free to post it in this thread –

Below is a brief FAQ answering some of the most commonly asked questions following an update release:

12.2.0 FAQ

Is this update save game compatible? As with all our released updates in the past, this update is totally save game compatible - you will be able to continue any saves started before this update as normal.

Will the new data become available in my old save game?
No, you will have to start a new game for the updated data to appear in your game.

I’m really happy with my current save game, why should I start a new game? You don’t have to; the majority of fixes included in this update will take effect in your current save game. However rule/competition changes and of course the updated data will only be evident if you start a new game.

I was told that an issue would definitely be fixed but the issue does not appear in the change list – what gives? Not every single fix will be included within the changelist – we try to be as thorough as possible but unfortunately due to the complex nature of how the code is changed some items will not be included. This does not mean the issue has been ignored, if we’ve said it’s been looked at and fixed earlier then chances are that is most certainly the case.

How do I update the editor? If you’ve already downloaded it previously it will update automatically, otherwise you need to download it like you would have done previously. Details on how to do so here -

I’ve loaded the new database, but it seems some transfers aren’t in the game? Why were these missed? Unfortunately as with everything eventually time just runs out. Some transfers (say the two players who ‘walked away’ from Rangers or Diarra to Fulham) just happened too late to be included in this update.
Also please remember that short-term and emergency loans are not included in the database. Examples of these are Kuszczak to Watford and Elokobi to Nottingham Forest; they are not included.

Read more about the patch here: FM 2012 Update12.2 is out

Happy to share information with you,
Vitaliy Mokosiy
Monday, 8 March 2010

FM 2010 Patch 10.3

The last patch (numbered 10.3) for Football Manager 2010 was released one week ago -

Usually they say that Football Manager gets the best quality after the last patch. I agree with the opinion, of course. So now it’s happened. Many different bugs were fixed. And today I would like to single out the most noticeable changes done by FM 2010 Patch 10.3. Some of them are commented by me below using bold font.


Match Engine Changes

I am pretty sure that match engine changes are the most important for the game. If Football Manager had no real looking match engine we wouldn’t love this game so much.

So the biggest match engine changes are:

- Fixed keepers having unrealistic reach at point blank range
- Reduced likelihood of lone striker in AI team being used as Trequartista
- Fixed players being delayed unrealistically after someone attempts a step tackle on them - Stupid looking bug. It was damaging football realism in 3D pitch view.
- Increased negative effect of lots of new players at once playing in a team – If I continue to follow my Leeds transfer strategy of the last seasons buying and using many new players, I will have even more problems now.
- Made ball player less likely to dribble when faced with opponent and near own d-line
- Made keepers try to anticipate penalty direction better – Fine new feature!
- Further improved decision making of player when clear on goal – Rarely I had bizarre goals due to this problem.
- Fixed player set to "challenge keeper" at corners actively looking to move away and towards ball instead – Great!
- Sanity check on unrealistically hard kicks e.g. shots from very long distance
- Fixed bug where team doesn’t give ball back to opponents who kicked it out due to an injury – Yes, that is problem that have been happening pretty often.
- Fixed bug where defender can be marking player and then switches off as pass made to that player before resuming marking him
- Improved choice of run with ball direction when on wing according to instruction and/or strongest foot
- Reduced number of risky low benefit passes – Hope the amount of stupid mistakes by defenders will be decreased after this change.
- Fixed bug causing central defenders to cover full back positions prematurely
- Fixed tall players marking opponents outside of own area when defending a corner – It was really strange to see Hangeland (the best in air in my Leeds) marking tall player outside of own area.
- Reduced instances of bizarre "Mr Fifty Pence-Head" headers in own area
- Got AI to use "Hassle Opponents" shout when they want to stop defensive minded opposition knocking ball around the back – It should increase game difficulty.
- Implemented better zonal marking at corners and free kicks near corner to try to reduce exploits
- Fine tuned ratings by position
- Fixed corner exploit that utilised two players lurking outside area – I didn’t know about that hack.



- When managing both a nation and a club the shortlist shortcut will now take you to the personal shortlist and not the national pool.
- Fixed bug that allowed user to alter buy back fee on a non-negotiable offer – Definitely the bug.


Crash Fix

- Fixed crash when clicking on the backroom advice button.



- Adjusted newgen attribute creation and development
- Adjusted attribute progression
- Improved international squad selections.



- Fixed instances of two goals being reported as a hat-trick in match report - Happy
- Player no longer gets upset about missing an important game if they are ineligible to play in that competition.


Backroom Advice

- Staff no long recommend players/staff signings that they would not have knowledge of.
- Increased the amount of scouting suggestions advice – Nice change.
- Stopped staff repeatedly recommending the same staff additions in each meeting – Yes! I got tired a bit of the same staff advices.



- Tightened up decision making on foreign transfers for clubs that have to abide by foreign player restrictions.
- Removed Basque transfer restrictions for all Basque clubs except for Bilbao and its sub teams – Poor Athletic Bilbao. They are along now in their idea Winking
- Added a 'Monitoring' section to the players profile to help distinguish what clubs are seriously interested in a player or just have a passing interest.

P.S. Next post will be regarding Leeds United story.

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

FM09 “Coaches and Stars” formula in 9.3.0 patch

Some of you asked me about new calculation formula of stars for coaches. Here are some arithmetical rules below.

At first lets predefine what ddm will mean:  ddm = determination + discipline + motivating


Strength and Aerobic

Calculated as:

Fitness * 9 + ddm * 2

Values –> Stars Star:

>= 270 -> 7

>= 240 -> 6

>= 210 -> 5


Calculates as:

Goalkeepers * 2 + ddm

Values –> Stars Star:

>=90 -> 7

>=80 -> 6

>=70 -> 5


Calculates as:

Tactics * 2 + ddm

Values –> Stars Star:

>=90 -> 7

>=80 -> 6

>=70 -> 5

Ball control

Calculates as:

Technics * 6 + Mentality * 3 + ddm * 2

Values –> Stars Star:

>=270 -> 7

>=240 -> 6

>=210 -> 5

Defence Coaching

Calculates as:

Defence Coaching * 8 + (Tactics + ddm) * 3

Values –> Stars Star:

>=360 -> 7

>=320 -> 6

>=280 -> 5

Attack Coaching

Calculates as:

Attack Coaching * 6 + Tactics * 3 + ddm * 2

Values –> Stars Star:

>=270 -> 7

>=240 -> 6

>=210 -> 5


Calculates as:

Technics * 6 + Attack Coaching * 3 + ddm * 2

Values –> Stars Star:

>=270 -> 7

>=240 -> 6

>=210 -> 5

Set Pieces

Calculates as:

(Attack Coaching + Mentality + Technics) * 3 + ddm * 2

Values –> Stars Star:

>=270 -> 7

>=240 -> 6

>=210 -> 5

Hope this information will be useful for you, my dear readers! Smile

Monday, 2 March 2009

Football Manager 2009 Patch 9.3.0

Few days before the world saw the new and, as they say, the last patch for Football Manager 2009 Party. I have already installed it, of course:

Football Manager 2009 patch 9.3.0 on my laptop

The 9.3.0 patch contains all of before going updates from the previous two patches, so one can continue playing a current game without any problem. Though if one wants  use of the update of database in the 9.3.0 patch he needs to start a new game. The entire changelist for this patch is described here. But I have just singled out the most important and interesting features:

- Changed stars of coaches (now only world-class coaches have 6-7 stars!). New formula for calculation of stars. Thumbs-up

- Many bugs fixed (a lot of match engine fixes included!).

- Database is updated to the latest change in the real football world.

- Game performance became faster in 1.5-2 times.

- 3D view of match looks better.

- New small but useful link in before/during/after match team talks that allows to clear all selections of talk variants.


Play Football Manager 2009 with new 9.3.0 patch!

Friday, 14 November 2008

Football Manager 2009 Patch (9.1.0) Download

Here is the description so awaited patch fixing those numerous bugs encountered in FM2009 demo - Football Manager 2009 v9.1.0 change list.

Patch can be download from here: Download Football Manager 2009 Patch

Football Manager 2009 Patch Download

I made the analysis of the changes and singled out the most important ones:


- Fixed Intel 900 series not being able to run in 3D (including the Intel 950 GMA chipset)

- Handling cases of Intel drivers incorrectly reporting the vertex shader model.

- Improved compatibility for detecting graphics cards with pixel shaders but below the minimum specifications that could cause the game not to launch.

- Improved compatibility with splash screen movies on below minimum specification hardware that could cause the game not to launch.



- Reduced player condition drop in the off-season

- Fixed bug where user would sometimes not be able to team talks to be controlled by assistant manager



- When viewing the draw for the Euro Cup group phase, the groups are now shown correctly

- Characters no longer sometimes print twice after a key press in full screen mode Thumbs-up

- Fixed a bug where sometimes when changing captain in a match the wrong player would be shown as captain on the player ratings panel


Match Viewer

- Animations (e.g. kicks, saves, headers, tackles) now synchronised better with actual ball contact

- Match time slider can now be used to view the whole match and not just highlights

- Fixed user not being able to go to tactics screen at half time in extra time in TV view

- Tactics buttons in TV View go to team talk at full time


Manager/Player Interaction

- Fixed problem if a player outright rejects learning a new PPM, you then have to wait a long time before you can request that they learn a new PPM


Press Conferences

- Questions about who will win the title come up less frequently

- Questions about who will win the title not asked when destination of title has already been decided

- Fixed bug where the PR reactions weren't showing after your assistant takes a press conference

- Fixed defender being chosen as possible threat in a question


Match Engine

- Improved short free kicks taken at 30 yards out or more

- Created some limited ball and player movement When players stand and hold ball up waiting for options

- Reduced ratio of serious injuries compared to light ones in match Thumbs-up

- Fixed bug where player chasing ball can suddenly move at superhuman speed

- Fixed AI managers illogical use of 424 when no need

- Less shots from free kicks in wide areas

- Fixed bug where player sometimes stands close to but never picks up a motionless ball

- Fixed bug where player can get near zero match rating for no obvious reason

Thursday, 24 January 2008

Analysis of Football Manager 2008 Patch 8.0.1

I have been playing almost all the first season in Football Manager 2008 without installed patch 8.0.1. I just wanted to feel enough the initial version of FM 2008, see some bugs and then compare my feelings with changelist in the patch. So I installed Patch 8.0.1 and figured out such most important fixes and enhancements from it:

· Team-mates will no longer dislike each other for seemingly no reason.
· Reduced incidents of players having "Worried by lack of discipline" unhappiness.

· Fixed crash if user retires whilst on the Jobs screen.
· Fixed possible crash when user accepted job offers from other teams.

User Interface
· Fixed bug where coming out of tactics sometimes wasn't returning the user back to full match highlight mode properly.

· Boosted the squad status expectations and wage requests of players involved in big money transfers.

· Increased the threshold before chairman will accept bids over the head of the manager in charge.

· Champions Cup group stage draw can now be viewed.

Match Engine (the most important changes at all!!!)
· Fixed bug where the match was treating the JTP North/South finals as the main final itself.
· When an injured player is also sent off, the game won't force the human manager to replace him.
· Re-worked marking and closing down to address conflict between the two
· defenders should now close down better when appropriate.
· Further improved team reactions to cleared set pieces.
· AI teams a little more reactive to opposition pace when setting D-line.
· Players now look to run into space with ball better.
· Allowed players to take more first time shots when appropriate eg rebounds.
· Defenders put tackles/clearances in more appropriately.
· Reduced keeper effectiveness on close in shots slightly.
· Improved player ability to deflect shots/crosses.
· Improved finishing for "bread and butter" chances.
· Improved accuracy of "bread and butter" passes.
· Improved player perception of potential interceptions on pass.
· Made "tackle clearances" more realistic in terms of distance and direction.
· Fixed central defenders sometimes using closing down rather than marking against pace.
· Made defenders clear ball when under pressure in own area and ball bouncing at awkward height.
· Further tweak to closing down logic, to make it slightly more accurate vs slider descriptions.
· More shots when in obvious good positions.
· Stopped first time shots coming in from ridiculous positions.
· Made players come shorter at throws when thrower struggling for options.
· Fixed bug where assistant team talk suggestions may be illogical after a win.
· Tweaked average ratings for attacking wide men.
· Improved likelyhood of attackers "lunging" in to ball running across face of goal
· Improved positioning of players coming to offer options to throw in taker
· Improved penalty scoring rate
· Fixed rare crash when player heads ball at goal
· First set of optimisations to reduce recent slowdown
· Optimised match engine code to improve speed by around 20%
· Improved closing down AI yet again, now more aggressive but less unneccesary "doubling up"
· Pushed D-line up a tiny bit to reduce defensive teams ability to pass ball around and dominate possession
· Fixed obscure crash