Sunday, 9 September 2012

My reflections about FM 2013 announcement

Hello my dear readers!

I have returned from my 2-week vacation this morning (see my photos on Facebook about that). Knowing that Football Manager 2013 was announced by Miles, I have decided to forget about having a rest today, sink into the latest news and tell you my independent opinion about them.

The Announcement

FM13_PC_2DPACK_UK_RGBIn total, I can say I am pleased with FM 2013 announcement. As usually Miles Jacobson didn’t expose all his cards telling us some serious but marketing features like new modes or enhanced network gameplay via Steam. Personally, I am not really interested in these ones.

At the same time it seems for me his most intriguing words were regarding “the most dramatic change of match engine since FM 09” which is the most important part in any Football Manager. Can’t wait to learn more about its changes in FM 13. Hope also that squad management AI had been improved as well as the other 900+ new features and improvements that were announced by Miles. He promised that 28 videos about Football Manager 2013 will be represented eventually.

Career, Classic, Challenge modes

I has just written I am not interested in the new modes. Why? Just because I will use Career mode anyway. But of course I understand many people can and will be excited by Classic and Challenge modes.

Classic mode will come in handy to those who:

- Like to concentrate on tactics, matches, squad management;

- Have nostalgia about good old Championship Managers;

- Simply have no enough time to play in Career mode.

Challenge mode is good for gamers who:

- Quickly get bored by managing the same team over years;

- Want some brand new experience with FM series.

As far as my FM 2013 plans are concerned, I promise you to start a new story using Career mode.



It’s great that SI Games published pack of the first Football Manager 2013 screenshots. Please read my thoughts about the most interesting of them here:

FM 2013 Screenshots


FM 2013 Video & Podcast

By the way, if you have missed the first video and podcast about FM 2013, it’s time to watch/listen them now.

Listen/Download the podcast from this page: The Football Manager podcast is back.


FM 2013 Release Date

New FM version, some first news… As a result we all start getting tempted and can’t wait till the new game release. So release date is always an interesting question for us. Recently Miles Jacobson has announced it quite blurred using “before Christmas” deadline. At the moment there were no any other official FM 2013 news.

But I can share my personal thoughts about the release date basing on previous 10 years. Surely, FM 2013 release won’t happen in December. On my mind it should be much earlier. My prediction is the end of October/start of November. We’ll see how much my forecast is exact.


Excited to continue blogging for you,

Vitaliy Mokosiy

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Euro 2012 final mood


Today, many people who love football, will have mixed feelings. The Euro 2012 final will start at the NSC "Olympiyskiy" in Kyiv. It's a great big party for my city, you know! But at the same time I realize that this is the last match of the championship ... Holiday of nearly a month is coming to an end. It is unlikely in Ukraine would ever have European Championship or the World Cup later... Of course it brings me to light sadness.

Where have finalists been living in Kyiv

I would like to say a few words about what hotels have been selected for their residence. The Spaniards settled in one of the most luxurious hotels in Kiev, entitled "Opera", which is located in the city centre. By the way, a funny thing happened to me when I went home on Friday from his job in 3 minutes from this hotel. Euro 2012 bus with Iniest, Xavi, Fabregas and others pass by in 10 metres from me :)

Italy squad stopped at an unknown to me before that the hotel "Diarso." Their hotel is located at the border of Kyiv. Perhaps they apparently wanted to hide away from their fans :)

If we compare the prices of the cheapest hotel rooms of two hotels, it turns out that Spaniards living costs should be significantly more expensive.

  • Opera - 400$ for one standard room
  • Diarso - 130$ for one standard room

So their it is.

And now look at a small photo report made ​​yesterday exactly when the teams arrived at the stadium for the open trainings.


My real photos in one day before the Final


Row of flags in front of the stadium

Row of flags in front of the stadium


“Olimpiyskiy” stadium before the Final

“Olimpiyskiy” stadium before the Final


Helicopter in the sky over the stadium

Helicopter in the sky over the stadium


Spanish flag

Spanish flag


Italian flag

Italian flag


Great Euro 2012 design

Great Euro 2012 design


One of the western stadium entrances

One of Western stadium entrances


Stadium is ready for the Euro 2012 Final!

Stadium is ready for the Euro 2012 Final!


Well, it’s me. Nearby the stadium :)

Well, it’s me. Nearby the stadium :)


So, now the football evening. I plan to watch the final with a friend in one of Kiev restaurants. I hope that you will not miss this wonderful show!

Interestingly, if Spain win, it will set a world record: no team has won in three championships in a row (if we take the European Championship and World Cup together)!

I can’t predict a winner, they have equal chances. But what’s your forecast I wonder? :)


Excited to blog for you,

Vitaliy Mokosiy

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

When FM 2012 will be announced

More and more people start asking regarding the first news and announcements about FM 2012. I would like to cite Miles Jacobson’s tweet regarding all questions about Football Manager 2012:

“our announcements are normally end of August/early September, so it's too early to be asking when announcements are going to be. If they aren't out by mid September, that's the time to ask.”

Miles Jacobson

You can follow Miles on Twitter - he is pretty active there.

Follow True Football Manager to read all FM 2012 news

Don’t forget also to read my blog often to get the future news about FM 2012 in timeУлыбка  You can follow my blog using one of the convenient ways:


- Twitter

- Email

Monday, 20 December 2010

FM Crowd Reloaded

Welcome to FM Crowd

Dear readers, I am really happy to announce that FM Crowd is back now! You can start or continue blogging now. All details about this Football Manager 2011 blogging community can be found here:

Welcome to FM Crowd!

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Welcome to FM Crowd!

FM Crowd start

Today is the special day for me! I’m truly happy to announce the start of my new site – Football Manager Crowd.


You know I am a big fan of Football Manager. I enjoy playing it and want to see a progressive Football Manager community. Actually, therefore FM Crowd website was created. Many guys try to start their own story blogs like my True Football Manager. Some of them succeed to create and start posting, but the blogs became too separated in the Web with low amount of visitors…

FM Crowd will group the best Football Manager blogs and their authors together. We will be able to write to the blogs, share our thoughts, hold a hand on pulse of our friendly community, and have many blog readers.


Who can become a FM Crowd blogger?

Everyone. Though you should hurry up, because free FM Crowd blog registration is opened until 01, January, 2011. After that the registration will be available only by invitations.


Advantages you may like

- You get a lifetime free account and a subdomain. Take a look at the as an example:

Free domain name in a browser


- You can use one of the 50+ best free Wordpress themes for your blog

Blog themes at FM Crowd


- Automatic participation in the Top Blogs ranking brings you more visitors if you get to the TOP 10:

Top Blogs ranking at FM Crowd


- Blog of the Day Award for being the most active blogger of the day. Even more visitors will come to your blog.

Blog of the Day Award at FM Crowd


- Your blog posts always appear on FM Crowd home page! Every FM Crowd reader or blogger will be able to see it.


- Finally, you will get many readers by being an active writer. I will take care of all advertisement efforts for


- Me and you. We will be blogging together with the new True Football Manager blog. By the way, it’s an additional blog to this one. It is updated more often with short posts containing fresh screenshots and videos from my game in Football Manager.


I spent several months creating this project. Hope you’ll it! Улыбка

If you have any questions, write them in the comments to this post. I’m always opened for you, dear readers.

Vitaliy Mokosiy, the author of and

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

My impressions about FM 2011 demo

Hello dear readers! Today I would like to share my impressions about demo version of Football Manager 2011. And the analysis will start with negative things.

What I don’t like about FM 2011 demo

The worst thing is light skin. It strikes eyes and makes impossible playing FM 2011 for long time. Fortunately Miles Jacobson has already announced that dark skin will be delivered within the first patch this or next week.

There are also several annoying small bugs in the interface, problem with high fees from agents and match engine bugs. I wouldn’t discuss them in detail now because it’s very tempting to praise Football Manager 2011 at last Улыбка


Things I liked or even loved

First of all I want to thank many times for optimization of 3D view match mode. My weak graphics card performs as I have never expected. Less amount of lugs, better quality of picture and ability to watch match in full screen mode… I haven’t even been dreaming of that!



Extended training system is really interesting. Sure it’s complicated to investigate it completely playing demo, so I’ll wait till the release and start of my Depor story.

Training schedules were changed. They divided goalkeeper schedule into two parts: Shot Stopping and Handling. Set Pieces was removed instead:

New training schedules in FM 2011

Great looking Match Preparation screen promises a lot of fun. Theoretically you can train your team to use 3 different tactics without adaptation problems eventually. It can give a real tactical flexibility:

Match Prepartion in Football Manager 2010

The most noticeable change in daily trainings is Individual Training Focus that can be specified for each player:

Individual Training Focus in FM 2011

I like also Fitness report and particularly Days Injured field allowing to control injury resistance of a player more conveniently:

Fitness Report in Football Manager 2011

And sure, Workload screen part is also looks useful and nice:

Workload in Football Manager 2011

I think I will spend a lot of time with trainings in FM 2011 because they look more entertaining than in Football Manager 2010.


Players Selection

Small but nice features are added for better selection of players. Now upper position bar shows central players with L or R suffix. It’s pretty usability thing as for me that doesn’t makes me think additionally whether I setting up right central defender or left one:

Players Selection bar in FM 11

Moreover I would like to thank SI Games developers for new positions enumeration just right after player name. It’s really comfortable when you understand that first going player’s position is a native one. It will save time allowing to forget about visiting often Position screen of a player.


Set Pieces creator

Well it’s quite good and should ease process of set pieces tuning. Though I have some kind of strange feeling that they could make it better. Don’t know how to explain this feeling at the current moment.

Set Pieces creator in FM 2011



Interaction with anybody (players, managers, journalists, etc.) is cool one. My first impression is that it’s a small game in the large one. Though it demands time to be analysed in details.

Player interaction in Football Manager 2011



It’s very realistic new feature that makes the game better football life simulator. But SI Games has to fix problem with high fees demanded by some agents during contract negotiations.

Agents in Football Manager 2011


In the end special thanks from me for social features allowing to automate connection with Youtube and Twitter. I will use them for my Depor story – so be prepared Улыбка


Finally I would like to boast a bit: my blog is the first in the Gold Affiliates list of Sports Interactive Улыбка

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Football Manager 2011 Patches

Football Manager 2011 patches

Patch 11.3.0, 11.2.1, 11.1.1, and 11.1.0 were released

People who purchase and download their copy of the game through STEAM OR activate their boxed copy through STEAM need not worry as their patch is activated automatically.

If you have purchased the game in Russia, please DO NOT try and download these patches. We are currently finalising a specific patch for Russian users and this will be made available imminently.

Download link

11.3.0 final patch

11.2.1 fixes and improvements

11.1.1 fixes and improvements

11.1.0 fixes and improvements

Football Manager 2011 patching strategy

First of all I’d like to notice that information about patching strategy is already uncovered. It is really great because we can be sure we will not be leaved alone with Football Manager 2011 bugsУлыбка 

So the following facts about FM 11 patches are known at the moment:

- Patch #1 will come out on the day of release. It will include dark skin, last changes for Liverpool owners and some Steam extras.

- Patch #2 will be released in December. It will contain a lot of bug fixes due to our reports.

- Patch #3 is planned to be produced in February/March. The main idea behind this patch is players database updated after winter transfers.

As for me it’s pretty efficient patching strategy. Especially I am happy to know that very soon we will receive dark skin for FM 11. Because the default light one strikes my eyes, I certainly don’t like it.

Monday, 18 October 2010

Football Manager 2011 Demo Download

Football Manager 2011 Demo 

Are you ready for Football Manager 2011 Demo? Happy


Download Football Manager 2011 Demo

- Dowload from
- Download from Steam


FM 2011 Demo information

According to this official information everybody will be able to download FM 2011 demo this Friday or even Thursday (day earlier option for MirrorFootball site readers)! The demo will allow to play half of season in the championships of any following countries:

- England

- Scotland

- Italy

- France

- Spain

- Portugal

- Norway

- Sweden

- Denmark 

- Brazil

- Argentina

- Chile

It means each of you will be able to play 12 half seasons in different countries if it’s interesting for you. Anticipating your questions I should admit that I don’t possess an information about ability to continue a demo game in FM 11 release. Though I’m sure at 90% approximately that this feature will be supported as usually.

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Football Manager 2011 release date

Football Manager 2011 release date

Yesterday Miles Jacobson made a loud announcement about Football Manager 2011 release date:

Link to official release date announcement

So Football Manager 2011 together with FM Handheld 2011 will be released on the 5th of November in UK. Other countries may get the game in slight time delay. News about other countries will be uncovered later. As far as Football Manager 2011 demo is concerned, Jacobson informed that normally demo comes out in 2 weeks before the official FM release.

And now we can only enjoy the fact that it’s only 1.5 month left till the new version of our favourite game:

FM 2011 release date – Novermber, 5th

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Football Manager 2011 first news

Hello my dear readers!

Finally I am back from my August vacations and has already continued managing Leeds with a great pleasure. So be prepared for Leeds story post quite soon. When I had switched on my notebook just right after coming back home the most tempting thing for me was reading the first news regarding Football Manager 2011. And there are some actually… Let’s start to analyze them.

First of all I hope many of you have already seen the official Football Manager 2011 announcement by Miles Jacobson (SI Games director):

It’s really interesting and worth watching. By the way a textual version of first FM 2011 news and comments of fan community can be read here:

Now let’s make a short review of announced features.

Dynamic league reputation

Dynamic league reputation in Football Manager 2011

It’s very awaited feature by many fans for a long period. It allows changing reputation of a league by any team due to successful or unsuccessful performance on a continental level. If league gets higher reputation it provides an opportunity for its clubs to attract better and better players. It’s really great if you like to manage Belgian, Irish, Ukrainian (for example) clubs and want to have a chance to buy world-class players. And it should realistic feature actually.


Changes in training system

Every player gets an individual training focus in 14 areas you will be able to choose.

Individual training focus in FM 2011

Moreover, SI Games added a match preparation stage where you can train you team in specific tactics and workload before a concrete game.

Match preperation area in Football Manager 2011


Better board, players and media interaction

Interaction in Football Manager 2011

Well, the screenshot above is pretty interesting. We will be able to ask board to build or buy new stadium in Football Manager 2011. Miles Jacobson says also that there will be other new interactions options with board and bunch of new private conversations with players.


News and inbox

News in Football Manager 2011

Dividing news and inbox into 2 different areas in previous version of Football Manager was a mistake. It’s confessed by Miles. I almost don’t read news – only inbox. So as far as I understood, another approach will work in FM 2011:

- inbox and news are grouped together again

- news subscription is improved much allowing to tune your news fluently


Football agents and new contract options

Football Manager become more and more realistic adding agents to the game. Yes, football agents represent players in the real life. Therefore it’s really nice to see this new feature in the game.

Football agents in FM 2011 

Additionally Miles promised some new contract options being available during negotiations.  Among them new clauses that you can see on the screenshot below:

Football Manager 2011: Seasonal Landmark Goal Bonus


Match engine

Match engine in Football Manager 2011

Match engine is probably the most important part of Football Manager. New features for 3D pitch view are:

- night matches

- more goal celebrations

- floodlights

- more than 100 new animations for players

Hope they will fix “magnetic hands” bug for goalkeepers in FM 2010 too.


Release date

Miles Jacobson promised to make the release before Christmas – but it’s too blurry estimation for us. Let’s just wait. There is also unofficial date – late October. It’s hard to believe this kind of rumours so it’s necessary to wait for an official information.

My opinion: Because of low news amount it seems like we will have Football Manager 2011 later than in previous year.

Saturday, 12 June 2010

World Cup 2010 start

World Cup 2010 start

Dear readers, I just want to congratulate you with the start of the greatest football tournament between national teams - World Cup 2010! It’s a real holiday for all football fans. And I am truly excited about World Cup 2010 and hope it will be great and unforgettable championship.

Previous World Cups in my life

“What did they mean to me?” – I ask myself.

I remember I became an active World Cup watcher since 1994. Since that wonderful time when I was only 12 years old. The best national teams with the best players compete for one of the greatest football prizes having less than month till the tournament’s end. It’s always cool to see clashes of different football styles.

I’ll try to recollect the most impressive (for me) moments of World Cups I watches earlier:


Brazilian national team and its attacking pair Romario and Bebeto.


Unbelievable performance by Chilavert (legend goalkeeper of Paraguay), red card by Beckham, final between France and Brazil (I was supporting France).


Strange playoff games by South Korea, early match time when I had to turn on TV in the morning for live watching of the matches, amazing Ronaldo, beautiful goals of Dennis Bergcamp and Ronaldinho.


First of all, Ukraine’s debut at World Cup championships and getting to the quarterfinal! Excellent performance by Fabio Canavarro, last Zidane’s match in the final with his head kick and red card.


What I am planning to do during World Cup 2010

Well, it will take much time to watch all World Cup matches.Though in my case it’s absolutely impossible to watch them all. But anyway I have intentions to follow this plan:

- watch all matches starting at 21:30.

- watch all matches on Saturdays, Sundays.

- watch second-halfs of games starting at 17:00 every working day.

- visit the most popular Kiev sport/beer bars together with my friends.

The last point is really interesting for me because normally I prefer to stay at home, sit in comfortable armchair and drink favourite beer watch a game. But now it’s time to experiment. There are many interesting places in Kiev where I could watch World Cup matches on a big TV screen with a good company. At least I hope so.

My favourite for this year tournament – Spain. Just because I like and support attacking football.

And what do you think of World Cup 2010? What are you hopes?


PS. I would like to congratulate the best forward (as for me) in Football Manager 2010 – Andre-Pierre Gignac – with nice yesterday’s debut match in World Cup final stage. It would be great if he score so often as he does for my Leeds in FM 2010!

Friday, 30 October 2009

Buy FM 2010 and download 10.1 patch for it!

I congratulate all of you, dear readers! Football Manager 2010 is available now. I have ordered it on Amazon and should wait some time till delivery.

You can follow my example if you want:


Buying Football Manager 2010 Digital Download

Another totally different option is buying FM 2010 digital download through Steam, IGN D2D, GamersGate or It will cost you more money but you will receive FM 2010 almost instantly.


FM 2010 Patch 10.1

Football Manager 2010 Patch 10.1 is announced and can be downloaded from here. In my opinion the most important changes in the patch are:

- Fixed player listed as 'Unh' no longer will have no evidence that they are unhappy on their personal section.

- Adjusted quality of newgens produced in both active and inactive leagues.

- Fixed crash when going to squad screen after retiring

- Fixed bug where Match Preview screen was missing team and competition links.

- Extra-time and penalty wins now indicated on team fixture panel

- Fixed players on very high wages requesting a lot less when renewing contract.

- Prevented board from stepping in and accepting bids just over the basic value of the player on behalf of a manager when player was transfer listed.

- Prevented big clubs from actively looking to replace their terrible third choice goalkeepers

- Fixed bug where playmaker and target man roles were not being setup correctly in the match.

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Fooball Manager 2010 Demo Download

Download Football Manager 2010 demo

Football Manager 2010 Demo is available for downloading now! As usually there are two versions of FM 2010 demo: vanilla and strawberry.


It can be downloaded from here: FM 2010 download page


Description of FM 2010 Demo Vanilla

Quickstarts: England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales

Languages: English only

Stripped assets: including no player pictures, club logs, competition logos, sounds, etc


It can be downloaded from the following sources:

Worthplaying site

Rapidshare site

Torrent - PC

Torrent - Mac


FilePlay - PC

FilePlay - Mac

Description of FM 2010 Demo Strawberry

Quickstarts: Brazil, Denmark, England, France, Italy, Northern Ireland, Norway, Portugal, Scotland, Spain, Sweden, Turkey and Wales

Languages: Danish, Dutch, English, French, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish

Full assets: including player pictures, club logos, competition logos, etc for where we have the license. Full pitch textures, stadiums and sounds.


Have fun with Football Manager 2010 demo!

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Football Manager 2010 System Requirements

I am glad to share the news that yesterday Miles Jacobson announced Football Manager 2010 system requirements. The great thing is that the requirements remain the same as for Football Manager 2009 (drum roll!):



Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7


1.4GHZ+ for XP


2.0GHZ+ for Vista / Windows 7 


512MB Ram for XP


1GB Ram for Vista / Windows 7

Video Card 

128MB of memory.

NVidia FX 5900 Ultra or better; ATI Radeon 9800 or better; Intel 82915G/82910GL or better.

If you have older card then only 2D Match will be available for you.


Intel Processor

OS X 10.5

NVidia Geforce 7300 GT / ATI X1600 Radeon

Important remark

If your computer does not meet FM 2010 system requirements the game may work anyway. But you will not receive support from SI Games and SEGA. You should just try FM2010 demo coming out this week.

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Football Manager 2010 Demo Date

Football Manager 2010 Demo

According to this source Football Manager 2010 demo will be available on the 16th of October! It’s very very soon!

Meantime I will be trying to finish my last season with Hull in Football Manager 2009. I have already played the first half. And there is going to be a report about the first half of season #7 in 2-3 days.


PS Don’t forget to vote for my future team in Football Manager 2010! The poll is located at the right panel of the blog.

Sunday, 4 October 2009

Football Manager 2010 Voting!

Hello, my dear readers! Today I would like to start so awaited voting! Since this day till October, 30 (the date of FM2010 release) you will be able to choose a club that I will be managing in Football Manager 2010!

I selected nine English clubs for the voting. They are divided into 3 groups by league of each club. So you will choose a league for me start from as well as club.


Premier League teams

Birmingham City




Championship teams

Newcastle United

Nottingham Forest

Queens Park Rangers


League One

Leeds United




The poll that will determine my future team in Football Manager 2010 is located at the right column of this blog. Only votes through that poll are accepted.

So do you want me get Leeds United or Nottingham Forest back to Premier League? Or it’s better if I try to survive with Burnley in the first Premier League year? Choose and vote!

I am looking forward to know my first FM 2010 club!

Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Football Manager 2010 New Features

Football Manager 2010 features

Let’s talk about new Football Manager 2010 features. There are really a lot of them. Every new FM10 features announcement makes my heart to beat harder! :-)


Press conferences

In Football Manager 2009, it's possible to ask an assistant to visit press conferences instead of you. However, there was no way to know whether your assistant would be any good at them, so there's a media handling style for your staff. It will specify how a staff member will deal with press conferences.


Declaring job interest

You will be noticed by supporters and the board if you declare your interest in a job, and then visit a match of the club you are interested in. Such your behaviour will add some media focus as well as in real life.



Stadiums can have both terracing and seating. Now terracing will be shut or replaced with temporary seats for matches like an international fixture or European cups.


Supporters will comment!

Your team’s supporters will comment on a team selection you did telling their impressions about some players and aspects after match. The players who don’t play in the first squad will be also discussed by your supporters and you will be able to read all those discussions.


Monthly board updated

Monthly board update includes:

- financial aspects with profit and loss for the month

- club, and a regular physio summary too, telling you about who in the squad in injured or coming back from injury


New type of press conferences

Press conference for new signings. Journalists will talk about possible impact of new signing on your club, your squad, pressure on the player due to transfer fees, financial pressure due to the signing.


Free transfer player list

At the end of each football season, Football Manager 2010 will inform you about the high profile players who have been released. There will be a simple link to a list of all of them that you can checkout and analyze. Convenient feature, I think!


Equal values – one award

Sometimes it happens when 2 players have the same amount of scored goal in the season’s end. FM 2010 will explain you why one of these player got Best Scorer award. It doesn’t happen using alphabetic order by the way!


Controlling amount of news

Dear readers, I suspect you are different in the following thing: some of you like to receive a lot of news about different leagues and football events, another part of you is interested in news about your club only. SI Games presents excellent feature for all of us – we will be able to manage amount of news we want to receive in Football Manager 2010! There will be very flexible system to do that.