Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Football Manager 2015

The first super-interesting video about FM 2015. You must watch it!

Excited to blog for you,

Vitaliy Mokosiy

Friday, 6 December 2013

Interview with me :)

Dear readers,

I hope you will find something interesting in this interview taken by Anmol Sharma. It was a part of his college assignment but anyway there is some nice information about me for many of you.


Saturday, 2 November 2013

FM 2014 Feedbacks

Hi guys,

I’ve been reading the official feedback thread at SI Games forums and decided why not to share it. There’re pretty many banal comments from inexperienced gamers, I filtered them out and actually selected the most informative ones.

So let’s take a look at FM 2014 feedbacks beginning from 31.10, release day. Perhaps you will find some helpful information there. Here you go.


Monday, 28 October 2013

FM 2014 Demo released! Download now!

FM 2014 Demo

Dear friends,

Those of you who had no chance to try Beta version of the Game due to pre-order scheme should definitely download Football Manager 2014 demo. As usually it allows to play half of season with a right to continue save in the full game. Follow these steps to get FM 2014 demo:

  1. Log on to your Steam account.
  2. Type Football Manager 2014 Demo in Steam’s search bar.
  3. Click Download Demo button at the right side.

Don’t forget to write your feedback about FM 2014 in the comments below :-)

Excited to blog for you,

Vitaliy Mokosiy

Friday, 20 September 2013

FM 14 and preliminary to my future story in it

Hi everybody,

With yesterday’s official TV advert for Football Manager 2014 I started thinking about my future story. By the way, it’s a nice one if you haven’t seen yet:

Friday, 13 September 2013

FM 2014 Release Date

Hurray dear friends!

It’s officially stated that Football Manager 2014 will be released at Thursday October 31st at 00.01am GMT.

Find these and other news like Steam Cloud, Steam Workshop, ability to upload highlights with different cameras, etc in the fresh video with Miles Jacobson:

I am really excited with FM 2014!

Vitaliy Mokosiy

Saturday, 31 August 2013

News screen in Football Manager 2014

Hi guys,

Yesterday’s video blog by Miles Jacobson confirmed significant improvements of news section in FM 2014. The video is very interesting and you shouldn’t miss it.

What I like here:

  • Internal UI controls in news text which certainly improve user experience. Just amazing!
  • Coloured vertical lines that show different types of news

What I dislike:

  • It seems light FM 2014 skin has too bright background. It’s toooo white and strikes my eyes.

Excited to blog for you,

Vitaliy Mokosiy

      Saturday, 24 August 2013

      Football Manager 2014 User Interface Video

      Hello my dear blog readers,

      Yesterday Miles Jacobson fed up us with new FM 2014 video where he described user interface changes. In total it looks completely evolutional development. Nice and convenient changes that improve user experiences and give us something new. I’ve written some comments below after watching the video…

      Features I liked

      Season preview screen. It includes season odds, transfer activity and different players awards. Not a large addition but it looks nice.

      Game continuation screen. Miles promised you can see more information and actually more relevant to you and your club information.

      Player profile. The screen I use very often. That’s why new individual training widget seems useful because it allows to see player’s progress in a moment without going to the trainings tab.

      New Analysis tab for player. It’s now easy to analyse player’s performance in every match.

      Shortlist options. There’re some new settings allowing to control for how long players should be added to shortlist. Very helpful for me.

      Option “Prevent teams which already have managers from being controlled” for those who to start a game in the most realistic way.

      Some other small features I also liked:

      • Manager moves screen in Transfers section. It’s an overview of head coaches who changed their teams.
      • Media prediction view for League table.
      • Calendar bar with more interaction. Ability to arrange friendly game for instance.
      • World map in the scouting area.
      • Better colouring for selection of starting eleven.

      Watch FM 2014 user interface video

      Excited to blog for you,

      Vitaliy Mokosiy

      Wednesday, 14 August 2013

      Football Manager 2014 announcement

      Football Manager 2014 announcement

      Several hours ago SI Games made an amusing announcement of Football Manager 2014, the game which is anticipated by huge fanbase. I, as the author of the most popular Football Manager blog in the world, can’t miss the news and ready to share my reflections about announced FM 2014 features and published screenshots.

      So it’s time to move on from abstract FM 14 idea sharing to real implemented features.

      Sunday, 26 May 2013

      Early snippet of FM 2014 news + Best site poll results

      Hello my dear readers,

      Hope you all enjoyed yesterday’s Champions League final. Jupp Heynckes did achieve something really unique winning the trophies this season. It’s interesting if he joins any other club in summer as head coach.

      Today I want to share the unexpected piece of information about Football Manager 2014. Miles Jacobson, SI Games studio director was very kind to share some interesting FM14 news in Facebook.


      Friday, 26 October 2012

      Football Manager 2013 Demo

      Football Manager 2013 Demo has become available at Steam. The demo version allows to play half of season using quick starts with three different leagues. Two FM modes available: Classic and Career.

      FM 2013 demo is mostly aimed at people who has never played Football Manager at all. Though there are guys hesitating whether they should buy FM 2013 or not. So just download and install FM 2013 demo to resolve the issue.

      FM 2013 Demo Download

      Here are official installation steps of Football Manager 2013 demo:

      Football Manager 2013 Demo

      For more information visit a special post at SI Games forums.

      Have a nice experience with FM 2013 demo!


      Excited to blog for you,

      Vitaliy Mokosiy

      Wednesday, 10 October 2012

      Impressed by GUI improvements in Football Manager 2013

      Hello dear readers,

      Today we have the first video from Miles dedicated to FM 2013 GUI enhancements.

      I should confess I am really impressed. Taking into consideration all previous FM 2013 videos together with the latter, I can claim UI improvements are the best of all. I saw a lot of smart ideas and more usability being an experienced software engineer.

      How do you think? Are you impressed with the new UI?

      Excited to blog for you,

      Vitaliy Mokosiy


      P.S. FM 2013 poll regarding my future club got 996 votes already. A leading club has 225 votes, second one has 104 votes. I believe there’s no sense to wait till Sunday because the gap between the clubs is too large. Don’t you mind if I stop the poll?

      Friday, 5 October 2012

      Latest blog changes

      Logos redisigned

      While working on a redesign of the blog, I created a page that you may find quite interesting and helpful:

      All my FM Stories

      It’s a tabular junction of common information and links regarding every long story I played in the previous versions of Football Manager. Since now everybody may take a look and compare all my FM stories.

      Additionally, I have updated Blog Author page sharing more information about myself. Please inform me in comments if you would like to know more facts about me.

      The last but least, I am planning to publish redesigned blog this weekend. So be prepared :)


      Excited to blog for you,

      Vitaliy Mokosiy

      P.S. The poll where you are choosing country for me in FM 13 got more than 750 votes!

      Friday, 28 September 2012

      FM 2013 Release Date

      Miles Jacobson has announced Football Manager 2013 Release Date:

      November, 2nd at 00:01 GMT

      FM 2013 Release Date

      This year Sport Interactive Games studio celebrates 20 years anniversary of Football Manager series. This is the reason why they decided to present special reward to people who pre-order FM 2013 from any of participating retailers. So if you pre-order, you will get FM 2013 beta version 2 weeks upfront (October, 19th).

      The beta version will have several features:

      - Full, Classic, Challenge modes includes while Network mode disabled.

      - FM 2013 beta version will be playable until November 5th. Then it should be replaced by the final game.

      - Games saved in beta will be completely compatible with the full version.


      I congratulate everybody with this exciting information about Football Manager 2013! Can’t wait the release, and hope that you too!

      Excited to blog for you,

      Vitaliy Mokosiy

      Monday, 24 September 2012

      FM 13 Videos: Competition Updates & Comparison

      Hello my dear readers,

      Two new FM 13 videos were published during my 4-day absence. I have watched them and would like to present some my reflections.

      FM 13 Competition Updates

      Those changes Miles talked in this video cannot be called major. Frankly speaking I was not really impressed. Though Competition Updates is just not so interesting topic to talk about. Anyway there are some small nice features that make Football Manager more realistic:

      - 50% co-ownership deals;

      - highly improved youth academy and reserve tournaments in England;

      - some updates for all leagues including addition of Montreal Impact to MLS.


      FM 13 Player & Staff Comparison

      The video about comparison of players and staff in FM 13 made a greater impression. There we will have an opportunity to compare players looking onto difference between attributes’ values which is more convenient.

      Selection of key attributes for role during comparison is another FM usability improvement I want to applaud SI Games for. Player positions comparison is not so significant feature but also nice new one.

      Surely, the staff comparison is one of the most obvious features that could be expected to in Football Manager 2013. However it’s very pleasant to see SI Games took into account our ideas…

      All previous FM 2013 announcements are listed here: Football Manager 2013.


      The next post is going to be about Q.P.R. story where I still have to play 4 last matches in the season.

      Excited to blog for you,

      Vitaliy Mokosiy

      Wednesday, 19 September 2012

      FM 2013 Training

      Let’s take a look at presentation of new trainings in Football Manager 2013. In the video below, Miles Jacobson talks about completely revamped training system… Training camps, badges for coaches, better individual module, training focuses per weeks - I feel all these features are very tasty for FM gamers who prefer to develop their players.

      Excited to blog for you,

      Vitaliy Mokosiy

      P.S. I will be away from the blog till Monday, 24.

      Monday, 17 September 2012

      FM 2013 Director of Football

      SI Games has published the new video with Miles talking about Director of Football in FM 2013.

      Brief analysis

      The new feature is aimed at a realism improvement for the new FM game. Directors of football exist in the real life, thus we should not be surprized by their addition into Football Manager 2013.

      Another side of this feature is an automation of gaming process. You will be able to give many different instructions to your director of football:

      - Hire or sack staff;

      - Assign scouts;

      - Bring youth players into the club;

      - Work over club transfers and loans.

      For now the last mentioned part of his job seems the most interesting. FM 2013 will give you an access to 3 new special lists in addition to a standard shortlist. Director of football will be able to help with them:

      1. Transfer Targets.

      Director of football will try to buy players you placed in this list.

      2. Unwanted List.

      Vica versa, he will try to do the best to sell unwanted players.

      3. Development List.

      And the most tasty one as for me! Director of football will search for clubs to get loaned out your youngsters. Thus the process of their development can become very efficient in the end.


      So how do you like the new Director of Footbal role represented in Football Manager?

      Will it be helpful personally for you?


      Excited to blog for you,

      Vitaliy Mokosiy

      Wednesday, 12 September 2012

      Football Manager 2013 Network Mode

      FM 2013 network mode has been presented by Miles Jacobson today. I think they did very well to improve it. The shown tournament types and opportunity to ‘import’ team from any season to the network gaming should become inspiring. For those who like playing FM in Network mode actually.

      I have to confess I don’t belong to this kind of people :) Single mode is my love :)

      Tuesday, 11 September 2012

      Football Manager 2013 Match Day

      Hi all,
      You know I am holding my hand on pulse of Football Manager 2013 news. Another one video has just been published by Miles Jacobson and Co. At the moment I have no time to analyse it, so just simply watch and enjoy.

      Football Manager 2013 Match Day!

      Excited to blog for you,
      Vitaliy Mokosiy
      Monday, 10 September 2012

      FM 2013 Match Engine Video

      Hello my dear readers,

      SI Games has just released the new video about Football Manager 2013. This time Miles Jacobson talks about match engine improvements.


      My opinion

      Well, as far as I see 3D match looks better. Player animations and ball physics needed enhancements they got. Albeit, I would not single out these changes as major. I agree sometimes “sliding” and “moonwalking” players irritate a little bit.  But in my opinion it’s some kind of graphic sugar which is of course important but not vital for the game.

      So if we talk about match engine, I am waiting for the first news about its AI but not graphics.


      Excited to blog for you,

      Vitaliy Mokosiy