Sunday, 2 November 2014

FM15 Beta: UI, Scouting, Match Engine and other new features

Blog post 855

At this point I don't play Football Manager 2015 Beta, just try to visit all screens and attentively look at all new features developed by SI Games. Consider this blog update as a sequel of the previous one. Let's take a look what I dug out.

New UI

In general I am impressed with how the new user interface is constructed. It's actually the best one in all series. Top advantages of this UI are:
  • Excellent smooth animations
  • Left sidebar which is very helpful for gamers, in particular inexperienced ones
  • Top search bar with embedded browser of nations and clubs
  • Modern plain controls and panels

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

First impressions about FM 2015 Beta

Blog post 854. First one written from Mac OS :)

Hello dear readers,

I want to arrange discussion of the newest FM 2015 Beta and its numerous features. There are many pros and cons. Let’s try to find out what’s good and bad now in the pre-release version of Football Manager 2015.

Mac OS issues vs Windows 8 issues

Till the latest FM update, it worked very slow with its internal database on my Mac OS. Player profile of other team can be opening for 10-20 seconds. Luckily, this stupid performance bug was fixed and the game become more or less playable. Though I notice it can crash from time to time which can depress anybody quite quickly.

2048 x 1280 resolution is the highest one when I can see smoothly processed animation with High graphics enabled. Unluckily, I have to turn on 150% zoom that eats quite much available space easily. Fonts are little bit blurred due to that but still usable. I wish I could use top Retina resolution playing FM 2015 on my Macbook Pro (Late 2013 release). Hope they will put some optimization efforts on that.

At the same time more stable Windows version performs worse during 3D match. There are no lags when I set Medium graphics settings. However, High graphics doesn't go that smooth as on Mac OS, even with the latest version of NVidia drivers...

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Football Manager 2015

The first super-interesting video about FM 2015. You must watch it!

Excited to blog for you,

Vitaliy Mokosiy

Monday, 28 October 2013

FM 2014 Best Features

FM 2014 Best Features

Hello dear blog readers,

There’s a temporary lull in the blog because I await FM 2014 and began to read about Dynamo Dresden in a real life, the club I will manage in the new Game. Meanwhile Sports Interactive Games have been posting detailed information about Football Manager 2014 features since the end of August. I decided not to ignore such a nice stream of news and has been selecting those I do like every week. Today I’d like to share my list of favourite FM 2014 features.

Saturday, 31 August 2013

News screen in Football Manager 2014

Hi guys,

Yesterday’s video blog by Miles Jacobson confirmed significant improvements of news section in FM 2014. The video is very interesting and you shouldn’t miss it.

What I like here:

  • Internal UI controls in news text which certainly improve user experience. Just amazing!
  • Coloured vertical lines that show different types of news

What I dislike:

  • It seems light FM 2014 skin has too bright background. It’s toooo white and strikes my eyes.

Excited to blog for you,

Vitaliy Mokosiy

      Saturday, 24 August 2013

      Football Manager 2014 User Interface Video

      Hello my dear blog readers,

      Yesterday Miles Jacobson fed up us with new FM 2014 video where he described user interface changes. In total it looks completely evolutional development. Nice and convenient changes that improve user experiences and give us something new. I’ve written some comments below after watching the video…

      Features I liked

      Season preview screen. It includes season odds, transfer activity and different players awards. Not a large addition but it looks nice.

      Game continuation screen. Miles promised you can see more information and actually more relevant to you and your club information.

      Player profile. The screen I use very often. That’s why new individual training widget seems useful because it allows to see player’s progress in a moment without going to the trainings tab.

      New Analysis tab for player. It’s now easy to analyse player’s performance in every match.

      Shortlist options. There’re some new settings allowing to control for how long players should be added to shortlist. Very helpful for me.

      Option “Prevent teams which already have managers from being controlled” for those who to start a game in the most realistic way.

      Some other small features I also liked:

      • Manager moves screen in Transfers section. It’s an overview of head coaches who changed their teams.
      • Media prediction view for League table.
      • Calendar bar with more interaction. Ability to arrange friendly game for instance.
      • World map in the scouting area.
      • Better colouring for selection of starting eleven.

      Watch FM 2014 user interface video

      Excited to blog for you,

      Vitaliy Mokosiy

      Wednesday, 10 April 2013

      Football Manager 2014

      Football Manager 2014

      Dear blog readers,

      I invite you to join the discussion of Football Manager 2014, the next version of fabulous game produced by Sports Interactive and their leader Miles Jacobson. Some of game developers follow blog posts and our opinion will be heard. So any ideas, features and complaints about existing bugs are welcomed!


      Sunday, 25 March 2012

      Football Manager 2013

      FM 2013 Release Date announced!

      Latest Football Manager 2013 videos:


      I think it’s time to discuss the next FM game - Football Manager 2013. Surely, it should be better than Football Manager 2012 by logic. Now it’s interesting to talk about future features and ideas while we have half of a year till Football Manager 2013 release. Normally the game developers - SI Games - follow such kind of discussions. So all of us have a nice possibility to influence the game:
      Just write comments to this post explaining your idea Лампочка
      Additionally, you are welcomed to share this idea list with your friends who could join this important discussion:

      You can also join my Football Manager 2013 group at Facebook which should become the world’s most popular one what had happened with my current group dedicated to FM 12.

      What improvements would you like to see in Football Manager 2013?

      Personally I want to suggest my top ten features that should make FM 2013 better:
      1. Enhanced player stats:
              - More types of shots (from under defender, inside box, etc.) and passes (shot, long).
              - Goalkeeper save percentages.
      2. Inner blogging. I dream to have internal tool to blog directly from Football Manager 2013! SI Games should consider this because amount of blogs is growing (take a look at FM Crowd, for example) .
      3. More feedback from players about anything: last results, club events, media interactions of club manager.
      4. Auto-upload (auto-post) of achievements to Facebook page (or even any site!) when season is over.
      5. Opportunity to select clear cut chances in custom upload package for Youtube video highlights.
      6. More financial stats and control
      7. Better animations. Imagine a manager walking along touchline or warming up players.
      8. Increase regen faces quality.
      9. More participation in youth development. Foreign academies (like Ajax has in South Africa).
      10. I want to access player instructions during match in one-click. It’s often necessary to decrease tackling level for player after he receives a yellow card.

      Controversial features for Football Manager 2013

      ask, chat, support, talk icon
      There are also 3 controversial ideas I often see asked and disputed by Football Manager gamers. Can’t say I like all of them but these thoughts are worth discussion:
      1. Becoming a Chairman/Assistant Manager/Coach/Scout/Physio
      Some people what to be try themselves in other roles in the game.
      2. Spending  money you earn as manager
      You wage as a manager is not spent anywhere. Should we have an opportunity to buy anything in the game using personal money? I don’t like this idea because it’s but many guys would love it.
      3. Option to disable regens 
      Some guys don’t like regens at all. They want to try playing the game without generated players. I don’t see how it’s possible because FM 2013 won’t remain realistic in that case. May be you can suggest a working idea?

      What’s your opinion regarding all my Football Manager 2013 ideas and also controversial features?
      And don’t forget to join FM 2013 group at Facebook Подмигивающая рожица

      Starting to dream of FM 2013,
      Vitaliy Mokosiy
      Friday, 14 October 2011

      Top 15 new features of Football Manager 2012

      I am very excited by Football Manager 2012 and its new features. This is the reason why I decided to make this kind of post - a mixed review and ranking of the features.


      1. Team Report: Team Depth

      Most of all I was impressed by Team Report and its parts actually. So don’t get wondered much seeing it on the first positions. Remade team report gives much information as for me. The first look allows to evaluate the most strong positions and decide what formations won’t be efficient with the players you have.

      For instance, now you see that Arsenal has only one good DMC Alex Song. So it wouldn’t be smart to use DMC in the formation if you don’t buy another one.

      Strength Overview

      Team report in Football Manager 2012

      Position Strength

      Some impressions about Squad and Position strength can also be found on Celticman blog.

      Position strength in Football Manager 2012


      2. Team Report: Team Comparison

      Comparing your team with other ones in a league is really interesting and helpful exercise.

      Team Comparison in Football Manager 2012

      Now you can really make sure that your team has the strongest squad following the team comparison tabs. Here we can see that Arsenal is still the most technical team in the Premier League.

      Team comparison in FM 2012


      3. Team Report: Tactic Analysis

      This new feature is rather prospective in my opinion. I will investigate it more deeply during my future Q.P.R. story.

      Tactic Analysis in Football Manager 2012


      4. Team Report: Goal Analysis

      The same can be said about Goal Analysis. Looks quite awesome but I should analyse if it will be helpful in real gaming.

      Goal Analysis in Football Manager 2012


      5. Adding/removing leagues

      Perhaps I won’t use this one because I play quite slowly and prefer to manage one team as much as possible. But I am sure many FM gamers will enjoy adding new leagues and managing clubs from them. Another advantage is that you can remove a league to speed up Football Manager 2012 after several seasons played.

      Adding and removing leagues in FM 2012


      6. Improved player search

      Player search became more convenient and it’s very important. Pay special attention to “Pick Attributes” button which allows to manage attribute filters faster than normally.

      Player search in Football Manager 2012


      7. New look of player profile

      I love the new look. It seems more helpful than classic “Attributes+Stats” tab. Certainly I will use this one.

      Xavi in Football Manager 2012

      But if you don’t like the player profile view and prefer old one, it can be customized in General settings:

      Default player section


      8. Team meetings

      Cool new team meetings! You will see immediate reaction from your players on any your phrases said to them.



      9. Tones of player conversations

      Tones were added in all talks. They look realistic and interesting. Can’t wait to experiment with new player interaction system in Football Manager 2012.

      Read also this article with tone system review. You may also watch video preview of conversation tones.



      10. Skin colours setup

      Finally! SI Games allowed us changing some skin colours just right in the game! I have been waiting this feature since the very first version of the game.

      Skin colours in Football Manager 2012


      11. League history and honours

      The graph of league positions during the last 10 year is merely awesome. On the screen shot we can easily see how team (different Arsenal squads) of Arsene Wenger have been performing. Honors look like a good addition.

      League history in Football Manager 2012[4]


      12. Better player reports

      They added ability comparison list which helps to compare player you have with a scouted one.

      Player report in Football Manager 2012

      Ability comparison list in FM 2012


      13. Custom highlights

      Football Manager 2011 presented a feature for goals uploading to YouTube. FM 2012 extended it. Now we have an opportunity to record custom short videos from matches and upload them to YouTube.

      Custom highlights in FM 2012


      14. Better match viewer

      Some perceptible evolutional changes were made in 3D-match viewer. SI Games added 2 new camera angles, improved animation of players, referees, crowd… Better lighting, weather conditions, and stadiums.

      Read also this article: Match engine review.


      15. New transfer centre

      It looks now more convenient than earlier. You may find in-depth review here: Contracts & Transfers.

      New transfer centre in FM 2012



      Simple and straight conclusion here. In my humble opinion Football Manager 2012 is absolutely awesome game!

      Obviously I didn’t mention all new FM 12 features here. So you can tell your impressions regarding “forgotten by me” features and game improvements in comments.

      Saturday, 19 March 2011

      Football Manager 2012

      LAST UPDATE - 06.10.2011

      Here are links on my newer posts regarding Football Manager 2012 videos, announcements, players, tips and hints, features:

      [06.10] Download FM 2012 Demo!

      [06.10] System requirements announced!

      [05.10] Video: Team talks and Match viewer

      [03.10] Video: Conversation tones and team meeting

      [01.10] A lot of screenshots from FM 2012

      [24.09] Football Manager 2012 Social Networking

      [20.09] Miscellaneous new features

      [17.09] How to activate Football Manager 2012

      [15.09] Tutorials and How-To systems in FM12

      [14.09] Video: Tactics in FM 2012

      [14.09] Q.P.R will be my club in FM 2012

      [12.09] Football Manager 2012 Release Date

      [05.09] Miles Jacobson talks about FM 2012

      [23.08] Video: Goalkeepers in action

      [15.08] Football Manager 2012 announced!

      Football Manager 2012
      The last patch for Football Manager 2011 numbered as 11.3.0 has been already released. Now I think we can start a fascinating discussion about Football Manager 2012. We have a half of year till FM 2012 release to raise ideas of new features for the game. Sports Interactive team follows such discussions; so don’t afraid to tell your opinion and you’ll be heard! Let’s try to answer the question: 

      What enhancements would you dream to see in Football Manager 2012?

      Here is my list of new features:
      - History of player attributes’ changes since the very 1st season.
      - Integration with other sites and services. Facebook, for instance.
      - Inner blogging. I would love to have internal tool to blog straight from Football Manager 2012! I think SI Games should think over this idea because there are FM community of bloggers grew much since the last year.
      - Better team-talks. More options are needed. The result of team-talks should be less predictable.
      - Better graphics in the 3D match.
      - More feedback from players about some things or club events they like or dislike.
      - Talking to with staff members seems also a nice feature.
      - More participation in youth development, opportunity of contribution to youth academy somehow.

      Controversial ideas

      Football Manager 2012 Ideas
      I would like also to mention 3 controversial ideas I hear from Football Manager gamers quite often. I don’t really like all of them but may be we’ll give birth to smarter thoughts in discussion:
      1. Option to disable regens
      Some people don’t like regens at all and would want to see the game without generated players. I don’t see how FM 2012 will remain realistic in that case.

      2. Becoming a Chairman/Assistant Manager/Coach/Scout/Physio
      The game is called Football Manager but not Football Chairman or Football Scout!
      3. Spending  money you earn as manager
      People want to do something with manager salary. I think it’s good but I don’t really see efficient Footbal Manager-styled way to put the money somewhere. I heard ideas of buying houses, cars, wives, land… Betting the money sounds somewhat better idea but anyway it’s not about football management.

      What do you think of these controversial features?
      I wonder also what new features would you like to see in Football Manager 2012?
      Sunday, 9 January 2011

      How to use Match Preparation in FM 2011

      Match Preparation in FM 2011

      Match Preparation is one of the most interesting new features in FM 2011. It allows you to work on your pre-match setup and gives you opportunity to train your team regarding selected tactics. By the way, Match Preparation screen can be accessed quickly with this shortcut:

      Control + R Палец вверх

      The most important here is tactic familiarity levels for tactics you use. You should achieve the following levels of tactic familiarity for each your formation in the end:

      Tactic Familiarity Levels in FM 2011

      It means your players understand all nuances of the tactics and adapted them greatly.

      FM 2011 allows to adapt players to 3 different tactics. Interesting that training of 3 different tactics makes the players to learn them a bit slower than in case of just 1 tactics.

      You should also know that Match Preparation is only modelled for the first and reserve teams without youth squad Лампочка


      Special Focus Area explained

      Special Focus Areas in FM 2011

      An individual attention has to be drawn to Special Focus Areas. If you don’t use Special Focus Areas (SFA), you should start getting benefits from this new feature just right now!

      Almost all variants of SFA allow you to gain a temporary boost for attributes of your players during some match. Actually it’s about all areas except Team Blend.Палец вверх

      Let’s imagine you select before a match one of this SFAs:

      - Attacking Movement. All attributes linked with ball control and movement gain slight increase when your team is in attack.

      - Attacking Set Pieces. Anticipation, positioning and perhaps few other attributes are boosted temporary. Only during attacking set pieces.

      - Defending Set Pieces. The same attributes as in previous case will be increased but only during defending set pieces.

      - Defensive Positioning. Your players gain a boost of concentration, marking, positioning and maybe several other attributes during your pitch half’s defence.

      Team Blend

      This is the only focus area that has cumulative effect, and it’s not active during match as other SFAs. Instead it works between matches improving your squad gelling.  Team Blend increases player relationships and collaboration which influences performances and morale.

      There are several important rules regarding Special Focus Areas everyone should understand:

      - if you select any SFA, it takes time from training tactic familiarity levels making them to grow slower

      - higher workload does not increase effect of Special Focus Areas

      - Team Blend is a long term SFA and should be used always because your squad changes every season or even half of season Лампочка


      My advices

      This is the optimal algorithm I developed for Match Preparation use:

      1. Reach the maximal level of tactical familiarity setting Very High workload at the start of your game. But remember, setting the MP workload will have an effect on the Training workload.

      2. Move workload to ‘Normal’ level when maximal tactic familiarity levels are reached.

      3. Now you can start using Special Focus Areas depending on your next opponent.

      4. Select one of 4 SFAs before a match: Attacking Set Pieces, Defensive Set Pieces, Defending Positioning, Attacking Movement. Your selection should depend on the strong and weak sides of the opponent.

      5. Select Team Blend just right after the match.

      6. Repeat steps 4-5 for every match.


      I hope now you improved your understanding and feelings regarding hidden features of Match Preparation in FM 2011!

      Sunday, 31 October 2010

      Football Manager 2011 System Requirements

      Here are the official system requirements for Football Manager 2011 announced by Sports Interactive Games.


      OS - Windows XP/Vista/W7
      Processor - XP : 1.4GHz or Faster, Vista/W7 : 2.0GHz or Faster
      Supported Processors: Intel Pentium 4, Intel Core, AMD Athlon
      Memory - XP : 512MB RAM, Vista/W7 : 1.0GB RAM
      Hard Drive Space - 2GB
      DVD-Drive - 4x Speed
      Video Card Memory - 128MB
      Supported Chipsets - Nvidia FX 5900 Ultra or greater; ATI Radeon 9800 or greater; Intel 82915G/82910GL or greater. Earlier cards may only display 2D Match Viewer Mode and are not supported. Laptop versions of these chipsets may work but are not supported.
      Sound Card - DirectX 9.0c compatible
      DirectX - Version 9.0c (included)


      OS - OS X 10.5.8/10.6.x or higher
      Processor - Intel Processor
      Video Card - Nvidia Geforce 7300 GT or greater; ATI Radeon X1600 or greater.

      If you doubt whether your computer is enough for playing Football Manager 2011 try to download and install the demo. It will help to solve such kind of issues.

      Sunday, 17 October 2010

      3D Match View in Football Manager 2011

      There are a lot of enhancements actually. At first I would like to cite Miles Jacobson regarding system requirements to video cards:

      “There are loads of optimisations in there which make it look a lot smoother, and despite all the extra bells and whistles, if you were able to watch in 3D in Football Manager 2010 then it’ll still work fine with Football Manager 2011 too (as will all other parts of the game) as the minimum computer spec needed is the same as last year.”

      Really great news! Party 

      Here you can see all graphics options in Football Manager 2011:


      Additionally I can emphasize on the following 3D Match View improvements:

      - More than 100 new animations including a lot of new nice ball touches, emotions and ball celebrations by players.

      - Players models revamped. They differ much depending on graphics detail mode you choose due to performance optimisation.

      - Offside lines! It will be like on TV: every offside is decorated with line during replay showing us whether referee made a mistake.

      - Better crowd models, lighting effects, weather conditions. By the way weather will be changing during a match.

      - New TV camera angle. I should say I like it! It’s more zoomed to actions around a ball. So we get fresh close view of ball control by players:

      TV camera angle in Football Manager 2011


      - You will be able to set another camera angle for replays of goals or dangerous moments:

      Camera for replays in Football Manager 2011


      - More fluent split screen mode with 3D match view support. You will be able move splitter deciding size of screen parts:

      Split screen mode in FM 2011


      - Quick tactics is better placed:

      Quick tactics button in Football Manager 2011 


      In the end I can say that I love this game already!

      Thursday, 7 October 2010

      FM 2011: Player interaction, Match analysis, League rules

      FM 2011 new features

      Miles Jacobson continues his blog at “Mirror Football” making quite long text posts regarding new FM 2011 features. I would like to sum up some of his last announcements and single out the most interesting facts about Football Manager 2011.


      Player and board interaction improvements

      Interaction system is now more “conversational” in Football Manager 2011. You can talk with players, board, staff about different topics at the same time getting instant responses instead of waiting for them. It’s really nice new feature as for me because we will have live talks with our players Big Hug

      There will be different levels of player unhappiness. Player will be able to go public with his problems. He may even reject talking with you at all if he is very angry. Moreover, friends of unhappy footballer can become unhappy too!

      Here are some new topics of player interaction:

      - Explanation why you moved a player to reserve squad.

      - Warning to youth players: “If you don’t play and train better you’ll not get a contract”.

      - Commenting training performance of every player.

      - Warn a player of getting transfer listed due to poor performance.

      - Ask a player to be less open talking with public media.

      Board interaction is also widened. You will be able to ask a board to:

      - expand quantity of staff allowed at the club

      - increase % of transfer income going into the transfer budget Thumbs-up

      - buy a council owned stadium

      - build a youth academy


      You may also read more new FM 2011 features in staff interaction and manager mind games areas in this post.


      Match analysis new screens

      - Heat map of average positions for every player. You will see were your player spent most of time on a pitch Applause

      - Clear-cut chances, half-chances, throw-ins, corners, free kicks…

      - Screens with whole team statistics on a pitch not only individual.


      More league and squad rules

      - England. Squad numbers and registration are separated. You can give squad numbers after registration.

      - Title playoff in Turkish league when two top teams have equal amount of points.

      - Web link that explains what countries were colonised by France. Players from those countries are not considered as foreign ones in French leagues.

      - Reworked B-teams.

      Friday, 1 October 2010

      FM 2011: Media, news and social features

      FM 2011 features

      This year Miles Jacobson continued his blogs on Mirror Football site. During last days he uncovered a lot of information about Football Manager 2011. I will try to share it with you, my dear readers.


      Press conferences

      Press conferences is one of the most weird FM 2010 features. A lot of people hate it, some love to use. I am not a fan of this feature frankly speaking and always use assistant manager.

      Predictably press conferences are enhanced in FM 2011. Here is the list of improvements:

      - 100 new questions added

      - We will be able to answer questions with one click! They said ‘no’ to ‘Confirm’ button! It can influence much on my opinion regarding press conferences I suppose Thinking

      - New system that creates question set is much smarter. It reacts on many new actions in a game.

      - Full set of new questions can be found here.


      News + mail integration

      Here I am citing Miles:

      A couple of years ago we made a decision to split the news about your team, and about other teams, in two. The decision was made as there was so much going on in the world that people playing it might complain about becoming lost.

      The approach we took was wrong. It led to people knowing everything about their clubs, but unless they really took notice, they didn't know what was going on elsewhere.

      Default game settings will allow you receiving news about your own league. Additionally there will be perceptibly improved subscription system with high configurability.

      More news features

      - More varied goal descriptions and better descriptions of player performances for post match reports.

      - New news item to show when players are about to trigger contract clauses or their contracts are running down.

      - More information on why someone has been sacked, or why you've been sacked (!) in the news item.

      - A fortnightly competition round-up highlighting statistics such as scoring and assist charts, man of the match charts and other bits and pieces to keep you in touch with the world around you.  Big Hug

      - News items when shock transfers are made, such as a player or manager dropping a couple of divisions.

      - A season expectations review from your board to let you know how they think you've done in the last season.  Applause

      - Player debut news items.

      - Improved news items regarding major finals to give them the build up that they get in the real world.

      - Squad number reaction news, where the press react and comment on squad number allocation and situations where players have not been registered in a squad.

      - A yearly training round-up which goes nicely with the new training system in Football Manager 2011. Thumbs-up


      Social media

      One of the greatest promised enhancements is opportunity to upload videos made by FM 11 Match Engine to Youtube. This feature can be useful for me as a blog writer! It will allow to share videos of my matches with you!

      There will also be an integration with Twitter: managers will be able to setup automatic updates of achievements.


      In the end I am happy to inform that around 400 new features will be released in FM 2011.

      Wednesday, 8 September 2010

      New Football Manager 2011 screenshots

      Good news! SI Games started to show small parts of information about Football Manager 2011 daily. The first screenshots have even been shown to our community. Let’s take a look at them.

      All screenshots are clickable.

      Enhanced Press Conferences

      Here we can see new questions and answers used in FM 2011 press conferences. It’s nice but only for those who use Press Conferences in Football Manager 2010.

      New questions and answers in FM 2011

      Press Conferences in Football Manager 2011


      Set Pieces Creator

      This is really good innovation in my opinion. Nothing revolutionary of course but useful. We will be able to see our Set Pieces schemes during their creation. In this way Set Pieces will become user-friendly in FM 2011.

      Defending Corners in Football Manager 2011

      Defending Corners in Football Manager 2011


      Throw-Ins in Football Manager 2011

      Throw-Ins in Football Manager 2011


      Free Kicks in Football Manager 2011

      Free Kicks in Football Manager 2011


      Match analysis improvements

      At first I was using match analysis with pleasure. But then I understood it takes too much time for me to analyze games in details. So I decided to restrict myself from using this feature and just take all info from match and player stats. But I know some people who are truly fond of it. They will be glad to see an increased level of match analysis details:

      Scoring chances

      Scoring chances, Match analysis in FM 2011


      Movement analysis

      Movement, Match analysis in FM 2011



      Crosses, Match analysis in FM 2011


      Average position

      Average position, match analysis in FM 2011



      Shots, match analysis in FM 2011


      Hope you like these first Football Manager 2011 screenshots!


      I am following Euro 2012 qualification because I am actually interested in teams and their form when they will start playing in my country or Poland (though it will in less than 2 years). One of the most confident starts with 2 certain wins is produced by team of Capello. We can look over highlights of yesterday’s match against Switzerland and understand that this manager can bring the team to the glory. And it doesn’t matter what Mourinho says about him: