Sunday, 5 September 2010

Northern Ireland breaks through to Euro 2016!

Hi guys!Big Hug

I am here to share my admirable success as Northern Ireland manager! We made it!!!!!!! Northern Ireland goes to Euro 2016! I am really happy to achieve this very tough goal. Let’s take a look at the latest events regarding my team.

Final group results

Nothern Ireland takes the 2nd position, FM10

Denmark managed to loose 4 games – so it wasn’t too hard to overtake them in the 2nd position race. My home draw against Portugal helped perceptibly as well. Georgia was kind of equal team to Northern Ireland but my new great tactics proved its efficiency. Therefore I can say that the 2nd position was taken in a quite confident way. It allowed to pass through to the playoff round where rival Ireland awaited us!


Irish battle

Nothing can be better in football than match between rival teams. I still cannot forget tough games between Ukraine and Russia in 1999-2000 and fantastic mistake of Russian keeper that brought my national team to the playoff round:

So I was really looking forward to play two matches against Ireland!

Match #1. At home

Ireland had better players in all areas apart from defence (thanks to Cathcart and Evans). My players gave out ball possession and tried to act efficiently on a pitch. They didn’t allowed opposition to make any clear cut chance. Instead our well coordinated attack scored twice:

Home 2:0 in rival battle, FM 10

I was feeling great - like Northern Ireland hade already made their way to Euro 2016. I didn’t believe we would allow Ireland score a lot in the second match but…

Match #2. Dramatic one!

Away 2:4 in rival battle, FM 10

You see, ye? Away goals of Paterson and Davis played decisive role in this game. After the first half I was snatching my head because of 3:0 on a scoreboard. Then I used touchline shouts asking my players to hassle opposition and making hard tackles everywhere. Moreover I replaced Counter Attack strategy on Control. It was risky but I had nothing to loose.

Then we intercepted ball possession and started to make pressure on Irish defence and goalkeeper. And you see the result! It was truly dramatic match! Applause


All match results of Northern Ireland

Here is the full list of matches in 2015:

List of Northern Ireland match in 2015, FM10


Some words about my players and tactics

First of all here is the current squad of Northern Ireland in 2015. I think you will be able to estimate its strength (actually to see it’s weakness):

Squad of Northern Ireland, FM 2010 


How did I manage to cope with Denmark and Ireland having such a weak squad? The key is my 5-3-2 tactics:

5-3-2 tactics of Northern Ireland, FM 10

It’s even better than the tactics I use for Leeds. It allows to make miracles, especially using Control strategy. You may try to use it and say your opinion then.

Martin Paterson

Martin Paterson in Football Manager 2010

I cannot be silent about Martin Paterson. He has been the best forward of Northern Ireland in these Euro-2016 qualification matches. Not Kyle Lafferty as you would expect. You see the values of his attributes on the screen shot above. Really nothing special, yes? Just good speed, agility and off the ball. In spite of this fact Paterson scored 9 goals and became one of the best Euro 2016 qualification strikers:

Paterson among Rooney, Lukaku and Berbatov, FM 2010

Hope he will continue his goal series on Euro 2016


Euro 2016. Group C

Regarding the championship… Northern Ireland have been drawn to a very interesting group as for me:

Russia, Ukraine, Czech Republic and Northern Ireland - FM 2010 Cool

Russia and Ukraine – that’s what I was talking earlier about. Of course, our chances are not high because both Russian and Ukrainian league are included in my game. Plus Czech Republic is always rather strong team. Currently they have Petr Cech, Tomas Necid and Jan Simunek as main stars (all having price value higher than $12M).

Anyway I will try to do my best and really looking forward to Euro 2016! Cowboy



Additionally I propose you to recall old good days and look at the encounter of Ireland and Northern Ireland in 1993:

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

My new FM 2010 tactics

Trying to find a good FM 2013 tactics? Here I have an original tactical approach which includes 3 efficient Football Manager 2013 tactics. Check it out!


New FM 2010 tactics
Perhaps you read the post about Leeds United tactics earlier and could even use it in your game… Now as I promised I’m sharing my second FM 2010 tactics used successfully for national team of Northern Ireland in my game.
Georgia – Northern Ireland  0:2
Northern Ireland – Denmark 2:0
Northern Ireland – Portugal 1:1 (with one red card for my player on the 72th minute)
All these results where achieved with current FM 2010 tactics which you can download using the following link:

Download FM 2010 tactics

Team instructions

Team instructions for FM 2010 tactics
5 defenders and 3 central midfielders should prompt you the tactics is oriented at playing through the pitch middle. That’s what Focus Passing instruction is set to.  I want you also to pay attention at Rigid Philsophy and Disciplined Creative Freedom. These two instructions mean team will be playing more academic football with low amount of unpredictable actions. It’s absolutely opposite style to my Leeds United tactics where fluid philosophy is propagandized.

Individual instructions


Goalkeeper instructions for FM 2010 tactics
Quick Throw allows to avoid loosing ball that happens often after Long Kick (another Distribution option). I suggest you to use this setting always when you try to set up football style with high percent of ball control.

Left/Right defenders

 Left/right defenders instructions for FM 2010 tactics
Wing backs who support attacks from time to time distracting one opponent player to the flank. They give more space for central midfielders and forwards to attack through the middle.

Left/Right central defenders

DLC and DRC instructions for FM 2010 tactics
Pure central defenders with Limited Defender Role. They are targeted to tackle ball and win headers.

Central defender

 Central defender instructions for FM 2010 tactics
Central defender should have abilities to make good accurate passes often.

Left/Right central midfielders

MLC and MRC instructions for FM 2010 tactics
Attack supporters with Hard ball tackling. Such MLC and MRC work very nice I want you to say. Their current Duty makes them to join attacks very often when my Northern Ireland controls a ball.

Central midfielder

Central midfielder instructions for FM 2010 tactics
Playmaker typed midfielder who thinks about ball distribution directions often. Normally he has 3 attacking cases where he make a pass:
- wing backs
- MLC and MRC who run forward
- forwards


Left central forward

Left forward instructions for FM 2010 tactics
“Run and score” guy has to be used at this position. Northern Ireland team has a lot of guys with decent speed and finishing. It would also be great if such player had cool dribbling skills…

Right central forward

Right forward instructions for FM 2010 tactics
Deep Lying Forward. Sometimes he is useful to connect midfield and attack when all midfielders are afraid to go forward.

So this is how my new FM 2010 tactics looks. By the way I didn’t try to use Counter Attack strategy and can only say that Control works better than Standard. So it’s up to you to check out this tactics and try playing with different strategies. Hope you’ll like it!
In the end I want to congratulate national team of Spain with their historical first victory! World Cup 2010… It’s sad that it’s over… Though next destination point is Euro-2012 that will be held in my native Ukraine and Poland.
Here is the brilliant video clip of Shakira with her World Cup 2010 official song “Waka Waka”:
It must be watched because:
- it contains a lot memorable moments from previous World Cups and many football stars in the video
- it was watched by almost 100 million people!
- Shakira is one of the best singers in the world (though it’s just my opinion hereHappy)
Monday, 21 June 2010

Northern Ireland: The start!

As you remember after the failure with Bosnia & Herzegovina national team I started to manage Northern Ireland. It was one season ago when all World Cup qualification matches were over. And I should just wait for the start till this season. Therefore I am reporting about my first success with the new nation team just right now.

Northern Ireland tactics

Northern Ireland tactics, FM 2010

Northern Ireland doesn’t have available many good players. There are only few high-quality players in defence (Cathcart, Evans) and fine central midfielder Davis. The others are below the level. That’s the challenge I needed! For me it was important to have strong defenders and this is enough.

So I decided to use tactical formation with 5 defenders in line, 3 central midfielders and 2 forwards with the following team instructions:


Rigid philosophy (instead of Fluid I use in Leeds), disciplined creative freedom, aggressive tackling, closing down and Control match strategy. Very important tactics setting is focusing passing through the middle. Of course, only half of these settings were enabled before the match. Most of them were added only after first games.

Therefore it’s significant to spend you time organizing and watching friendly matches (HINT! ).

I will give you this tactics after some tunings and when I will see that it’s really effective and useful for you.


Northern Ireland matches and results, FM 2010

The start of European Championship qualification was almost perfect for my team. Only poor draw with weak Azerbaijan spoiled my mood. But that fail can easily overlapped by victories over Georgia and especially Denmark.

My thoughts of match against certainly more strong Denmark were: “Guys! Let’s try to be accurate in defence and don’t concede goals. And then may be we can score from corner or something like that”. I was feeling myself as New Zealand against Italiy in yesterday’s World Cup gameHappy Fortunately my pretty smart tactics gave 2:0 win. Ye, the second goal was scored from corner by Cathcart. But the first one is the result of excellent combination with finishing effort by striker Paterson. Here are more statistical information regarding this match:

Northern Ireland vs Denmark, FM10

Northern Ireland ratings in match with Denmark 

Group A

Group of Northern Ireland, FM 2010

Northern Ireland is on the second position after 3 fixtures! This is what I have been dreaming of. Hopefully we will be able to dictate terms to our opponents and stay on this position in the end. It would be also fantastic to make two draws with Portugal (it’s hard to think of winning games against them)– absolute favourite in my group by squad strength .

Saturday, 12 June 2010

World Cup 2010 start

World Cup 2010 start

Dear readers, I just want to congratulate you with the start of the greatest football tournament between national teams - World Cup 2010! It’s a real holiday for all football fans. And I am truly excited about World Cup 2010 and hope it will be great and unforgettable championship.

Previous World Cups in my life

“What did they mean to me?” – I ask myself.

I remember I became an active World Cup watcher since 1994. Since that wonderful time when I was only 12 years old. The best national teams with the best players compete for one of the greatest football prizes having less than month till the tournament’s end. It’s always cool to see clashes of different football styles.

I’ll try to recollect the most impressive (for me) moments of World Cups I watches earlier:


Brazilian national team and its attacking pair Romario and Bebeto.


Unbelievable performance by Chilavert (legend goalkeeper of Paraguay), red card by Beckham, final between France and Brazil (I was supporting France).


Strange playoff games by South Korea, early match time when I had to turn on TV in the morning for live watching of the matches, amazing Ronaldo, beautiful goals of Dennis Bergcamp and Ronaldinho.


First of all, Ukraine’s debut at World Cup championships and getting to the quarterfinal! Excellent performance by Fabio Canavarro, last Zidane’s match in the final with his head kick and red card.


What I am planning to do during World Cup 2010

Well, it will take much time to watch all World Cup matches.Though in my case it’s absolutely impossible to watch them all. But anyway I have intentions to follow this plan:

- watch all matches starting at 21:30.

- watch all matches on Saturdays, Sundays.

- watch second-halfs of games starting at 17:00 every working day.

- visit the most popular Kiev sport/beer bars together with my friends.

The last point is really interesting for me because normally I prefer to stay at home, sit in comfortable armchair and drink favourite beer watch a game. But now it’s time to experiment. There are many interesting places in Kiev where I could watch World Cup matches on a big TV screen with a good company. At least I hope so.

My favourite for this year tournament – Spain. Just because I like and support attacking football.

And what do you think of World Cup 2010? What are you hopes?


PS. I would like to congratulate the best forward (as for me) in Football Manager 2010 – Andre-Pierre Gignac – with nice yesterday’s debut match in World Cup final stage. It would be great if he score so often as he does for my Leeds in FM 2010!

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Leeds and Nothern Ireland

Try to guess why the post is called so Happy The answer will be in the end. And now - the first season #5 report.

First matches

Leeds matches in season #5, Football Manager 2010

I would like to strike out losses to Wigan, Sheffield United and especially 1:5 to Arsenal. Then I would call the start of the new season absolutely successful. Nevertheless we had excellent victories and perceptibly better performance in this season. Seems like last transfers moved the club to the next level.

The most impressive win was the one against Tottenham. It was at first when my Leeds won away game against The Hotspurs.

So these starting fixtures resulted in the following Premier League table standing:

Premier League table in season #5

Quite good, ye? 19th position of Liverpool and starting spurt of Portsmouth are the main surprises currently.

Another thing I’m happy with – efficient performance in League Cup matches. A quarterfinal will knock together Leeds and Aston Villa Happy 


Leeds players

Leeds players in season #5, Football Manager 2010 

Worst players in season #5 , Football Manager 2010

Andre-Pierre Gignac has produced fantastic start in Premier League! Applause 12 goals in 11(1) matches – it really impresses. I started to love this forward because as for me he can do everything in a pitch using both legs: dribble, make a smart pass and score goals with high level composure!

Another new Leeds forward Marquihnos began the season high-classy as well. Not so many goals were scored but he looks even more smart than Gignac if we talk about pitch vision. Marquinhos possesses brilliant speed and dribbling that will allow him to become a new Shevchenko Happy By the way this new leading pair of forwards resembles me amazing Dinamo Kyiv pair in 1998-99 – Shevchenko-Rebrov.

Here what my board thinks of these new forwards:

Andre-Pierre Gignac, board confidence, FM 2010 

Marquihnos, board confidence, FM 2010


Screen shots you asked

Some of you, my dear readers, asked my the following screen shots:

Home Grown status

Home grown status in Football Manager 2010

Screen shot of my mental abilities

 My mental abilities in Football Manager 2010


Interesting news from Seria A

Meantime Lazio sacked Colomba in Seria A…

Lazio sacked Colomba in Seria A

They said players had lost confidence in Franco Colomba. The reason is obvious and stunning at the same time – look at the Roman club position in the league:

Shocking last position of Lazio, Football Manager 2010


Northern Ireland

At last I will explain you the post name. Well nothing special actually. I’ve just become the new national coach of Northern Ireland team. I resigned from Bosnia and Herzegovina and decided to wait for the team that has good central defenders. Northern Ireland can boast two very strong and competitive guys – Craig Cathcart and Johnny Evans. Sure I understand that most other positions are weaker than similar Bosnian ones… But it’s even more challenging I think. Now it’s time to start dreaming to get to Euro-2016 Happy