Friday, 2 May 2014

Humour from Football Manager 2014

Hello dear readers,

My blog article no.799 was written just to have some fun together with you. It’s all about funny things in FM 2014. So I hope you’ll really enjoy it :)

Weirdest goal in my Dresden story

It was a friendly match against Lokomotiv Leipzig. Their goalkeeper arranged one of the most stupid own goals I’ve ever seen :)

I think I should begin collecting such kind of weird and funny videos from my game and share later on. Currently I would like to laugh together with you over screenshots made by other FM fans.


Friday, 7 March 2014

Funny FM 2014

Hello dear readers,

Firstly, I wanted to share results of my first three matches in Bundesliga. Unluckily, I am extremely busy this week and managed to play only two of them. Have no much time to write a large blog post today as well. Therefore I’ve prepared just a small screenshot showing how Football Manager 2014 can be funny sometimes.

So meet Holland season summary screen from my Dresden story:


It looks like a bug :)

Excited to blog for you,

Vitaliy Mokosiy

Monday, 1 April 2013

Just one more game! :-)

Dear readers,

I congratulate you with April, 1! It’s time to listen a funny Football Manager song by Jason Lewis. Good mood and some fun are guaranteed!

"I am not a player, I just like to watch" :)

Excited to blog for you,

Vitaliy Mokosiy

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Monday, 5 January 2009

You play Football Manager 2009 too much if…

This post is unusual for my blog because of two reasons:

1. It’s the first humor post.

2. It’s a translation of article from – the best Football Manager site in post-USSR community (Russian speaking countries, actually).

Ok, some jokes for you!

Football Manager is around us!

You play Football Manager 2009 too much if…

- The list of recently loaded programs contains only of FM 2009, FM Genie Scout, FM 2009 editor, WinRar, "FM2009 v9.2.0 Patch Installer.exe".

- You brought National Team of Madagaskar to the golden medals of World Cup three times.

- You did this with different tactics.

- Being on stadium (in RL) you shout “Mentality – attacking! Closing Down – often!” instead of “Go Liverpool!” Happy

- Your neighbours wake up during late night after your shout “Goooooooal!” when there is no football on TV. Sleeping Half moon

- You remember statistics of all your players in all matches of last season.

- Your colleagues think that FM 2009 is your favourite accounting program.

- Your boss thinks so as well!

- You know exactly what club will be managed by Freddy Adu when he becomes a manager.

- It’s easier for you to create new tactics than write two text lines.

- This created tactics becomes very successful and all your fellows start to use it soon.

- In the minds you set mental skills for your relatives and friends. For instance, father: Work Rate = 15, Determination = 5. Boy

- Ha, mental skills! You can even set preferred moves to all of them!

- It regards girls as well. Girl

- You always change individual instructions (mentality, creative freedom, closing down) during sex. Red heart

- Your friend says that he will come later after he came to you with beer and saw you playing FM.

- He haven’t visiting you for a week since that time but you forget about him anyway.

- Your wife feels hurt if you call some “Aguero” during sleep. Sleepy

- Your 5-year son knows who is Henry Saivet and Georginio Wijnaldum.

- Moreover he can even write their names without mistakes.

- Your 3-year daughter can do the same! Happy

- When you close your eyes, you see small figures of players that are running and scoring goals. Soccer Ball

- When you open your eyes, you see the same!

Big Grin