Sunday, 24 October 2010

Leeds story – final post

It’s a somewhat sad moment for me today. I am going to say ‘BYE’ my Leeds United team and Football Manager 2010… Sad smile I will not be playing FM 2010 anymore but you have a real chance to continue Leeds story! Download my save using the link below!

Download Leeds United story save

Leeds save, Football Manager 2010


Premier League: We are the champions!

My last success of Leeds in FM 10

Beckford, one of Leeds legends

It was predictable after my last post about Premier League that Manchester City will not be able to decrease gap between the 1st and 2nd positions in the table. Moreover the distance was even increased to unbelievable 18 points!

Final Premier League table

There were many good matches for my team. Most of them were won in very confident way. My guys got a really great form that can only be disrupted by injuries or numerous transfers…

Last matches of Leeds in FM 2010

FA Cup

You should remember I won 2 last FA Cups with Leeds. This time it didn’t happen though we were very close to so awaited third victory. Arsenal was better in lottery of penalties:

Arsenal wins FA Cup


Leeds players




Marco Verratti is the best English footballer this year! At last!



Statistics of all seasons

I think you will like comparing history of the most interesting Leeds players stats:

image image

image image


Final words

I am short of time these days. Therefore I am not so verbose in the post. But anyway I would like to thank everyone who was following Leeds story. It was really interesting to read your smart comments and have discussions with you about that or another aspect in the game.

Hope you will like my new story in Football Manager 2011 as well! It will start as soon as I receive FM 2011 DVD. Meanwhile it’s time to overlook new features in FM 11 demo.

Friday, 22 October 2010

Leeds United versus Barcelona

Meanwhile you’ve started playing Football Manager 2011 demo I am trying to finish Leeds story game in FM 2010. Today I prepared a special post devoted to the encounter with Barcelona in the first Champions League knockout round.

I’ll start with top 5 of La Lige:

Top 5 of La Lige

You see Barcelona is in the similar situation as my Leeds in Premier League. At the top. Future national champions.

Match 1

The first match was played at Now Camp. Teams presented the following squads and tactics:

Barcelona vs Leeds, FM 10

Unfortunately Barcelona was more lucky in pretty equal game when my guys could score twice at least:

Barcelona - Leeds 2:0

I felt that we are equal in this struggle for quarter final of Champions League. Here are player ratings:

Player ratings of Leeds and Barcelona

And yes – poor finishing of my team:

Poor finishing costs Leeds


Match 2

I had definite hopes on home match because I decided to choose attacking first eleven for it. We scored twice in the first half and it was brilliant. But then Barcelona started to struggle, they managed to hold the game until extra time. Though Marco Verratti hit the post from free kick in the very end of the 2nd half… Then power shot of Vagner Love deleted Leeds out of Champions League contenders list.

Leeds United - Barcelona 

Players ratings

Leeds victory not enough

This is how the battle between best English and Spanish teams of this season ended up.

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

At the top

Leeds story today. I have played more than half season already trying to do it quickly. I increased my FM10 playing speed by means of watching matches in Key highlights mode instead of Extended. So soon the season will be finished. Hopefully this weekend. After that you will be able to see my latest Leeds story reports and download Leeds save.

Premier League


As you my club feels comfortable at the top of Premier League. Manchester City started running down us but it seems that it’s too late. Leeds is in the best form since the very beginning of the game:


Quite impressive series of matches in my humble opinion. The most bright of them is the one against last season’s champions of Premier League – Tottenham:


They were simply annihilated by Marquinhos and company.


Champions League – Barcelona ahead

I won my group. It was not a complicated task actually. The last match against Bayern was played by reserve squad. Therefore Leeds lost the 2nd match in addition to the game in the first fixture vs Palermo.


So we feel ourselves confident before (as you understood from paragraph header above) the encounter with Barcelona. They managed to take the 2nd position in their group somehow:


Their 2nd place is a sign of Aston Villa’s strength. Moreover it helps me to be brave before the first knockout round of Champions League because I am kind of being afraid Barcelona. Just look at their squad:



And I wouldn’t even emphasize on team value of Messi who has average rating over 8. I would like to single out two brilliant central defenders forming very solid last line. I am sure you recognize them both in face:




Leeds players

Now some information about Leeds players. First of all I remember you asked me to post the current best eleven of Leeds United. Here it is:


Traditionally I present you full list of players sorted by average rating:



The most valuable player is Marco Verratti and I cannot stop praising him. Just look at his current attributes’ values and match statistics:


That’s all for now.

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Bad league start by all clubs except Leeds

Hello my dear readers! Leeds United story again today!

Premier League

I started my last season in FM 2010 very well winning Community Shield on penalties. Then there was a very confident performance till 3 losses in September…

Leeds matches in the 8th season, FM 2010

Though the most interesting and surprising screen shot is regarding Premier League table:

Premier league table with Leeds at the top

And I’m not trying to emphasize the fact of Leeds leading. It’s a success of course. But the most interesting fact is that other PL clubs (Tottenham, Man City, Man Utd, Arsenal, Aston Villa and especially Chelsea) failed the start. They all have been loosing points from time to time meanwhile Leeds United have been steping up to the first title under my management. It’s an excellent to chance to finish FM 10 career at the top because after summer transfers of Sakho, Achour and Taylor the team become truly great!

The best match of all played is the one against Mancherster City:

Manchester City - Leeds United 2:3, comeback!

My guys managed to produce marvellous comeback after 2 quick goals! All 3 Leeds forwards scored. Andre-Pierre Gignac made a goal in the very end of the game confirming his status of top-class striker. After this match I felt that title has to be won this year by my guys.


League cup disappointment

Leeds won 2 FA Cups in 2 years. Add one League cup final as well. So you will understand that I like English cups and thought that my club is ready to achieve success in both of them this season. But the first opponent broke all my hopes:

Leeds - Chelsea 0:3, League Cup

It was a hot rivalry that somewhat resembled me the first match against Villarreal in Europe League last season. We played better, had more shots but managed to concede 3 not obligatory goals. Petr Cech made 4 amazing saves and confirmed himself in role of one of the best goalkeepers in the world.

It’s a pity to be eliminated from League Cup so quickly…Sad


Champions League

Here is what Sky Bet forecasted:

Champions League odds by Sky Bet, FM 2010

Well, 16-1 – it’s not bad. Really.

Leeds United qualified into the group stage very easily beating Celtic with total 6:1 score. The group didn’t seem me simple because Palermo and Bayern Munich have competitive squad with few footballer whom I would give a world class prefix. For instance, Raul Nava – excellent Mexican forward of German team.

Leeds lost to Palermo in an equal game and won matches against two other opponents. So now I am feeling confidence after 4 fixtures:

Champions League group of Leeds in FM 10

Palermo and Bayern managed to make 2 draws in their encounters and those results lightened the competition for me.


Leeds players

As a tradition here is Leeds squad screen shot with my customized view:

Leeds players in season #8, FM 2010

Worst Leeds players

Firstly I would like to praise team newcomers:

- both Steven Taylor and Ramzi Achour impressed me with excellent performance. Though I feel French wonderkid is only adapting in the team.

- Mamadou Sakho is not so great in air as Sergiy Kryvtsov. But it’s his only minus. Sakho tackles balls, reads a game, makes good first passes…

- Wayne Hennessey helped my team to survive in the first 5 matches when all other Leeds goalies were injured. Since that time he deserved backup goalkeeper status replacing Areola on a bench.

The best player of the first season’s quarter is for sure Marco Verratti. Fantastic Italian playmaker ends a match without assist rarely. He is hardly stoppable and predictable in his actions whatever he does: pass, dribbling, shot… It’s the most important player in my Football Manager 2010 career. Interesting how good he will be in Football Manager 2011. Maybe I will buy him again especially if some of Italians club will win the poll Happy

The most scoring forward this time is Guilherme. I started putting him to the first squad from the very start instead of Gignac who became 31. Brazilian proved me that he is better now. 10 goals in 14 games is a certain argument. Moreover I happy to have now 2 Brazilians in attack who understand one another very well.

HINT: I have a good hint for you regarding player adaptation in a team. Buy a player in winter transfer window and don’t use him often in the main squad till the next season. He has time to adapt. Then this player will be happy and very efficient in the new season if you make him a constant part of first squad. I made this trick with several players including Guilherme and Verratti since the very beginning of Leeds story. It really works!

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Leeds story. Before the last season in FM 2010

I have already started to play my last (8th) season in Football Manager 2010. So I am kind of being tardy with Leeds story posts.

Leeds expectations for the season

Season expectations of Leeds, FM2010

I claimed challenging for the title. It’s pretty obvious for me that my team is among title contenders. Though Sky Bet doesn’t agree:

Premier League odds, FM10

Media Prediction gives us the 7th position in this season as well:


But don’t forget all these forecasts had been made before July transfers when I bought few world-class players…

Players out

Long list of sold players, Football Manager 2010 

I had some ideas of players I want to buy. It was naturally they cost much. Therefore a decision of selling some unneeded players and prospective youngsters was made. Additionally I understood that it’s the last season in Football Manager 2010. So young talents who haven’t grown to the first team level will have no chances to it in the next season.

Among those former Leeds players whom I said ‘bye’ I would like to single out:

- Brede Hangeland. He became too old and slow. But he was the best defender of Leeds United after 7 seasons.

- Javi Garcia. Cool piece of business. He didn’t adapt in Leeds but performed quite good for Spain in Euro 2016. High competition for MC positions and prospective to get a lot of money helped me to decide selling Javi to Barcelona.

- Vincent Enyeama. Silviu Jr Lung proved to be somewhat even better, stable than Vincent. This is the reason why his transfer to Roma was completed.

- Jadson. Unpredictable flamboyant Brazilian became weaker due to age.


Players in

First of all I tried to buy Cesc Fabregas because of scout report explaining that Arsenal playmaker could be interested in leaving the club. But:

"Just" $260M for Fabregas, FM10

The Gunners were ruthless in their transfer negotiations Big Grin

And now, welcome new Leeds United players!

Sakho, Taylor, Hennessey and Achour in Leeds, FM10


Ramzi Achour

Ramzi Achour - wonderkid

French very rapid attacking midfielder. Wonderkid. The best player of Euro 2016! You should remember him from the last but one post.

Now look at Achour’s biography:

Achour's biography in FM 10


Mamadou Sakho

Mamadou Sakho in Football Manager 2010

Mamadou Sakho. His name tells something every Football Manager gamer. It’s just because of the fact that he has been growing to a world-class defender since Football Manager 2008. The same happened in Leeds story game. One of the best defenders in Football Manager 2010 have joined my club!

I think his brilliant biography can also be interesting to you, my dear readers:

Sakho's biography in Football Manager 2010


Steven Taylor

Steven Taylor in Football Manager 2010

Simply one of the best English defenders. I needed another defender because of many matches in the upcoming season. Remember Champions League awaits Leeds United this year!


Wayne Hennessey

Wayne Hennessey in Football Manager 2010

Wayne is surprisingly confident goalkeeper in FM 2010. Score a goal against him was a complicated task always. It’s a good luck to sign him on free especially when Lung and Areola had managed to get injuries before the season’s start!


In the end I would like you to see the screen shot that is just for fun:


Seems like Leeds reputation is really high in Europe Happy


Finally I would like to notice that I felt my Leeds United really strong with all newly bought players. We able to get a complete victory in any tournament now!