Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Hull - FA Cup winner!

The season #6 is finished and it’s time to sum up its results. Here are the latest matches of my Hull:

Latest Hull matches

Premier League

Sudden losses to Aston Villa, Tottenham and Middlesbrough and awful defeat to Manchester City (0:4) made my mission of struggle for title totally impossible. Moreover, Man City got a great form and left Hull behind at the 4th position.

Final Premier League table, season #6

What were the reasons of such failure? Actually I can say that the main problem was the absence of Milovan Rakic – our leading forward – due to that damned 3-4 month injury.  Genero Zeefuik was absolutely unstable and many goal moments were failed due to his poor shots and other actions. Another forward - Akeem Ugbah - was too young and inexperienced for participation in the most decisive games of the season.

Champions League

The problem of Rakic’s absence played its role in the second quarterfinal match of the Champions League against Manchester United. The Red Devils got the unconvincing win having less shots and only 61% of passes completed versus my 71%.

Advantage over Man United in quarterfinal

The Red Devils in unconvincing win

The first quarterfinal match on the Old Trafford gave me some hope on getting to the semi final. The game was pretty equal and we had a quite convenient 1:1 away draw. But the goal moments failed by Zeefuik in the second match played the main role in this face-off…

FA Cup

But Hull didn’t finish the season without any trophy! At first The Tigres have won FA Cup!!! It happened in easy final with Sunderland:

Hull beats Sunderland in FA Cup final

The easiness of the final was some kind of compensational award for very complicated opponents in the previous rounds. If you follow my Hull story you should know that Manchester United and Arsenal had been beaten in the 4th and 6th rounds.

Additionally the semi-final with Tottenham was really hard one. Don’t believe 3:1 score in the first screen shot of this post! We had been loosing with 0:1 until Ramires scored an equalizer on the 63 minute. The next two goals were made done by Shakhov and Brand during 115 and 116 minutes (extra time!).

Some emotions from fans and board about our historical victory:

Hull fans grateful for winning FA Cup

Hull board happy with English FA Cup win

Hull players

Traditionally here are some statistics of Hull players:

Player stats

The best debutant of the season is Manuel Brand. He is fantastic central defender who wins headers during attacking corners very often!

Darwin Suarez and Milovan Rakic became real young leaders of the team in this season.

But the best Hull player of season #6 is certainly Diego Buonanotte. Hull old-timer became the best assister of the club, and even Darwin Suarez couldn’t compete with him (please note that Suarez was on the 1st position of best assister rating in the middle of the season).

Buonanotte and his new record

Fans agreed with me:

Hull's Fans' Player of the Year decided


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Coaches of Hull in Football Manager 2009

Champions League debut of Hull in FM2009

July and August transfers before season #6

Expectations and transfers of the upcoming season


PS The next post is going to be about my Ivory Coast national team in the World Cup 2014!

Saturday, 19 September 2009

Wonderkids in my Hull game: H, I, J, K, L!

Are you in search of U21 talents? If yes, I recommend to use Wonderkids for Football Manager 2014. There are many English FM 2014 players, by the way.

Hello, dear readers! The next part of information about wonderkids in my game awaits you! In alphabetic order as usually. 5 letters today, long post!
Links on previous parts:
- Part A-B
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- Part E-G


Joe Hart
Joe Hart is Juventus goalkeeper in my game. His career was quite interesting. Hart had been a main keeper of Man City till the 5th season. But then they had bought Remi Riou and that made Joe to appear at substitution bench. Therefore he was signed by Juventus for free… to become a “second after Buffon”…

Anis Ben Hatira
Anis Ben Hatira in Football Manager 2009
Former HSV player didn’t impress me with his ratings and attributes. Why I say “Former”? Just because he was signed on free by Dresden before the 6th season in my game.

Zoltan Harsanyi
Zoltan Harsanyi in FM09
Weak forward if we take into comparison big club players. But career of Zoltan Harsanyi looks fairly entertaining:
2009–10. Bolton sells the Slovakian to Slovan Bratislava getting $875K.
2012-13. Tokyo Metro Feliz signs him on free.

Jeremy Helan

Jeremy Helan in Football Manager 2009

Young promising left back of Stade Rennais is still at the club. Though they don’t use him trying to send on loan every year… No more interesting information about him.


Iago in Juventus
Weak and not really smart (look at his mental attributes) player of Juventus Reserves. He doesn’t promise any prospect and should try himself in a weaker football club.

Mauricio Isla
Mauricio Isla, Valencia, FM 2009
One of the most versatile players in Football Manager 2009 who possesses both legs at high level:
Isla is the first team player of Valencia now. He was bought from Udinese for $8.5M before the 5th season.



Eggert Jonsson
Plays for Hearts from the very beginning. Quite nice attribute values.



Gojko Kacar
Goika Kacar in Football Manager 2009
Very versatile Serbian footballer. Gojko Kacar was transferred from Hertha to Bayern Munich for $19.25M after the 2nd season. Manager of Bayern Munich (Martin O’Neill!) uses Gojko as MR and MC.
I would love to have such mentally developed and versatile player in my club! His ratings are brilliant:
Gojko Kacar's performance in FM 2009

Vaclav Kadlec
Vaclav Kadlec is one of my transfer mistakes in this game. I wrote a bit about disappointments I had got due to his poor training efforts here. Unfortunately Kadlec didn’t want to train and develop himself, or I didn’t find an approach to him – though his prospects were really high…

Keirrison is a famous Brazilian wonderkid in FM09
Keirrison is a famous Brazilian wonderkid. I think many of you bought him to your teams. In my game Keirrison is the second forward of Roma being behind Huntlaar’s back. He played rather successfully for Espanyol before Roma. Here are the ratings and transfer sums regarding Keirrison:
transfer sums regarding Keirrison

Djama Koutouan
Djama Koutouan in FM 2009
Very weak one. Koutouan was signed on free by Pro Presto after 5 seasons for Atalanta having zero matches in the first squad. I didn’t used him as Ivory Coast manager as well.


Josh Lambo
Josh Lambo in Football Manager
Lambo’s career looks very strange.
Strange career of Josh Lambo
He missed several years of football in spite of his decent attribute values!

Adam Lallana
Adam Lallana from Southampton
He is still in Southampton. Devoted average attacker whom I would call a wonderkid. But you asked me to report about him…

Federico Laurito
Federico Laurito in FM 09
Laurito is one of the best players of this post. I like him much and have him in my shortlist for a long period.
Udinese starts game having two fantastic forwards – Federico Laurito and Alexis Sanchez. Both were sold in my game. Though career of Laurito is not so fabulous as the one of Sanchez (leading forward of Chelsea). Laurito was transferred to Leverkuzen for $12.25M in summer of 2011.

Leo in Football Manager 2009
And in the end – the most exciting career of all reviewed today!
Exciting career!
Leo managed to play for Real Madrid and Inter! Probably you would say that he did a step back moving to Lyon. I would agree French top club is always Champion League’s quarter final visitor, and Leo is leading central defender whom I would like to buy to my team.
Saturday, 12 September 2009

Hull – the most interesting is ahead!

Hello, dear readers! Hull story continues and today I would like to share some interesting information regarding progress of my club in different tournaments.

Hull players and European awards

But let’s start from players and their achievements. I have some great news!


Ochoa is Goalkeeper of the Year in FM 2009

Suddenly Francisco Gullermo Ochoa got Goalkeeper of the Year award! He made me really proud. Now I think that I have the best keeper in the world when Ochoa makes his next save. What I can say… He is truly wonderful goalkeeper and Hull captain whose saves sometimes decide the results of the most important games (for instance, those that I had against Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester United).


My another pride is Milovan Rakic. His price became near $50M, his continental reputation has grown highly just because the guy scores goals confidently and stably independent of opponent’s strength. By the way, one of his most valuable abilities is the percentage of scored goals when Rakic comes out one-on-one with a goalkeeper! It’s always more possible that he wouldn’t fail one-on-one moment than vice versa.

Rakic got to the “substitution bench” of World Team of the Year. Moreover, he was nominated for the Best European Footballer award (Golden Ball)!

World team of the Year with Rakic in FM 2009

Team and its progress in tournaments

Currently I like the latest results and quality of football shown by the players:

Impressive series of matches from Hull

FA Cup

At first you may see that my Hull is very successive in FA Cup overcoming Arsenal (goal of Suarez and saves of Ochoa provided the victory) and Manchester United (Buonanotte – man of the match with 1 goal and 1 assist).

So now we have a nice chance to win our first trophy when the main rivals are out of the tournament. The next obstacle on the way to the trophy is Tottenham.

Champions League

The first knockout round game with Schalke was pretty complicated. Hull was loosing with 2:0 score on the 76th minute!!! But then Shakhov and Brand provided a comfortable draw with effective shots! German team is not so strong and I think my Hull will enter a quarterfinal phase. But sure it’s necessary to be very careful in the second match.

Premier League

In the previous Hull story post I described the situation when my club was in 7 points from Arsenal. Now the distance is shorter. Only 3 points!

Following Man Utd and Arsenal in FM 2009

I would like to single out important away Premier League win against Arsenal. Just look to the match stats:


Decisive goal was scored by our best forward Milovan Rakic. Unfortunately he was injured in the next match with the Gunners in FA Cup… 3-4 months I am made to use Zeefuik and Ugbah instead of Rakic on the edge of attack:

Milovan Rakic's injury in FM 2009


In the end I want to tell you that I hope the battle for title will be hot and my players will show a real performance from their side!

Monday, 7 September 2009

Ivory Coast in African Cup 2014

I was already reporting about African Cup 2012. That cup was won by my Ivory Coast team in the very hard final against Senegal. In 2014 another competition awaited national team I manage.

We had no problems at the group stage getting the first position in our group:

Group stage, African Cup 2014 in FM 2009

Then there were 2 confident victories against Togo (quarterfinal) and Cameroon (semifinal). But suddenly my guys were unable to overcome Nigeria in the final.

African Cup 2014 in FM 2009

Look to the short report of the final:

Nigeria vs Ivory Coast in the final of African Cup

Now look to the match stats:

Match stats in the final of African Cup 2014 in FM 2009

Well you see Ivory Coast had some advantage in shots and possession. But it was very hard to implement that advantage.

“What is the secret of such poor accuracy of shots?”, you would probably ask. The main problem that caused the loss in the final is injuries. I had the following first squad players injured:

- Drogba

- Sanogo

- Salomon Kalou

- Baky Kone

All enumerated players are attacking ones and those who usually score most of goals in my team. So I had certainly weakened attacking line during matches of African Cup 2014.

That is the reason why Yaya Toure (MC) and Christian Romaric (AMC) were made to score goals with their power shots. As a result they became the best goals scorers of the tournament:

Toure and Romaric - best goalscorers in the African Cup 2014

After the tournament Kolo Toure and Didier Drogba suddenly rejected from being captain and vice-captain… I choose my second main central defender Diomande and Romaric for this team roles.

Ivory Coast captain change


P.S. By the way you probably have just paid attention at the members of my group in the upcoming World Cup 2014. Yes, Ivory Coast has a great group to pass through: Sweden, Iran and Columbia! Hope there will not be injury problem during the World Cup.

Monday, 31 August 2009

Top 8 of all best championships in my game

Hello, my dear readers!

Today I decided to share an information about table standings in the most interesting leagues of my Hull game. It’s 5th of February, 2014 now. And here are leading 8 clubs in every championship that I have turned on in my FM 2009 game:


Top eight of England in Football Manager 2009 

You see my Hull is still chasing Arsenal and Manchester United.


Top eight of Spain in Football Manager 2009

Hull has already two victories over Atletico Madrid in the Champions League.


Top eight of Italy in FM2009


Top eight of Germany in FM2009


Top eight of France in FM2009


Top eight of Russia in FM 2009

Pay attention that their championship finished in the end of 2013.


Top eight of Ukraine in FM 2009


Hope you will find this information interesting!

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Wonderkids in my game. Part E-G

Are you in search of U19 talents? If yes, I recommend to use Best young players in FM 2014. There are many cheap FM 2014 players, by the way.

Another portion of information about wonderkids in my game today – good young players whose surnames start from E, F or G.
Links on previous parts:
- Part A-B
- Part C-D


Carlos Eduardo
Carlos Eduardo in FM 2009
Hoffenhaim leader used his career opportunities completely.
07.2009 – Transfer to HSV for $9.5M.
07.2012 – Bought by Juventus for $17.25M
Nowadays he has brilliant attribute values as for attacking midfielder and plays on AMC position in Juventus. Though Eduardo hasn’t been called to national team of Brazil –  the competition is too high.

Mehmet Ekici
Mehmet Ekici in FM 2009
Mehmet Ekici is the one of youngsters that I have in my shortlist. At the current moment he still performs for Bayern Munich. They use him more often as ML and in rare cases as MC. Versatility of Ekici attracts my attention:

Urby Emanuelson
Urby Emanuelson in FM 2009
Nice left defender and midfielder. But not a big star, actually. Still plays football in Ajax club. I would buy him as substitution player for my Hull.

Ched Evans
Ched Evans
Leading striker of Wales and Bolton. Quite good player for any team, I think. His career:
07.2011 - Signed on free by Rangers from Manchester City.
01.2012 – Bought by Bolton for $8.75M


Federico Fazio
Federico Fazio in FM 2009
Fazio is one of the best central defenders in the world now! His attributes are marvellous – strong, mental guy with good tackling and passing. Would love to buy him! By the way, I bought him in Football Manager 2008 managing Southampton if you don’t remeber.
Fazio is Sevilla player from the very beginning.

Vincenzo Fiorillo
Vincenzo Fiorillo in FM2009
One of the most prospective goalkeepers in Football Manager 2009 didn’t develop to a real star. Probably the problem is in his low Work Rate. Fiorillo is the second goalie of Sampdoria now (Diego Alves is the first).

John Fleck
John Fleck in FM 09
Scottish talented disappoints as well. He was bought by West Brom in 2010 for $12M. Nevertheless, ratings of Fleck were under 6.70 every season! So he was sold to Wigan performing in the Championship for only $2.7M in 2012.

Rui Fonte
Portuguese attacker of Arsenal was released on free transfer by the club in 2011. French Stade Rennais took him out. Rui Fonte appears to be a decent player for any team below the first 10 in top 5 European leagues.

Vegard Forren
Vegard Forren in FM09
Stable central defender. In spite of his unnoticeable values of attributes Forren is the first squad player in both Ajax and Norway. He used career opportunities efficiently:
08.2008 – Transfer move from Molde to Heeerenveen. $3.8M
07.2011 – Transfer move from Heeerenveen to Ajax. The same $3.8M
Marco Ezio Fossati
Marco Ezio Fossati in FM 2009 
Seems like Fossati didn’t do enough to realize hopes relied on him. Anyway he was sold by Inter to Vicenza for only $850K. That’s a good piece of business if you look at his current price in the screenshot!
From the other hand, he belongs partially to both Milan and Vicenza. Callback fee of this partial agreement is pretty high:
Callback fee


Gerson in Football Manager 2009
The fact that Gerson hasn’t been bought by any team and is still in Gremio proves his average quality in my game…

Guilherme in FM2009
07.2009 – Bought by Valencia for $29.5M.
07.2011 – Bought by Real Madrid for the same $29.5M.
Well this guy plays in the main squads of Brazil and Real Madrid! What I can say – a real star of football who is wanted by many clubs. Though it’s very hard to create a transfer because of his current price.

Andres Guardado
Guardado in FM2009
Certainly one of the best left midfielders in the world! And again – player of Real Madrid! His attributes are truly excellent. Pay attention that he is the most expensive wonderkid of this post - $53M!
Worldwide reputation of Guardado
Guardado has already 100 caps for Mexico being in age of 27 years!
It’s better to look at his career stats using the next screenshot:
Career of Guardado

Martin Galvan
Martin Galvan in FM2009
I would say Galvan is a fine footballer looking at his attributes. The only problem that he is still Mexico. He was transferred from his native Cruz Azul to Pachuca for $1.6M.