Thursday, 25 December 2014

Custom squad and scouting views in FM 2015

Hello dear readers,

I know some of you were interested in original customized views created by me in FM 2015. And I promised to share them in this blog. So there are two packs containing 9 views. All of them are very helpful for me in Dream Job story. Hope you'll enjoy importing them.

Squad views

Download pack of FM 2015 squad views

It includes:

  • TFM Selection. Common selection view with the most significant stats
  • TFM Stats. Shows much wider set of the most helpful stats. Used for in-depth squad analysis and player comparison. 
  • TFM Contracts. Used for payroll budget analysis.

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Core tactics for Braganca in FM 2015

Dear readers,

The first season managing Braganca became a successful one. I managed to get into promotion playoff has having quite weak squad and 5000 bet coefficient of title win. In fact Braganca was the 4th team of 80 in Portuguese National Championship. That was a merit of used tactical approach, and I am ready to share it with you just right now.

Total impression

At first I had some experiments with asymmetric tactical approach trying to play without central midfielders at all. But then it became clear for me it couldn't work because many PNC teams use 4-5-1 formation overloading midfield. So after all I stopped on two tactics and played almost the whole season using them:

  • 4-4-1-1 Control - main one
  • 4-1-2-2-1 - backup one

The latter is actually modified version of my AZ tactics used in FM 2014. I can say it didn't work well against other PNC teams, so 4-4-1-1 Control was used in most cases. The following stats confirms success rates for both tactics:

Monday, 17 November 2014

FM 2015 Graphics

Dear FM gamers,

Playing Football Manager is better and more authentic if you download and install some additional graphics: player faces, club logos, team kits. It make our favorite game more vivid, realistic and bright.

This article is created to help out those who are interested in the best FM 2015 graphics or merely don't know how to set it up correctly. Here are my choices for Football Manager 2015 used in Dream Job story.


FM 2015 FacepackFM 2015 MegapackFM2015 Graphics

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Rigid tactics: 2 backup variants I use

Dear readers,

Thanks for joining True Football Manager again. It’s time to share 2 backup tactics used by me in Dynamo Dresden story. Both of them are based on my main tactic which was presented earlier. Ideologically, the whole my FM14 tactic set differs from the one I had in FM13 called Triple C. I had an attempt to play very different football styles using different formations in Football Manager 2013. An opposite approach cultivated by me in FM 2014 because currently all three Dresden tactics have many common features:

  • Very rigid philosophy
  • High use of flanks
  • Direct passing
  • Wide play

But let’s try to to understand what differences my backup tactics have from already published counter-attacking one.


Sunday, 5 January 2014

FM14 Custom Views: Player Search

Hello dear readers,

First of all sorry for the delay in blog updates, I travelled to home town where I had no good Internet connection.

Not long ago I published my custom squad views used in Dresden story which have already  been downloaded by more than 400 people so far. So today I would like to continue sharing customised views I created in Football Manager 2014. I’m sure some of you will be glad to see such kind of FM content. This time it’s all about Player Search screen which is certainly one of the most significant in the Game.

Player Search Views

Player search screen is used in two cases:

  • Straight player search with different filters. Frequently used by me to find transfer/loan listed or value free player.
  • View and analyse player shortlist. By the way, my current shortlist as a head coach of Dresden contains 727 footballers!
Saturday, 28 December 2013

Pack of my squad views in FM 2014

Hi everybody,

Going to share my customized views today. That’s one of new features appeared in Football Manager few years ago that makes me happy. So now I can’t imagine FM 2014 without customized views.

Squad views

This screen is most visited by any FM gamer. You have full access to the list of first team players can view and sort it in any possible way due to available customization. Currently I have three customized view there. My default one is called TFM Squad view. It allows to follow the most important player stats while selecting squad for a next match. Especially I like to follow Key Passes/Headers/Tackles and percentage ratios per each action.

Squad view in FM 2014


Wednesday, 25 December 2013

FM 2014 Tactics

FM 2014 Tactics

At the height of the season 2 I am glad to share my FM 2014 tactics used for Dynamo Dresden. I cannot boast with some great results so far but think this tactic works pretty fine and could only need a couple of small adjustments. By the way, it would be nice if you suggest me any creative minds in the comments.


Friday, 22 November 2013

Football Manager 2014 Kits

Football Manager 2014 Kits

Hi everybody,

Today I’d like to present another great piece of work from SortItOutsi team – FM 2014 Kits! This is the thing I can’t already live without managing Dynamo Dresden. Love their yellow t-shirts with black stripes!

SortItOutsi kits can be downloaded from original site.  However, here we have a problem: graphic files are not grouped into one megapack and one has to download multiple kits for different leagues and joining files together. I decided to resolve this issue for you.

Here is a single link with all FM 2014 kits included:

Download FM 2014 Kits

Steps to install FM 2014 Kits

  1. Download megapack file. It’s size is 490MB.
  2. Unpack the download archive file via WinZip, 7-Zip, or WinRar.
  3. Put extracted files from archive into “Graphics” subfolder of your Football Manager data folder.  Here is the path you need for that:
    • My Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2014/Graphics
  4. If you don’t see Graphics subfolder, just create it.
  5. Go to FM 2014 Preferences, click Interface .
  6. Turn off “Use caching to decrease page loading times” setting.
  7. Turn on “Reload skin when confirming changes in Preferences” setting.


Hope you’ll enjoy using the kits!

Excited to blog for you,

Vitaliy Mokosiy

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Exclusive FM 2014 Wonderkids and Talents (U19)

Football Manager 2014 Wonderkids

Dear friends,

So awaited FM 2014 wonderkids from me today! My blog is well known for creation of convenient player listing that began in 2007. Since that time other FM sites started to be copycats making something similar to my list. But every year my new list get new original features that other sites have no. That’s probably why my last year FM 13 list got more than 5 millions of views and became the most popular page of the blog.

So here is my gift to you dedicated to recent Football Manager 2014 release is a list of FM 2014 wonderkids and talents. It was created with love and passion, and I believe it should be helpful for many of you.
Friday, 25 October 2013

Football Manager 2014 Facepack

If you play Football Manager 2014 without special facepack, you are missing a lot. It’s really pleasant to see faces of players and staff when you enter their profiles in the game. So if you have not installed any FM 2014 facepack this short guide is just right for you!

FM 2014 Facepack: Cut Out Faces

Well, it’s my favourite one. I use it from year to year with a huge pleasure.  This year’s version includes more than 134,000 faces of players and staff members. I do believe SortItOutsi site team should be thanked for their hard work.
Football Manager 2014 Facepack
Download Football Manager 2014 Facepack
Steps to install FM 2014 Facepack
  1. Download large facepack file. It weights 6 GB.
  2. Unpack the download archive file via WinZip, 7-Zip, or WinRar ignoring warning messages.
  3. Put files from archive into “Graphics” subfolder of your Football Manager data folder.  Here is the path you need for that:
    • My Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2014/Graphics
  4. If you don’t see Graphics subfolder, just create it manually.
  5. Go to FM 2014 Preferences –> Interface.
  6. Untick “Use caching to decrease page loading times” setting.
  7. Enable “Reload skin when confirming changes in Preferences” setting.
In case if you encounter any problem during installation process, you may either write me here in the comments below or even better ask regarding your problem the facepack creators directly at the official help and support forum.

Excited to blog for you,
Vitaliy Mokosiy
Sunday, 13 October 2013

Nottm Forest story save (May, 2021)

Nottm Forest

Guys, I have uploaded my Nottingham Forest .FM file for you:

Download Forest save

So you should be able to download it and open with Football Manager 2013. In this way you can continue Forest story. I will be very glad if anyone of you write a report about squad changes and results in season 10 somehow. Blogging is highly welcomed, though it can a simple forum post as well.

If you blog or at least post some screens at any FM forum and notify me, I will mention your efforts right here in the blog.

Hope you’ll enjoy managing Nottingham Forest as I have been enjoying!

Excited to blog for you,

Vitaliy Mokosiy

Friday, 26 October 2012

Football Manager 2013 Faces and Logos

I don’t know how you but I always use 2 most important graphics extensions for Football Manager 2013: Faces and Logos. Especially the former. It’s much more pleasant to play the game when you see faces of players and staff members entering their profiles. Thus I decided to create the article helping to install facepack and logopack in Football Manager 2013 for those who need help.

Football Manager 2013 Faces

Walcott - Football Manage 2013 Faces  Carlos Tevez - FM 2013 Faces Petr Cech - Football Manager 2013 Facepack Rio Ferdinand - FM 2013 Facepack Fellaini - Football Manager 2013 player faces
Let me advice you Cut Out Faces Megapack for FM 2013! It contains more than 110,000 faces of players and staff. All of us should thank SortItOutsi site team who did their best creating this amazing photo collection.
Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Guide for FM bloggers

Guide for FM bloggers

I know here are other Football Manager bloggers among my blog readers. Therefore I am happy to present my first ebook about Football Manager. Actually, as you understood it’s about efficient and joyful FM blogging.

The guide was written by me and John McParland (author of one the best FMCrowd blogs). I conducted all my blogging experience since 2007 thinking over tips for other FM people. So the guide is for you if you have a blog and want to make it:

- more entertaining

- more popular

Download link is available on this page: The Art of FM Blogging

Any feedback is welcomed in the comments below!

Excited to blog for you,

Vitaliy Mokosiy

Monday, 30 January 2012

Don’t like to create your Tactics in FM 2012?

Need a good FM 2013 tactics? Here I have an original tactical approach which includes 3 efficient Football Manager 2013 tactics. Check it out!


FM 2012 Tactics

If yes, just a quick tip for you and those people who ask me often about efficient tactics. I have prepared the link list containing various efficient FM 2012 tactics available in the Web. You can download them for free!

- My Supersonic tactics 

- Ranked tactics at FM Crowd

- Tactics at FM-Base

- Tactics at

- Tactics at FM Formation

Hope the FM 2012 tactics links list will be useful for you!

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Football Manager 2012 Logos (Logo Packs)

If you play FM 13, I strongly advise to download Football Manager 2013 Logos. It will make you game more pretty.


There are two finest Football Manager 2012 logo packs created by different fans of the Game. I want you to knowabout them, if you still don’t know, because such efforts are worth of it. I would like to thank every Football Manager 2012 logos creator with this post.

Share the logos with your friends

1. Metallic Logo Pack

FM 2012 logos
It’s my favourite Football Manager 2012 logos from Sortitoutsi community. I am using it in my Q.P.R. game.
Download via Torrent
Forum where you can information about the logo pack:

2. B'Logos Club Megapack

Football Manager 2012 logos
Nicely styled logos that will fit into any skin hosted on
          Download #2
Forum where you can information about the logo pack:

How to install Football Manager 2012 logos?

  1. Unpack downloaded archive file with logos.
  2. Move its unpacked files to folder “graphics\logos” subfolder of Football Manager 2012 “user data” folder  (if “graphics” folder doesn’t exist then create it manually).
  3. Your FM 2012 preferences (Display & Sound section) must have the following settings with these values:
    - Use Skin Cache = Off
    - Always Reload Skin on Confirm = On
An example explaining folder location:
After all I have a folder "C:\Users\Rayden\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2012\graphics\logos".
This is where unpacked folder with logos will be located. ‘Rayden’ is my username in Windows 7.

Hope you will like these FM 2012 logo packs!
Sunday, 4 December 2011

FM Share - a new way of sharing downloads for Football Manager

Hello dear readers,

First of all I want you to know I am working over Q.P.R. squad revolution post. The transfer campaign is completed. I am happy with its results… You will be able to read the post on Tuesday when it will be ready.


FM Share at

Football Manager 2012 downloads at FM Share

Today I would like to make an announcement of a new site area at, community of Football Manager 2012 blogs. It allows FM Crowd users (not only bloggers, you can be just registered user for that) sharing different helpful FM downloads:

- Tactics

- Trainings

- Shortlists

- Tips & Hints


Rankings by likes


The best thing about this way of sharing is that any user can ‘like’ your, let’s say, tactics moving it higher in the rankings. By means of this function the best FM content will go up to the first ranking positions. It will help all Football Manager fans to see what tactics/trainings are the most valuable and should be downloaded at first!

Another captivating idea put in FM Share rankings is that you can compete with other FM gamers uploading your tactics/trainings/shortlist/tip.


Time to share

FM Share was started 2 weeks ago, therefore its highest ranked tip, for instance, has only 6 likes. For a while you don’t need many like to get to Top 3 in any of 4 categories (trainings, tips & hints, tactics, shortlists). I think its a good opportunity to upload some FM content you are proud of, for example, your tactics. I wish you to become the first at very beginning!

You may share something original you’ve created via this page: Share

It’s time to share!Улыбка

Friday, 2 December 2011

Football Manager 2012 Training Schedules

Football Manager 2012 Training Schedules
Yesterday I uploaded my Football Manager 2012 training schedules to FM Crowd. And now it’s time for some kind of review for the schedules which I have been using in my Q.P.R. story.
First of all, download links from me:
Download my FM 2012 trainings

Share the schedules with your friends! They'll be happy!

My training approach

It can be formulated as several ideas actually:
- Use of quite hard workload to gain more attributes growth:
            In FM 2012 it’s last slider position of Medium / first slider position of Heavy
- Rotate your players to avoid overworking. It can also help in keeping high Morale level.
- Rarely buy players with high injury proneness reported by scouts. If I buy such kind of a player, then he has a special weakened schedule.
- Players who complain about heavy workload should be also move to easier trainings.
- All my FM 2012 training schedules are named by position: DC, AMRL, AMC, MC, DMC, DRL, SC. I think schedules names are self-explanatory.

How to import trainings into your game

2 quick steps you should do for that:
1. Download TSH files.
2. In Football Manager 2012 go to Team > Training > Schedules. Click Manage Schedules… button, click Import.

Read the awesome training masterclass!

Last but not least, learn more about trainings and player development in Football Manager 2012 reading a brilliant masterclass from Mantralux. It will definitely increase your level of FM 2012 understanding .
Sunday, 20 November 2011

Football Manager 2012 Tactics: Supersonic

If you are searching for FM 2013 tactics, please take a look at Football Manager 2013 tactics used in Nottingham Forest story.
Dear readers,
Today I am ready to share my original Football Manager 2012 tactics. I called it Supersonic because of very quick tempo. The tactics can be download from FM Share at
Download my Football Manager 2012 tactics

Share the tactics with your friends! They'll be happy!

Team instructions

I decided to experiment with effective tactical approach in Football Manager 2012 consisting of the following components:
- Maximally quick tempo
- Wide play
- High defensive line + Closing Down opponents
- Rigid philosophy following my initial story targets
As a result I got very attractive attacking style of football produced by my Q.P.R. I am really proud of it!


Formation, player roles and duties

Tactics formation, FM 2012
My formation is 4-2-1-2-1. I use it at first in all Football Manager versions I ever played.  Well, let’s consider some important principles of Supersonics tactical formation.


Efficient flanks

At first sight the formation seems fairly defensive because of 6 players below centre of midfield. But actually it’s attacking formation due full backs overlapping wingers and forcing flank attacks much. As a result each of flanks has 2 players hugging the line and trying to make a cross to the striker with Poacher role.


Slightly asymmetric

Asymmetric tactics FM 12Left back joins attack more often than right back. I made this change increasing Mentality slider manually. The reason of that - I have two quick attacking left backs Traore and Digne.
You can also see 2 asymmetric defensive midfielders. DMLC has Anchor Man role what compensates more attacking style of a left back. DMLC covers area of a left back. Meanwhile DMRC works closer to central midfielder because right back run away from position not so often.



Central midfielder = Playmaker

Using playmaker is important tactics feature. MC should be a smart technically gifted guy who will quickly resolve an issue “What attacking direction is better in a current case?”. There are 4 cases when playmaker can aggravate an opponent:
Attacking directions, Football Manager 2012 tactics
Playmaker may:
1. Pass to a left winger.
2. Pass to a right winger.
3. Pass to a forward.
4. Dribble forward distracting opponent’s defensive players and making more spaces for passes.
Currently this role is given to wonderkid Marco Verratti in my team:
Verratti as a playmaker in my FM 2012 tactics

Supersonic striker

Poacher striker should very fast and have a great composure to score one-on-one goal moments. It’s also useful if he is good in air winning headers coming from wingers. Though Crossing instruction can be changed to Drill Crosses in case if you striker is of very low height.
Another important feature is absolute pressing. Your striker together with quick wingers always close down defenders with ball causing them to make mistakes:
Defensive instructions of striker, FM 2012 tactics
Certainly high Stamina and Work Rate are must.

Sweeper keeper

The high defensive line is good for taking away the ball earlier when opponent’s player is not close to your goalie. But sometimes it may happen that quicker striker overtakes a DC and only a goalkeeper can run and take away the ball. It’s the same as Victor Valdes acts in Barcelona.
The role of Sweeper keeper demands high Pace, Acceleration and Rushing Out.

Requirements to players

You can be successive manager with this tactics only if you sort out players. Quick and wide attacking style with high defensive line demands high level of the following player attributes:
- Passing
- Technique
- First Touch
- Decisions
- Determination
- Teamwork
- Work Rate
- Stamina
- Pace
- Acceleration
So please take a look at these attributes at first if you are going to use Supersonic tactics.
Defensive high line means you should get fast central and wing backs. It’s compulsory!
As usually you should also pay attention also to Player Roles. Every role has distinct requirements.

Using touchline shouts

Here are some touchline shouts I use with this tactics in different cases.


Case 1: Your team needs to score a goal

In this case I do one of the following actions:
- shout to Hassle Opponents. If referee is not strict, use also Get Stuck In shout.
- set Control strategy + Push Higher Up shout.
- set Attacking strategy + Get Ball Forward shout + Work Ball Into Box shout.
- find the most weak players in opponent’s formation. Flanks or middle? Set Exploit The Flanks or Exploit The Middle then. It will help your playmaker to decided better attacking direction.


Case 2: Your team needs to hold a score

- set Contain strategy + Pass into Feet + Retain Possession + Play Narrower In the very end of the match you can make a Play Even Safer shout.
- set Counter Attack strategy.
- use Drop Deeper shout.

Case 3: Your team plays against very strong opponent

- Counter Attack strategy is must! It works very well with Supersonic tactic!
- You can add to the strategy these 2 shouts: Pass into Space + Exploit The Flanks.



I never created a tactics with such a quick tempo level. Let’s try to recall all tactics created during the life of True Football Manager blog. I produced 3 tactics with short tempo during last years:
- FM 2008. Southampton tactics
- FM 2009. Hull tactics
- FM 2011. Boston United tactics
FM 2010. Leeds United was based on normal tempo. And only FM 2010. Northern Ireland tactics had been a slightly quick. But it was nothing if we compare it with my current maximally quick tempo!

What do you think about my FM 2012 tactics?

I hope you will find helpful my Football Manager 2012 tactics because it’s one of the best I’ve ever created! It would be great to see your comments about it. I know some of you can even help me to improve the tactics. So I am ready for you comments!Улыбка
Friday, 4 November 2011

Football Manager 2012 Facepack

Football Manager 2013 facepack is already available for free. More than 110,000 faces of players and staff members.


imageIker CasillasCarles PuyolGennaro Gattuso Vincent Kompany
Sir Alex FergusonJose Mourinho Pepe GuardiolaArsene Wenger Roberto Mancini
New Football Manager 2012 facepack is awesome! I started using it 2 weeks ago after FM 2012 release and have no any problems with it. There are some important details about the facepack:
- It’s a megapack with cut-out faces of players and coaches.
- It contains more than 92000 faces!
- The facepack is created by I would like to thank them much! Guys, you are doing a great work!
- Facepack size – 4.2 GB
- It’s version officially numbered as 4.0

Download Football Manager 2012 facepack

If you experience a problem downloading or installing the facepack, please try to inform its creators in the official help thread at their forum:
Help thread for the facepack

Share the facepack with your friends! They'll be happy!

How to install Football Manager 2012 facepack?

  1. Unpack downloaded ZIP file.
  2. Move its unpacked files to folder “graphics” subfolder of Football Manager 2012 “user data” folder  (if “graphics” folder doesn’t exist then create it manually).
  3. Your FM 2012 preferences (Display & Sound section) must have the following settings with these values:
    - Use Skin Cache = Off
    - Always Reload Skin on Confirm = On

An example explaining folder location:
After all I have a folder "C:\Users\Rayden\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2012\graphics\".
This is where unpacked folder with facepack is located. ‘Rayden’ is my username in Windows 7.

So I hope you’ll be also fond of using this great Football Manager 2012 facepack as well as me!Улыбка
Thursday, 20 October 2011

Football Manager 2012 Free Players

Do you play FM 2014? Then try out my list of Football Manager 2014 Free Players!

Here is my list of free players in Football Manager 2012. I am posting it one day before the official FM 2012 release. And I hope it will help you to get some decent players for free in the very start of your game.
The free players list has several features I should mention:
- Based on Update 12.2.0
- It contains around 120 best free players in FM 12.
- All players are grouped by positions (GK, DMC, DL, etc.).
- Every position group consists of 3 quality subgroups: Very Good, Good, Decent. As you understand the subgroups correspond to a relative player level.
- Every players is described with the following data: Name, Age, Nation
- Shortlist file is included (you can find a link at the bottom).
IMPORTANT NOTE: The list is opened for any changes. Surely I missed good free players. So you are welcomed to remind me about them in the comments. I will appreciate your help!Улыбка

Share the list with your friends! They'll be happy!

Goalkeepers (GK)

Very Good ЗвездочкаЗвездочкаЗвездочка 

Frank Rost, 37, Germany
Simon Pouplin, 26, France
Tony Sylva, 36, Senegal 

Good ЗвездочкаЗвездочка

Marcos, 35, Brazil
Matteo Sereni, 36, Italy
Vedran Runje, 35, Croatia
Andjelko Djuricic, 30, Serbia
Dimitar Ivankov, 35, Bulgaria
Arni Gautur Arason, 36, Iceland

Decent Звездочка

Dida, 37, Brazil
Janos Balogh, 28, Hungary
Martin Lejsal, 28, Czech Republic
Kristoffer Nordfeldt, 22, Sweden
Vincent Briant, 25, Sweden
Richard Kingson, 33, Ghana
Mahamadou Sidibe, 32, Mali
Lounes Gaouaoui, 33, Algeria
Alvaro Nunez, 38, Uruguay

Central Defenders (DC)

Very Good ЗвездочкаЗвездочкаЗвездочка 

Arne Friedrich, 32, Germany
Birger Maertens, 31, Belgium
Talal El Karkouri, 34, Morocco

Good ЗвездочкаЗвездочка

Fernando Meira, 33, Portugal
Sol Campbell, 36, England
Francisco Pavon, 31, Spain
Luis Fuentes, 39, Chile
Matteo Ferrari, 31, Italy
Dardo Caballero, 30, Uruguay
Milton do O, 32, Brazil
Lamine Diatta, 36, Senegal
Ibrahim Gnanou, 24, Burkina Faso
Rafael Santos, 26, Brazil
Joseph Enakarhire, 28, Nigeria
Oumar Kalabane, 30, Guinea
Malkhaz Asatiani, 29, Georgia

Decent Звездочка

Matthias Langkamp, 27, Germany
Ramon, 20, Brazil
Vladyslav Vaschuk, 36, Ukraine
Ricardo Rojas, 36, Chile
Dorian Dervite, 22, France
Diego Crosa, 35, Argentina

Right Defenders (DR, WBR)

Carlos Diogo vs Barcelona

Very Good ЗвездочкаЗвездочкаЗвездочка 

Carlos Diogo, 27, Uruguay

Good ЗвездочкаЗвездочка

Stuart Parnaby, 28, England
Chidi Odiah, 27, Nigeria
Abubakari Yakubu, 29, Ghana

Decent Звездочка

Tristan Lahaye, 28, France
Paul Stalteri, 33, Canada
Maurice Ross, 30, Scotland
Kewullay Conteh, 33, Sierra Leone
Ibrahima Sory-Conte, 30, Guinea
Laszlo Bodnar, 32, Hungary

Left Defenders (DL, WBL)

Pierre Wome in FM 2012

Very Good ЗвездочкаЗвездочкаЗвездочка 

Pierre Wome, 32, Cameroon
Timothee Atouba, 29, Cameroon

Good ЗвездочкаЗвездочка

Marco Ramos, 28, Portugal
Vitaliy Fedoriv, 23, Ukraine
Jorge Ribeiro, 29, Portugal
Leandro, 32, Brazil

Decent Звездочка

Ibrahima Sory Camara, 26, Guinea
Gregory Vignal, 29, France
Rodrigo Perez, 37, Chile
Andriy Fartushnyak, 22, Ukraine
Manu Rubio, 24, Spain
Ben Thatcher, 35, Wales
Salaheddine Sbai, 25, Morocco
Amarito, 24, Spain

Central Defensive Midfielders (DMC)

Mahamadou Diarra - former Real Madrid player

Very Good ЗвездочкаЗвездочкаЗвездочка 

Mahamadou Diarra, 30, Mali
Ezequiel Carboni, 32, Argentina
Gabri, 32, Spain
Anthony Obodai, 29, Ghana

Good ЗвездочкаЗвездочка

Tam Nsaliwa, 29, Canada
Caue, 22, Brazil
Stelvio, 22, Angola
Zlatan Bajramovic, 31, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Sidi Keita, 26, Mali
Nicolas Dieuze, 32, France

Decent Звездочка

Badara Sene, 26, Senegal
Alioum Saidou, 33, Cameroon
Albert Baning, 26, Cameroon
Brahim Hemdani, 33, Algeria
Diego Camacho, 34, Spain
Mourad Hdiouad, 34, Morocco
Amdy Faye, 34, Senegal
Roberto Baronio, 33, Italy

Central Midfielders (MC)

Maniche from Portugal

Very Good ЗвездочкаЗвездочкаЗвездочка 

Maniche, 33, Portugal
Guti, 34, Spain

Good ЗвездочкаЗвездочка

Jonatas, 28, Brazil
Gilberto, 35, Brazil
Michael Stewart, 30, Scotland
Abderrahman Kabous, 28, Morocco

Decent Звездочка

Douglas Peruibe, 25, Brazil
Ruben Palazuelos, 28, Spain
Ivan Ergic, 30, Serbia
Sergio, 34, Spain
Geremi Ndjitap, 32, Cameroon
Fernando, 33, Brazil
Lucas Pusineri, 34, Argentina

Left Midfielders and Wingers (ML, AML)

Very Good ЗвездочкаЗвездочкаЗвездочка 

Pinga, 30, Brazil

Good ЗвездочкаЗвездочка

Maykon, 27, Brazil
Dzmitry Rekish, 22 Belarus
Petter Vaagan Moen, 27, Norway
Boudewijn Zenden, 34, Holland


Fode Mansare, 29, Guinea
Marco Ingrao, 28, Belgium
Stiven Rivic, 25, Croatia
Salomon Olembe, 30, Cameroon
Claudio Lopez, 36, Argentina
Geoffrey Tulasne, 23, France
Lilian Bochet, 20, France
Rocky Siberie, 29, Curacao
Athirson, 34, Brazil

Right Midfielders and Wingers (MR, AMR)

Very Good ЗвездочкаЗвездочкаЗвездочка 


Good ЗвездочкаЗвездочка

Xisco Nadal, 25, Spain
Youssouf Hersi, 28, Holland
Pascal Feindouno, 30, Guinea
Steed Malbranque, 31, France


Lucas Castroman, 30, Argentina
Romano Denneboom, 30, Holland
Miguel Perez, 31, Spain

Central Attacking Midfielders (AMC)

Very Good ЗвездочкаЗвездочкаЗвездочка 


Good ЗвездочкаЗвездочка

Luigi Bruins, 24, Holland
Arnold Bruggink, 33, Holland

Decent Звездочка

Robert Pires, 37, France
Hong Yong-Jo, 30, North Korea
Edu, 32, Brazil
Hamed Namouchi, 27, Tunisia
Jason Koumas, 31, Wales
Cesar La Paglia, 32, Argentina

Strikers (SC)

Very Good ЗвездочкаЗвездочкаЗвездочка

Good ЗвездочкаЗвездочка

Ioannis Amanatidis, 29, Greece
Ahmed Soukouna, 21, France
Arthuro, 29, Brazil

Decent Звездочка

Guayre, 31, Spain
Abdessalam Benjelloun, 26, Morocco
Isaac Boakye, 29, Ghana
Collins John, 25, Holland

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