Friday, 11 July 2014

Before the last two World Cup games

Hello dear readers,

This time I was hesitating regarding what to write about. Dresden story continues and has enough interesting events to be shared with you. But at the same we all have passed the semi-final line in Brazil and are thinking about upcoming final and 3rd place game. This time I decided to make accent into real world football with just one question for you from my FM 2014 story.

Kicking skill question

You know this I have talented Brazilian Fabio in Dynamo Dresden as a main goalie.

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

You will score as many as you can and…


Hello dear readers,

I can’t be silent after yesterday’s incredible World Cup semi-final.

There’s a proverb in Russian: You will score as many as you can and we will score as many as we want. It’s about how Brazilian national team plays football. But yesterday we saw only the first part of this proverb.

It was one of the most amazing and shocking match in football history! If I were Brazilian, I would definitely be crying like that Brazilian girl. Damn, that’s what we love football for!

What caused the defeat

I was sure Brazil wouldn’t win the World Cup this time after watching their first match against Croatians. They didn’t really deserve to be in Top-4 as for me after all played matches and showed performance. They have been performing unsurely. But such 1:7 defeat is too much even for them. Let’s try to figure out what caused so catastrophic result for Brazilians.

1. Brazil wasn’t ready to play Thiago Silva. Head coach Luiz Felipe Scolari is absolutely responsible for that. He just didn’t prepared his team to play without leading centre back.

2. Low-quality and nervous goalkeeper Julio Cesar. Again it’s mistake of Scolari to opt the guy who played half of season in Toronto. Julio Cesar is not the best Brazilian goalie in my humble opinion. That’s how I and many fans were thinking before World Cup.

3. In total, Brazil defence was looking like they ate something wrong all together.  Total disgrace. I believe defenders should share some responsibility together with Scolari.

I don’t think Neymar’s presence would influence the result because Brazil was completely awful in defensive moves.

And how do you think? What reasons of defeat would you single out?

Excited to blog for you,

Vitaliy Mokosiy

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Dark horse Belgium

Hello dear readers,

How do you think: what am I going to write about now? The first thought would probably be: Belgium at World Cup 2014 in the real life. Well no. The point is in that I was tempted to suggest myself as a new coach of Belgian national team.


Old blog followers know that normally I don’t like managing national teams. But this time I want to make Belgium dominating force basing upon two important things:

  • Belgium has a lot of great players, so-called golden generation. Want to deal with them.
  • All Dresden tactics will be used for Belgium. So no time for a new tactic-set creation will be spent.

It would be great to feel those enormous pressures while managing at international level!

Belgian FA


Friday, 27 June 2014

Tournaments in season 5

Hi dear readers,

Blog post #812. Today’s format is pretty usual for World Cup time: some words about real football and then Dresden story.

World Cup

First of all, I am happy about underperforming Russia that didn’t manage to win at least once in the weakest group. They deserved what they had got. Poor Russia, poor Capello… Russians go home! There’s of course some ambiguity in this phraze...

Greece made the same trick as on Euro 2012 suddenly making their way into the knockout round. Though everybody should agree Greece played very well in the last match.

In general I liked performance by Colombia and Mexico most of all. Hope to see both teams winning the first knockout round matches!


Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Squad analysis of future CL debutant

Hello dear readers,

Welcome back to True Football Manager blog. It’s a blog post #811 and you should like it :-)

World Cup 2014

Costa Ricaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Marvellous dynamic football, they tactically overcame Italy and deserved their 1st place in the group of death! Keylor Navas, Bryan Ruiz, Joel Campbell and Duarte are my favourites now :)

France domination over Switzerland became a slight surprise for me. It seems like Didier Deschamps has prepared French players very well. They were showing the best football of all European teams.

The third set of group fixtures has started without surprises. Here we had a single question: Mexico or Croatia? The match and permit to the knockout round was won by more dynamic and physically better trained Mexicans. I will support them against Netherlands!


Tuesday, 17 June 2014

I do love this game

Hello dear readers,

True Football Manager blog update #809 today. It’s dedicated to World Cup 2014 and my Dresden story in FM 2014 at the same time. I named this blog post “I love this game” because of beautiful matches in Brazil and excellent performance by Dynamo Dresden during latest Bundesliga fixtures (season 5).

World Cup 2014

Holland and Costa Rica teams made largest sensations during this tournament. Many people can quarrel who was the most sensational in context of their victories but I want to say almost everybody predicted the last position for Costa Rica. They showed modern fast playing style and confirmed my prediction of Uruguay as World Cup underachiever.

I was completely certain that Germany should have beaten Portugal without questions. That happened even easier than was expected by me. Portugese defensive line looked even worse than the Spanish one.

One of the most impressive matches in my opinion was the opposition between Italy and England. Numbers on a scoreboard were unfair. I would say 2:2 is a fair score for both teams in the match. Unlucky Englishmen… but I saw signs of nice attacking football by them and hope they will pass through the group of death which became even more deadly after Uruguay – Costa Rica encounter.

In short, it is the best start of all World Cups ever!

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

First Dresden journey around Europe completed

Hi everybody who likes to read this blog,

True Football Manager update no. 807 is dedicated to two topics actually:

  • Reply match against Inter
  • real life World Cup predictions and expectations

Dynamo Dresden vs Inter

In the first knockout round of Europa League Inter has suffered 2:3 defeat. But it was not a time for miracle. The second leg ended up with 1:2 loss for Dynamo Dresden. Inter substitute forward Ciro Immobile decided the destiny of the whole encounter with a technical shot.

Inter - Dresden

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Interesting facts about Dynamo Dresden

Dear blog readers,

I am in 9 days to begin Dynamo Dresden story in Football Manager 2014. It will be my first experience in Germany and so awaited by you attempt to manage non-English club. Personally for me, starting with any club in FM is not just simple gaming, it’s a true grave thing. That’s why first and foremost I like to dedicate myself to learning club history and am going to try to underline the most interesting events…

Friday, 24 August 2012

On vacation till September, 10

Sometimes everyone nees rest. My time has come to leave the laptop with FM 12 at home and travel to the Black Sea. Tomorrow my wife and I are leaving for Crimea, its sun, sea water, mountains, and numerous adventures. We're going to get a lot of them because we will live in 7 different places along south coast of Crimea during 2 next weeks: Kerch, Feodosia, Novy Svet, Utes, Simeiz, Balaklava, Sevastopol.

Meanwhile the blog will be paused. I won't be able to post because of laptop absence. However, I am taking my smartphone, so you may follow real life events happening with me at my Facebook timeline.

Football Manager 2013 first news

As far as I see I will not miss the first FM 2013 announcements. Miles Jacobson (SI Games director) wrote in his Twitter:

Previously the #FM13 announcement was to be end of August - due to unforseen personal circumstances, it'll now be mid September. Sorry.

So I will come back from vacation to hold my arm on pulse of the latest affairs and share my minds regarding them. Indeed my return will result in numerous posts about FM 2013 and Q.P.R. story.

So just stay tuned!

Vitaliy Mokosiy

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Euro 2012 final mood


Today, many people who love football, will have mixed feelings. The Euro 2012 final will start at the NSC "Olympiyskiy" in Kyiv. It's a great big party for my city, you know! But at the same time I realize that this is the last match of the championship ... Holiday of nearly a month is coming to an end. It is unlikely in Ukraine would ever have European Championship or the World Cup later... Of course it brings me to light sadness.

Where have finalists been living in Kyiv

I would like to say a few words about what hotels have been selected for their residence. The Spaniards settled in one of the most luxurious hotels in Kiev, entitled "Opera", which is located in the city centre. By the way, a funny thing happened to me when I went home on Friday from his job in 3 minutes from this hotel. Euro 2012 bus with Iniest, Xavi, Fabregas and others pass by in 10 metres from me :)

Italy squad stopped at an unknown to me before that the hotel "Diarso." Their hotel is located at the border of Kyiv. Perhaps they apparently wanted to hide away from their fans :)

If we compare the prices of the cheapest hotel rooms of two hotels, it turns out that Spaniards living costs should be significantly more expensive.

  • Opera - 400$ for one standard room
  • Diarso - 130$ for one standard room

So their it is.

And now look at a small photo report made ​​yesterday exactly when the teams arrived at the stadium for the open trainings.


My real photos in one day before the Final


Row of flags in front of the stadium

Row of flags in front of the stadium


“Olimpiyskiy” stadium before the Final

“Olimpiyskiy” stadium before the Final


Helicopter in the sky over the stadium

Helicopter in the sky over the stadium


Spanish flag

Spanish flag


Italian flag

Italian flag


Great Euro 2012 design

Great Euro 2012 design


One of the western stadium entrances

One of Western stadium entrances


Stadium is ready for the Euro 2012 Final!

Stadium is ready for the Euro 2012 Final!


Well, it’s me. Nearby the stadium :)

Well, it’s me. Nearby the stadium :)


So, now the football evening. I plan to watch the final with a friend in one of Kiev restaurants. I hope that you will not miss this wonderful show!

Interestingly, if Spain win, it will set a world record: no team has won in three championships in a row (if we take the European Championship and World Cup together)!

I can’t predict a winner, they have equal chances. But what’s your forecast I wonder? :)


Excited to blog for you,

Vitaliy Mokosiy