Thursday, 15 October 2009

Hull Game Download

As I promised here is my Hull story save. You can download it now from here:

Hull Game Download link

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Hull story is finished. The season of 3 finals!

Hello, my dear readers!

The season #7 is over. My Hull has the following results:

Hull in 4 tournaments

Hull in 4 tournaments

What I can say… It was the best season in my Football Manager 2009 career! Let’s analyze a bit results of my club in every tournament.

Premier League

I didn’t cope with Manchester City, Manchester United and Arsenal at all and disappointed board expectations of getting Premier League title.

Manchester City, Manchester United, Arsenal, Hull

By the way my Hull got only 1 point in 3 last Premier League because of second squad players usage. I tried to have 100% conditioned first squad players for Champions League and FA Cup finals.

Three finals

But the results in the other tournaments more than satisfied Hull board.

League Cup

Hull - Manchester City 1:2, extra time

League Cup final was a very dramatic one. We took a lead on the 19th minute and I was already starting to celebrate the first historical League Cup of Hull when Asier (regen forward of Man City) scored a late equalizer on the 3rd minute of injury time. Then sudden penalty brought Manchester City ahead in the score. Unfortunately my guys were unable to do anything with strong defence of opponent during the last minutes of extra time.


FA Cup

Hull - Blackburn 2:1

Blackburn awaited us in the FA Cup final. It was easy game because Hull is better and more strong team than Blackburn. 2:1 score doesn’t reflect our complete advantage on the pitch of Wembley stadium.

It was my second FA Cup in row!


Champions League

I got so many emotions during the 3 last rounds of Champions League. It was something really special! Quarterfinal with Inter was complicated but not so dramatic as semi final matches against Real Madrid:

Real Madrid Hull 1:1

Hull Real Madrid 2:1 (extra time)

The decisive goals in the second match were scored during last minutes of 2nd and 4th times by Manuel Brand.

Hull - Real Madrid 2:1, extra time

We had certain advantage in the home match but Iker Casillas was truly perfect performer! I think he is the best goalkeeper in Football Manager 2009!

Advantage of Hull over Real Madrid

Look how many cards were shown to Real Madrid players! They battled hardly against my team!

Player rating of Hull and Real Madrid

The Final

Ooooh, it was absolutely incredible match!

AC Milan - Hull 2:3, extra time

1:0 – Milovan Rakic scores!

1:1 – Kaka scores!

1:2 – Strange own goal by Ochoa on the 81th minute!!!

2:2 – All out of attack mentality creates one-on-one chance for Rakic!

3:2 – 114th minute. Manuel Brand makes a golden header for our club!


It was really great fight, equal game:

Match stats of Champions League final between Milan and Hull

Milovan Rakic got Man of the Match award:

Player ratings of Milan and Hull

As a result:

Mokosiy championed by Hull fans


This is how my Hull story ends… But don’t be sad if you are becoming sad because Football Manager 2010 is on the way! And new story will begin for you and me…


PS Tomorrow I will post a link on my Hull game save. I know some of you are keen to try it.

Saturday, 10 October 2009

Hull. First half of season #7

I am trying to do my best to finish my last season in Football Manager 2009. And this is the latest report about it. Actually about the first half of the season.


Here are Hull matches of season #7 in 2014:

Manchester United looses Community Shield

Mad 3:4 match with Manchester City

I want you to pay attention to the Community Shield Final against Manchester United. That was really great victory – 4:1!

The next important thing you may notice in the screenshots is poor start of Hull in Premier League. We managed to loose 3 away matches of starting 5… It decreased my chances of winning title perceptibly.


Tournament Tables

Man Utd, Man City, Arsenal gap

You see there is a gap between Man Utd, Man City, Arsenal and my Hull. But I hope to shorten the distance because in the second half of the season I will play only home matches with these rivals.

Meantime I got quite complicated group in the Champions League having Inter, Lyon and Celtic as opponents.

Hull, Inter, Celtic, Lyon

But excellent 3 wins and 3 tough draws (the one with Inter was really tough) provided the first position in this group. Now Bayern Munich waits for Hull in the next round!


Players sold during winter transfer window

Samuel Eto'o and Ben Foster are not needed anymore

All 5 players were sold because they had been unhappy with their second roles in the team.  33-years old Eto’o didn’t impress me at all.


Player stats

Some Hull player statistics:

Hull player stats

Best players of the season #7 first half are:

1. Darwin Suarez – the man who makes goals in my team either scoring or assisting!

2. Diego Buonanotte – the best assister, Hull leader.

3. Javi Garcia – brilliant debut from former Inter DMC! His long shots are amazing!

4. Fabian Monzon – the most confident and reliable defender in my club. Heavy transfer money paid for itself.

5. Milovan Rakic – sometimes he scores wonderful one touch goals from any position on a pitch.

Praising Fabian Monzon I can add the following picture:

Monzon was selected in the World Team of the Year


PS This is my last weekend with Football Manager 2009. I will start investigating FM 2010 demo on the next Saturday!

Saturday, 3 October 2009

Hull. Before the start of the last season…

You know the upcoming season #7 is the last one in my Football Manager 2009 career with Hull. It’s just because FM 2010 is on the way! So without any risk I decided to set up the highest targets for the season and receive maximum of money for transfers and wages:

Season number seven expectations

Win the league! Ye! We can try – though it will be very complicated having such great opponents as Manchester United, Arsenal and Manchester City. And you see my Hull is on the 4th position following season bets:

Premier League title odds from Sky Bet


Players out

Players out in season 7

I sold Barazite and Witsel who were unhappy with their second roles in Hull. Genero Zeefuik disappointed me during the last season due to his inefficient dealing with ball when there should be goals from his side. So he was sold as well.

Players in

I decided to buy experienced players who can either become new team leaders or add some depth to Hull squad.

Players in, season 7

Fabian Monzon


The most valuable signing is Fabian Monzon. Left back of Argentina, World cup champion… I paid $53M paid to Villarreal for him. Look at his stats. He is one of the best (if not the best at all) left defenders in my game!

Gojko Kacar


Excellent versatile player from Bayern Munich. Hope to use him on different positions: DR, DMC, MC. We’ll see where he will show himself better.

Javi Garcia


Inter should cry selling this very good DMC to my club. He will certainly be in the first squad instead of my Ukrainian defensive midfielder - Eugene Shakhov.

Joe Cole


Risky $8M transfer aimed at gaining experienced flank attacker. But surely he will start the season from substitution bench because of current team leaders – Buonanotte, Suarez and O’Brien.

Robert Lewandowski


During the last season I had a real problem when leading forward Milovan Rakic had been injured. So I decided to buy two good forwards. Robert Lewandowski is the one of them. I think many of you, my dear readers, tried his services in your team. Now it’s my turn to try him!

Samuel Eto’o


The second forward is the most famous footballer of Cameroon – Samuel Eto’o. Experience of Eto’o should help in the Premier League and Champions League.


PS They predict us the 6th position…


Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Hull - FA Cup winner!

The season #6 is finished and it’s time to sum up its results. Here are the latest matches of my Hull:

Latest Hull matches

Premier League

Sudden losses to Aston Villa, Tottenham and Middlesbrough and awful defeat to Manchester City (0:4) made my mission of struggle for title totally impossible. Moreover, Man City got a great form and left Hull behind at the 4th position.

Final Premier League table, season #6

What were the reasons of such failure? Actually I can say that the main problem was the absence of Milovan Rakic – our leading forward – due to that damned 3-4 month injury.  Genero Zeefuik was absolutely unstable and many goal moments were failed due to his poor shots and other actions. Another forward - Akeem Ugbah - was too young and inexperienced for participation in the most decisive games of the season.

Champions League

The problem of Rakic’s absence played its role in the second quarterfinal match of the Champions League against Manchester United. The Red Devils got the unconvincing win having less shots and only 61% of passes completed versus my 71%.

Advantage over Man United in quarterfinal

The Red Devils in unconvincing win

The first quarterfinal match on the Old Trafford gave me some hope on getting to the semi final. The game was pretty equal and we had a quite convenient 1:1 away draw. But the goal moments failed by Zeefuik in the second match played the main role in this face-off…

FA Cup

But Hull didn’t finish the season without any trophy! At first The Tigres have won FA Cup!!! It happened in easy final with Sunderland:

Hull beats Sunderland in FA Cup final

The easiness of the final was some kind of compensational award for very complicated opponents in the previous rounds. If you follow my Hull story you should know that Manchester United and Arsenal had been beaten in the 4th and 6th rounds.

Additionally the semi-final with Tottenham was really hard one. Don’t believe 3:1 score in the first screen shot of this post! We had been loosing with 0:1 until Ramires scored an equalizer on the 63 minute. The next two goals were made done by Shakhov and Brand during 115 and 116 minutes (extra time!).

Some emotions from fans and board about our historical victory:

Hull fans grateful for winning FA Cup

Hull board happy with English FA Cup win

Hull players

Traditionally here are some statistics of Hull players:

Player stats

The best debutant of the season is Manuel Brand. He is fantastic central defender who wins headers during attacking corners very often!

Darwin Suarez and Milovan Rakic became real young leaders of the team in this season.

But the best Hull player of season #6 is certainly Diego Buonanotte. Hull old-timer became the best assister of the club, and even Darwin Suarez couldn’t compete with him (please note that Suarez was on the 1st position of best assister rating in the middle of the season).

Buonanotte and his new record

Fans agreed with me:

Hull's Fans' Player of the Year decided


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July and August transfers before season #6

Expectations and transfers of the upcoming season


PS The next post is going to be about my Ivory Coast national team in the World Cup 2014!

Saturday, 12 September 2009

Hull – the most interesting is ahead!

Hello, dear readers! Hull story continues and today I would like to share some interesting information regarding progress of my club in different tournaments.

Hull players and European awards

But let’s start from players and their achievements. I have some great news!


Ochoa is Goalkeeper of the Year in FM 2009

Suddenly Francisco Gullermo Ochoa got Goalkeeper of the Year award! He made me really proud. Now I think that I have the best keeper in the world when Ochoa makes his next save. What I can say… He is truly wonderful goalkeeper and Hull captain whose saves sometimes decide the results of the most important games (for instance, those that I had against Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester United).


My another pride is Milovan Rakic. His price became near $50M, his continental reputation has grown highly just because the guy scores goals confidently and stably independent of opponent’s strength. By the way, one of his most valuable abilities is the percentage of scored goals when Rakic comes out one-on-one with a goalkeeper! It’s always more possible that he wouldn’t fail one-on-one moment than vice versa.

Rakic got to the “substitution bench” of World Team of the Year. Moreover, he was nominated for the Best European Footballer award (Golden Ball)!

World team of the Year with Rakic in FM 2009

Team and its progress in tournaments

Currently I like the latest results and quality of football shown by the players:

Impressive series of matches from Hull

FA Cup

At first you may see that my Hull is very successive in FA Cup overcoming Arsenal (goal of Suarez and saves of Ochoa provided the victory) and Manchester United (Buonanotte – man of the match with 1 goal and 1 assist).

So now we have a nice chance to win our first trophy when the main rivals are out of the tournament. The next obstacle on the way to the trophy is Tottenham.

Champions League

The first knockout round game with Schalke was pretty complicated. Hull was loosing with 2:0 score on the 76th minute!!! But then Shakhov and Brand provided a comfortable draw with effective shots! German team is not so strong and I think my Hull will enter a quarterfinal phase. But sure it’s necessary to be very careful in the second match.

Premier League

In the previous Hull story post I described the situation when my club was in 7 points from Arsenal. Now the distance is shorter. Only 3 points!

Following Man Utd and Arsenal in FM 2009

I would like to single out important away Premier League win against Arsenal. Just look to the match stats:


Decisive goal was scored by our best forward Milovan Rakic. Unfortunately he was injured in the next match with the Gunners in FA Cup… 3-4 months I am made to use Zeefuik and Ugbah instead of Rakic on the edge of attack:

Milovan Rakic's injury in FM 2009


In the end I want to tell you that I hope the battle for title will be hot and my players will show a real performance from their side!

Monday, 31 August 2009

Top 8 of all best championships in my game

Hello, my dear readers!

Today I decided to share an information about table standings in the most interesting leagues of my Hull game. It’s 5th of February, 2014 now. And here are leading 8 clubs in every championship that I have turned on in my FM 2009 game:


Top eight of England in Football Manager 2009 

You see my Hull is still chasing Arsenal and Manchester United.


Top eight of Spain in Football Manager 2009

Hull has already two victories over Atletico Madrid in the Champions League.


Top eight of Italy in FM2009


Top eight of Germany in FM2009


Top eight of France in FM2009


Top eight of Russia in FM 2009

Pay attention that their championship finished in the end of 2013.


Top eight of Ukraine in FM 2009


Hope you will find this information interesting!