Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Seeking for a new job

Hello dear blog readers,

It’s weird to be unemployed after all. Though it’s fair as for me. Even after having read some of your comments to the last blog update, I think I did right resigning from Dresden. It was realistic behaviour based on bad results caused by weak transfer policy. I was too careless during every next transfer window…

Dynamo Dresden save

First and foremost I am glad to share my save file stored right after Dresden resignation. I think that’s a nice idea. You can download it and follow one of the scenarios:

  • Bring Belgium to success on Euro 2020 (I’ll try to do the same)
  • Seek for a new club using my coach account
  • Add new head coach and manage Dynamo Dresden

Or anything else. Just download the file and play Football Manager.

Download Dresden save

Friday, 29 August 2014

Four matches can pivot FM story

Hello dear readers,

Another Dresden story update today. Though this time it’s very unusual one, I would say unique. Remember I was intending to win all 3 next matches in the last article? Well here are the results. Stunning results. My Dresden manage to get beaten in all games including friendly match with Krasnodar. As a result I got 100% depressed…

Bad Dresden results


Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Squad blending continues

Hello dear readers,

Blog post 828 is dedicated to progress of Dynamo Dresden in season 7. Squad revolution is already behind, ambitions and expectations are very high. Though current squad blending doesn’t allow to see stable performances so easy as one would want.


In general our team play improved but we faced some problems in away games. Particularly, it was sad to loose in German Cup against Gladbach. They sobered me with my wish to win the cup this year… Unfortunately, I must concentrate on German national league now.

Three defeats and two conceded goals against Wolfsburg were caused in a large part by poor performances of substitute goalkeepers. My main goalie Fabian Giefer got injured for  one month…

Friday, 22 August 2014

Season 7. It can be the last one

Dear readers,

Welcome back to my blog. The post title sounds somewhat pessimistic but I hope I will continue to manage Dynamo Dresden onwards. Tactical and squad revamping cannot give immediate effect and I should for the second half of the season to say something concrete. Currently 7 Bundesliga fixtures played and here what I have after all.



Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Squad revolution before season 7

Hello blog readers,

It’s time to uncover all summer transfers I made. Season 7 will be played using “win or die” principle. If I don’t manage to get into Top 3, there’s no way to continue Dresden story. That’s why I was very careful with squad changes taking only those players which I believe in.

This is a squad revolution, the largest in Dynamo Dresden story!

Players out



Friday, 15 August 2014

New awesome tactics for Dresden

Hello dear blog readers,

825. That is the blog post number actually. Its news are very important because I changed Dresden tactic set that had been used since the very first season. Look what I have prepared for season 7.

Tactics 1. Best of the old

I selected Half-Back tactics as the best of all old ones. Results became a leading factor to make this kind of selection.

If you want to know more or recall some details, just read about Half-Back based tactics in this this blog update:

Rigid tactics: 2 backup variants I use

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Totals of season 6

Hello dear readers,

Another blog post for you today. It doesn’t give you information about my Dynamo Dresden, it’s more regarding whole state of football world in Dresden story. Hope you will enjoy taking a look at totals of all tournaments in the last season. Here we have some surprising results of course.

Champions League


Friday, 8 August 2014

Dresden story is reloading

Hi dear blog readers,

This blog update has number 823 and can be crucial for my Dynamo Dresden. I had been thinking whole my vacation about what to do with the team after queer and poor season 6. It’s easy to make slight changes and receive expected results making way into the German Top-5. But it’s risky because no one can guarantee Dresden won’t face similar problems if we qualify into Champions League once again. So I decided it’s time to refresh the story completely.

It means:

  • Tactics changes
  • Squad changes
Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Season 6 is completed

Dear readers,

I am glad to see you here again after my vacation week in Western Ukraine. You can enjoy some photos of my adventures in Facebook.

Meanwhile the most painful season in my Dresden career is finally over. Here is my shameful result. If you recall, Dynamo Dresden finished at the second league position last season… What can I say? It’s just a pain to fall so deep.



Friday, 25 July 2014

In the slump

Hello dear readers,

Blog post #821, Dresden story. First of all I want to notify you my blog is going to be delayed for 10 days. The matter is that I took a vacation and am going to travel over Ukraine. Surely, the latest events in my country mean I should travel in a Western direction. So the route is: Bukovel (Carpathian mountians) – Truskavets (Ukrainian SPA resort) – Lviv (currently the best touristic city in Ukraine). Thusly next blog update will happen on August, 05.

I hope to complete the season 6 expecting some leisure time during today’s evening and weekend for that.

Now about Dynamo Dresden. Despite the transfers made during winter window, I am still facing problems with stable play in attack. Additionally, more problems in defence appeared. Too many goals were conceded for some reason.

Slumpy matches


Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Quite vast winter transfer campaign

Hello dear blog readers,

Today I would like to offer you to see how I decided to deal with Dresden crisis in Bundesliga. As you remember my club suddenly found itself in the relegation zone after the fist half of the 6th season. So this is the blog post #820. It’s all about transfers.

Players out

Sold players

Friday, 18 July 2014

Devastation. Even more paradoxical

Dear blog readers,

Welcome back to my blog. It’s blog post #819 that looks even more paradoxical than the previous one. Here is the latest table standing, try to find Dynamo Dresden there.


It’s so shocking to see us in the relegation zone!


Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Paradoxically. At first in my FM experience!

Hello dear readers,

Blog post #818 today and it contains huge amount of news. Briefly:

  • Absolutely different results of Dynamo Dresden in Bundesliga and Champions League
  • Latest Belgium matches
  • My World Cup final and 3rd place match thoughts
  • Some humour about 1:7 goals in that historical match

So let’s begin with Dynamo Dresden.

Friday, 11 July 2014

Before the last two World Cup games

Hello dear readers,

This time I was hesitating regarding what to write about. Dresden story continues and has enough interesting events to be shared with you. But at the same we all have passed the semi-final line in Brazil and are thinking about upcoming final and 3rd place game. This time I decided to make accent into real world football with just one question for you from my FM 2014 story.

Kicking skill question

You know this I have talented Brazilian Fabio in Dynamo Dresden as a main goalie.

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Skidding at the start

Hello dear readers,

Blog post #815. Season 6 of my Dresden story began with some kind of towing. It’s caused by blending into squad of newcomers and sale of Marko Pavlovski. It seems we are not ready to play stably without Marko just right now.

So as the result, my team unexpectedly lost 4 points making draws with Nurnberg and Dusseldorf

Friday, 4 July 2014

Dynamo Dresden transfers, before season 6

Hello dear readers,

It’s the blog post #814 at True Football Manager blog. Thanks for joining me again. It’s all about transfers before season 6 and expectations.

Season expectations

Season expectations

That is what I claimed. Actually it was the most complicated option to choose and I am sure we can repeat success of getting into Top-3. May be with some portion of luck there will be a chance to struggle with FC Bayern for title. But it’s very unlikely this season in my opinion…

As for Champions League, my initial target is to get into quarter finals. That would be an excellent achievement for Dynamo Dresden debut.


Friday, 27 June 2014

Tournaments in season 5

Hi dear readers,

Blog post #812. Today’s format is pretty usual for World Cup time: some words about real football and then Dresden story.

World Cup

First of all, I am happy about underperforming Russia that didn’t manage to win at least once in the weakest group. They deserved what they had got. Poor Russia, poor Capello… Russians go home! There’s of course some ambiguity in this phraze...

Greece made the same trick as on Euro 2012 suddenly making their way into the knockout round. Though everybody should agree Greece played very well in the last match.

In general I liked performance by Colombia and Mexico most of all. Hope to see both teams winning the first knockout round matches!


Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Squad analysis of future CL debutant

Hello dear readers,

Welcome back to True Football Manager blog. It’s a blog post #811 and you should like it :-)

World Cup 2014

Costa Ricaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Marvellous dynamic football, they tactically overcame Italy and deserved their 1st place in the group of death! Keylor Navas, Bryan Ruiz, Joel Campbell and Duarte are my favourites now :)

France domination over Switzerland became a slight surprise for me. It seems like Didier Deschamps has prepared French players very well. They were showing the best football of all European teams.

The third set of group fixtures has started without surprises. Here we had a single question: Mexico or Croatia? The match and permit to the knockout round was won by more dynamic and physically better trained Mexicans. I will support them against Netherlands!


Friday, 20 June 2014

Dynamo Dresden – club #2 in Germany!

Hello dear readers,

Blog post #810. Today I would like to report about two last season 5 matches. As you understand from the post title, my Dresden exceeded any expectations that could be made by me or you thought the season.

Last matches



Tuesday, 17 June 2014

I do love this game

Hello dear readers,

True Football Manager blog update #809 today. It’s dedicated to World Cup 2014 and my Dresden story in FM 2014 at the same time. I named this blog post “I love this game” because of beautiful matches in Brazil and excellent performance by Dynamo Dresden during latest Bundesliga fixtures (season 5).

World Cup 2014

Holland and Costa Rica teams made largest sensations during this tournament. Many people can quarrel who was the most sensational in context of their victories but I want to say almost everybody predicted the last position for Costa Rica. They showed modern fast playing style and confirmed my prediction of Uruguay as World Cup underachiever.

I was completely certain that Germany should have beaten Portugal without questions. That happened even easier than was expected by me. Portugese defensive line looked even worse than the Spanish one.

One of the most impressive matches in my opinion was the opposition between Italy and England. Numbers on a scoreboard were unfair. I would say 2:2 is a fair score for both teams in the match. Unlucky Englishmen… but I saw signs of nice attacking football by them and hope they will pass through the group of death which became even more deadly after Uruguay – Costa Rica encounter.

In short, it is the best start of all World Cups ever!