Saturday, 8 October 2011

Boston story totals

Hello my dear readers!
A bit sentimental moment today…Sigh I am writing the last Boston story post containing some story totals and a save file link.

Download Boston story save

Boston United, FM 2011 - May, 2021
You can freely download this file and continue playing my Boston United. Don’t forget Boston will start the next season (#11) in the Europa League at first in their history.

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Story totals

Board and fan confidence in the end


League history

League history
Progressing every year… Season 9 was somewhat spoiled due to my rush and going on holiday.



Best players

Top goalscorers Assists
Highest average rating MoMs
Fans players of the Year



My manager’s profile


Now I claim that my FM 2011 story is completed. It’s time for new story that will start in Football Manager 2012. As you remember Queens Park Rangers got a victory in FM 2012 poll. So I will start the story when Football Manager 2012 release comes out officially.

Sincerely yours,
Vitaliy Mokosiy
Friday, 7 October 2011

Boston story is over

Today I am finishing the Boston story. Although there’s going to be one more post about Boston United with a link on uploaded save file and some story totals. But now I want to tell you about the last results of my FM 11 club.

Last fixtures

It was really cool ending because of 2 reasons:

- Zero amount of losses

- FA Cup won!

Yes, victory in FA Cup became our first big trophy in the game. But what an irony! The FA Cup victory against Manchester United is my last match in FM 2011…

I have already written much about the final here:

- Before the Final

- After the Final (video included)

Premier League final table. Season 10

PL final table

I can also boast current Premier League result. 60 points were taken during the whole season. Such efficiency provided the strong 7th position after all what makes me happy.

Again it was a pleasure to beat Manchester United in the FA Cup final because they have been totally dominating since the very season beginning.


Boston players

Boston players

Among the best Boston players I can enumerate following names:

- Robson

- Yannick Oudot

- Esteban Stivan

- Silva

- Danilo

- David Abbott

But MVP is wonderkid Robson again!



His stats


This is how my Boston story came to an end… Hope some of you will continue managing Boston United at least till you’ll get Football Manager 2012. I would love to know what you would do if you were me!

I will lay out the save file on this weekend.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

7+ fixtures till the story end…

Hello my dear readers!
The amount of people who are still interested in FM 2011 stories is getting lower. I see it every day watching my blog traffic stats. It’s a normal situation that repeats every year before a release of new game version.
Anyway there are still many readers that expect latest Boston news from me. And one of the most tempting things is that I will share my save file in the end. You’ll be able to continue Boston story soon. I think it will happen on this week!
But at first I should finish the 10th season.

Few transfers

Earning money
I decided to earn some money and get out of negative balance till the end of the season. Moreover, squad strength allowed me to make these transfers without decreasing DR and AMR positions much.
Transfer offer from Zenit was too tempting…

Latest Boston results

Fighting for the 7th position! Hope my Boston will take it in the end!
What can we see here? Strange defeat against Birmingham, struggling in 3 away last games… Though draw against Man United costs much!
It’s hard also to believe but Manchester City was beaten again. Though we had no that advantage as in the home Premier League match. It was a quite lucky game for my Boston actually…
Man City match

Lady Luck revenged me in the last home match of the reported period. My players didn’t manage to score at least once against Huddersfield having perceptible advantage:
PL match

Boston players

This is what happens with morale level of players if you play in hurry forgetting about team talks and player interaction… Hope I’ll cope the problem.

Future fixtures

Well, the last fixtures of the Boston story! I would like to play them till Saturday… Stay tuned.
Sunday, 2 October 2011

In 2 posts till the end of the story

Yes, Football Manager 2012 is closer and closer - Boston story is coming to an end… Therefore quick post today.

I have already played half of the season. Currently Boston United located on the firm 6th position in the table which is certainly an excellent result!


My guys played very well though all the reported period.

Played matches

There were only 2 losses when I can say we should get better results. Both losses were in the matches against Huddersfield. Take a look at the match statistics:

Premier League loss

League cup loss

Unfortunately, we got out of League Cup…

The best and truly fantastic game was against Manchester City. It became my first victory over the grand club! But what a score! Read details and watch goals on my FMCrowd blog:

Boston United - Manchester City 3:0


Boston players


Finally, Esteban Stivan started to score often and returned back his place in the main squad. So I think he is the best player of the reported period.

Esteban Stivan


Unfortunately, I managed to loose him forgetting to sign a new contract. It’s because of my hurry! I do want to finish the season till FM 2012 release.

Stay tuned to know the end of the story. Moreover, I will share the story save file after all.

Thursday, 29 September 2011

The start I do like

The last season of my Boston story started. The first 12 fixtures were played very well, and the club is located at the 5th table line:

League table

We have never been so high! Therefore it’s somewhat sad because I won’t be able to continue Boston story after FM 2012 release…

Played matches


You see there was only one defeat to Chelsea! Another interesting observation is regarding 0-0 draws. Boston United had 6 such draws proving the strength of the current defence line and new goalie. Boston and leading Arsenal are the only teams that conceded less than 10 goals during the starting Premier League period.

The most important wins are of course over grand-clubs: Tottenham and Arsenal. Both are described on my additional FM Crowd blog:

Boston United - Tottenham 2:1

Arsenal - Boston United 1:2


League Cup performance

It’s also at first when my Boston United managed to win in all 3 rounds of League Cup qualifying into quarterfinals. It’s the excellent achievement taking into account that all games were played at the away stadiums. The most complicated round was against tough Bolton which ended with series of penalties. My new goalkeeper Silva reflected 2 strikes with wonderful agility (another one hit the post) and brought victory in this difficult round:



Boston players



Today I can only praise the players. It’s a rare moment when I don’t have any remarks and happy with players’ collaboration as a team. Sure, attacking players should score more… but I think they’ll improve efficiency further.

Boston defence was never so strong! As a result you see 2 central defenders Oudot and Danilo having the highest average rating in the team. Additionally, new goalkeeper Silva is merely a miracle. Sometimes he makes incredible saves!

But the best player of the season start is Danilo.




Though Danilo is not the only Boston young star. I feel I have young talented team. Take a look at the next screen shot. In August all 3 Young Player of Month award places were taken by Boston United players.


Later on Esteban Stivan won the award.



Manager screens

In the end I am adding the screen shots one of the readers asked.


Personal information


OK, another Boston story post is written. So now I am ready to start Football Manager 2011 again and continue playing Boston United - the club that got already into my soul.

Monday, 26 September 2011

Before the last season of Boston story

First of all I want to inform that I selected top half finish expectations for the season (excuse me - forgot to make a screen shot in hurry). I do think it’s a achievable target.

Now some words about the transfers before season 11.


Players out

Players out

Few comments here:

- I sold Szczesny because I had got even better goalkeeper - Brazilian talent Silva.

- Selling Ben Powell was the very good bargain to gain $10M increasing transfer budget.


Players in

Players in

I didn’t do any squad revolution this year because I want to keep tactic familiarity levels on the highest level. 3 players were bought. All of them will play in the main squad.


Silva (GK)


Simply amazing goalie for such club as Boston United! Additionally, you see I managed to get the guy for free!


Jaroslav Janos (DR/DC)

Jaroslav Janos

Excellent right back from Czech Republic. Janos may become one of the best Boston players as far as I see.


Eldin Hadzic (AMC/AMR/AML/MC)

Eldin Hadzic

Versatile midfielder whom I going to use on the both flanks as winger. Pay attention his passing skill is not so good as his speed and dribbling.


Transfer and wage budgets after all

I have a good reserve in both budgets:




Team report

Team report


I have already started the season and like how things are going at the start. So stay tuned for the next Boston story report.

Friday, 23 September 2011

Going on holiday means poor results!

Very short post today. The season 10 is finished, going to start a new one today including some time for making few transfers. So now I’m just sharing the screen shots.
This is how my assistant manager performed with the team while I was on holiday (I explained my intentions regarding going on holiday here):
Sad results
Well, it’s almost the same result as in the last year:
Almost no progress

Boston players

Here is the traditional list of Boston players sorted by average rating:
My players
Worst players

Don’t want to write anything more giving myself time to play FM 2011. I feel the time of FM 2012 is coming… I have to hurry!