Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Bye Belgium… Hello Holland!

Dear blog readers,

My Euro 2020 story has a sudden end. I merely didn’t manage to beat Greece in the first knockout round. That turned into an absolute surprise for me. But, to be fair, Greece wondered me with keen counter-attacking moves and very good tactical approach…



Friday, 5 September 2014

Leading Belgium at Euro 2020

Hi guys,

Welcome back to True Football Manager blog! As you know Dresden story turned into Belgium story while I have been in a job search of my next club. Belgium quite confidently qualified to Euro 2020 and was considered by Sky Bet as the 7th nation in the tournament. Well here I have a strong squad with all impressive areas but defence.



Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Paradoxically. At first in my FM experience!

Hello dear readers,

Blog post #818 today and it contains huge amount of news. Briefly:

  • Absolutely different results of Dynamo Dresden in Bundesliga and Champions League
  • Latest Belgium matches
  • My World Cup final and 3rd place match thoughts
  • Some humour about 1:7 goals in that historical match

So let’s begin with Dynamo Dresden.

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Skidding at the start

Hello dear readers,

Blog post #815. Season 6 of my Dresden story began with some kind of towing. It’s caused by blending into squad of newcomers and sale of Marko Pavlovski. It seems we are not ready to play stably without Marko just right now.

So as the result, my team unexpectedly lost 4 points making draws with Nurnberg and Dusseldorf

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Dark horse Belgium

Hello dear readers,

How do you think: what am I going to write about now? The first thought would probably be: Belgium at World Cup 2014 in the real life. Well no. The point is in that I was tempted to suggest myself as a new coach of Belgian national team.


Old blog followers know that normally I don’t like managing national teams. But this time I want to make Belgium dominating force basing upon two important things:

  • Belgium has a lot of great players, so-called golden generation. Want to deal with them.
  • All Dresden tactics will be used for Belgium. So no time for a new tactic-set creation will be spent.

It would be great to feel those enormous pressures while managing at international level!

Belgian FA