Saturday, 11 April 2015

Extending Crystal Palace squad much

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Hello dear readers,

I am writing this blog post being ill and having quite high temperature so I won't be too verbose this time. I should have posted this update tomorrow following Sunday schedule but I won't be able to do that. There is it.

Season 2 totals

 Of course it's nice to see my team in Overachievers and Signing of the Season categories.

Loaned McGeady was a super-valuable player for Crystal Palace. However, Everton didn't place him on transfer/loan list and started using him in their starting eleven.

Season 3 expectations

This is the first season when The Eagles aren't considered by Sky Bet as total PL outsiders. Opting between season targets I wanted to claim an ambitious top-half finish but mid-table option was the most challenging available one.

Players out

I sold Richards and McArthur as main Palace underachievers. Captain Mile Jedinak is just too old and slow, therefore I made decision to sell him and then add some team speed buying faster players.

Sorensen was pretty good during the season if we close eyes on his numerous errors in the centre of the defence.

Players In

1. Ron-Robert Zieler (GK) - $6.5M

My new main goalie. Wayne Hennessey remained in the club as a backup player.

2. Pablo Piatti (AML, AMR, ML, AMC) - Free

He is one of the candidates to replace McGeady.

3. Cicinho (DR, WBR, MR) - $6M

I need a Fuchs-type wing back to provide dangerous attacks from both flanks. That's why $6M were spent on him.

4. Ruben Perez (MC, DM) - Free

Perez will play in the starting eleven instead Mile Jedinak.

5. Nicola Murru (DL, DR) - $6M

6. Scott Sinclair (ML, AML, AMC, AMR, ST) - $650K

7. Jay Rodriguez (AML, AMR, ST) - $2.5M 

8. Fede Vico (AMC, AMR, AML, MR, ML, ST) - Free 

There are two more non-pricey wingers Tom Ince and Junior Hoilett. I signed them because it was easy to do that: they didn't want high wages.

Full updated information about the squad is available here: 

First and further matches of Crystal Palace

That was roughly a fine season start. Home wins over Liverpool and Southampton serve as evidences here. Nevertheless, my boys managed to fail against Aston Villa having an absolute advantage during the game.

Next two matches should turn into a large test for Crystal Palace answering questions:
  • Whether are we able to withstand The Gunners at Emirates and end up in a non-loosing way?
  • Is Crystal Palace among League Cup/FA Cup contenders this year?

Excited to blog for you,
Vitaliy Mokosiy

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