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Hello dear readers,

Eleven - that's the position number where my Crystal Palace have finished the second season. It's better than the 13th place last year, however, I am slightly disappointed with the ending interval when we should really fight for becoming the 9th.

65 goals scored, 65 goals conceded - what an equality! Unfortunately, I cannot boast about that because The Eagles were not efficient in defence. Surely it's better than previous season's 83 conceded goals but still not enough to catch up the Top 8. At this point I am out of their league.

Just to cushion the blow a little bit, 30 goals were scored by 5 English grand clubs. That could serve like a some kind of excuse for me and my team.

Let's take a look at the last season 2 match results:

You see I had 4 wins in a row. I did even begin thinking of Europa League place after this successful match series. Though the following time period ceased me from being behind this unexpected idea...

What's good is that I got the Manager of the Month award in March. My first one in Crystal Palace career!

Season 2 totals

Here are Premier League player stats after all. Pay attention to William Kvist from Wigan having the highest average rating!

Premier League team of the year:

Crystal Palace board members are satisfied with my results:

My current profile in the middle of June, 2016:

Wenger retired. I applied...

... but no luck. My reputation was certainly not good enough to make my dream of becoming Arsenal manager come true. See below who is a new Arsenal manager in this Dream Job story.

Crystal Palace players

9 players with average rating >= 7.00

Just want to single out some players giving my personal awards.

Best player of the season

  1. Aiden McGeady. It's simultaneously great and sad to understand the loaned player was the best. Hope there will be a chance to buy him somehow from Everton or at least loan once again.
  2. Christian Fuchs. A kind of left back I did need! Excellent crossing skills, the only one in the team who can really make dangerous free kick shots.
  3. Jonny Williams. He played 21 matches only because of 4-month injury due to a torn calf muscle. Otherwise, he could be influence on team results much more.
Worst player of the season
  1. Micah Richards. He just failed. Though may be I experimented way too much putting him to the centre of defence.
  2. James McArthur. Could be much better because of his high mental skills. The Eagles is perhaps not his team.
  3. Mathieu Flamini. Nothing else but average performance. Hoped to see more.

Transfer prospectives

Crystal Palace defense is still pretty weak if we begin comparing it with top 10 English clubs. But now it's more tricky to evaluate and figure out the most weak backs than after the first season. Lets dive into the player stats:

DC position depth in eyes of my assistant manger:

Both Fredrik Sorensen and Micah Richards slipped up more times than other defenders. They made several critical mistakes I still remember at this moment. So these two are certainly candidates to be sold.

In a nutshell my attacking players and central midfielders are pretty good to achieve necessary targets, but defensive ones aren't. This is why the bottom line of squad review would be strengthening defensive area during summer transfer window.

Just to create a full squad picture, here is also the full team report without loaned out Palace players.

Excited to blog for you,
Vitaliy Mokosiy

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