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In the middle of summer transfer window

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Hello dear readers,

Somehow I overcame all troubles with match animation alarmed in the last blog update. I lost one good evening for playing Football Manager because of that weird glitch. This is why I am still in active process of making transfers. It's July, 7 of 2015 and as you understand there will be squad changes onwards. However, quite many transfers have already been made till this moment. And sure I have to tell you how the last 4 Premier League fixtures were played and what position Crystal Palace finished at.

Season 1 completion

Four last matches were unexpectedly disappointing for Crystal Palace. But luckily all our competitors failed as well and we remained at the 13th position after all. 

It seems pretty good result keeping in mind that enormous quantity of conceded goals. 83 goals in 38 matches - the 2nd worst value in the whole league. Here's also some decent reaction from club board:

Wonderkid Jonny Williams became Fan's Player of the Year, though I would give the award to explosive Zaha whose efforts on a pitch were even more valuable.

New season expectations 

I claimed the highest available season target. Though now I hope my team will be able to finish in Top-10. That's what I expect from the second season.

Another target is squad rebuilding and tactical research. There was only one successful scheme during my first year is 4-2-3-1 with Control strategy. Other two tactics should be changed into something different and more surprising for other PL teams.

One of new tactics I want to use is 4-4-1-1 created earlier for Braganca in the previous story.

The 3rd one... I am thinking of it, may be something asymmetric. Your advises and hints are welcomed here in the comments!

First part of summer transfers

Players out

15.3 FM update helped me to sell Frazier Campbell ignored by me due to extremely low shots on target ratio. Getting 5.5M for him is an awesome outcome. As you see I sold Marouane Chamakh as well. 31 years old forward with high salary ($66K per week) was displaced by new top striker of Crystal Palace from Italy. Scroll down if you can't wait to know who's that :)

Brede Hangeland was too slow, poorly performing last season and had to high appetite for salary. So there's now wonder he left our team.

Here's one sad event happened to me and Crystal Palace - Zaha's loan term completed and he returned to Manchester United. I had no budget to buy back my best player of the season... Well I should adapt to this situation somehow.

New Palace players

Don't forget this is not the final version of summer transfers. I'm still in progress and want to strengthen couple of positions.

1. Ciro Immobile (SC) - $5.5M 

Oh yeah! Ciro had not match practice in Dortmund and got transfer-listed because of that. I was fast as lightning to acquire him. Immobile is definitely the poacher I needed. He should score a lot of goals with his high Finishing, Anticipation, Off the Ball and ability to use both feet well.

He has 3 good PPMs: Places Shots, Knocks Balls Past Opponent, Tries First Time Shots.

2. Ivelin Popov (AMC, AML, AMR) - Free

Ivelin Popov is the one whom I remember playing very well for my Q.P.R 4 years ago in Football Manager 2012. So I didn't even make any kind of scout search after having noticed him among players with expiring contracts. Just signed him and became more than pleased due to high values of attributes and immediate $15.25M transfer value. Great! Popov has to replace Zaha in the new season.

3. Andre Wisdom (DC, DR) - $2.9M

 Prospective English centre back who can also play at the right flank. I like his high speed, Concentration, Composure. At the same time we see he lacks Positioning, Marking and Balance. I think Balance is a significant attribute for centre backs.

4. Frederik Sorensen (DC, DR) - $375K

Similarly to Wisdom, Frederik has prospects of growth during trainings in the next couple of years. He's not that fast as Wisdom but overcomes English defender in Marking, Positioning and Balance.

Pay attention to the low price Juventus set for Sorensen placing him on the transfer list. What a bargain player for me!

5. Nathan Baker (DC, DL) - $1M

Tough guy to add more depth in covering DC and DL positions. Aggressive Baker was not needed by Aston Villa anymore. I think it was their mistake to sell so useful defender.

That's all for now. More transfer to come next week! I hope also to start the season and be ready to reported about its first matches. Thank you for reading my blog updates!

Excited to blog for you,
Vitaliy Mokosiy

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