Sunday, 29 March 2015

Tough January and February

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Hello dear readers,

I am eager for sharing the latest news from Crystal Palace story. Unluckily, this Sunday is not that optimistic as previous one when I was thinking of chance to get into Top-8 in the end. OK, I will not be beating around the bushes, let's explain you everything with the following screen shot.

3 wins, 1 draw, 5 defeats

Getting out of FA Cup 

Those 5 defeats and long-term injuries of key attackers (Jonny Williams, Yannick Bolasie) messed up my plans to get into Top-8 in the end. As you can see the Eagles got beaten 4 times by top English clubs, that influenced total morale level of my players and hindered in the FA Cup match against Sunderland from Championship. We stepped back despite a serious advantage over them and had to forget about possible FA cup final. I had some thoughts because many English top clubs have already managed to fail during the previous cup stages.

FA Cup tree:

Illogical defeat to Tottenham

My resentment is absolutely illogical home loss to Tottenham with 0:4 score! Could you imagine that score looking onto the match stats below?

That was painful!  Finally I cannot boast about about the position in the PL table.

Crystal Palace players

It's hard to be happy with Micah Richards and his very latest performances. Unstable, too unstable... At the same time Micah has $85K per week salary. He seems an overrated guy as for me.

I don't also like how Martin Kelly decreased his performances. It seems I have the only high class DR now - Joel Ward - who has been injured during the reported period.

MVP - Aiden McGeady

If there's opportunity to buy him in summer, I will definitely do that. He makes tricks as Bolasie but performs much smarter making more dangerous passes and scoring more often. Almost every fourth shot of Aiden ends with a goal according to the stats!

Crystal Palace winter newbie

The most attentive of you noticed new name among the strikers. I signed for free well-know striker Lucas Viatri. He possess good abilities to win headers and make power shots. The quite smart striker will certainly strengthen Crystal Palace and give some fluency in squad selection.

Next games

My further plans without FA Cup and opportunity to get into Europe next season, you would ask me? Well I want to fight for positions 9-10. Should be not that tough because Palace has much easier matches ahead than during reported period.

Have a good Sunday!

Excited to blog for you,
Vitaliy Mokosiy

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