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2 new tactics unveiled

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Hello and welcome to True Football Manager blog,

Today you will learn about two new tactics created by me for Crystal Palace and of course read about the latest results in Premier League and national cups. Renewed squad, new tactical schemes - that's what makes my FM gaming experience exciting!

Ball possession with 4-4-1-1

My new 4-4-1-1 tactic does resemble Braganca tactics which was successfully used in low-league matches. Its main ideas here:
  • High ball possession
  • Accurate passing and slow smart attacks
  • Well covered flanks against opposition
The tactic is pretty versatile and can be used against teams of any calibre.

Asymmetric counter attacks

I had one successful asymmetric tactic 5 years ago. It was created for Leeds United. I haven't been experimenting regarding formation asymmetry much since that time. So consider this as my new attempt to create something unique.

The tactic is oriented to produce fast counter attacking style via direction shifted to the right flank. All counter attacks begin with Deep-Lying Playmaker. This role suits much to James McArthur, so I hope he won't fail this season like the first one. He decides who should receive the ball then.

New Ramdeuter role for AMR is experimental. But I hope Bolasie and McGeady will show themselves well in it.

Left flank will be covered by Christian Fuchs. I believe he's able to do that. Unluckily, Chrisitian has been injured since the very start of the season and just recovered. So soon we'll see if he is able to cope with Wing Back role.

I intend to use this tactic mostly against top clubs to offer some kind of football they don't expect.

Battles with Arsenal and Tottenham

Here are the latest played matches:

4 wins, 3 draws, 5 defeats

The results are really predictable. Even the series of 4 losses according to big names of Everton, Tottenham, Liverpool. That's why I just want to comment encounters with top London clubs: Arsenal and Tottenham.

These two matches were oppositely different in a tactical sense. I began both matches with the same new asymmetric tactic and counter-attacking mentality. That worked out in case of the home game with Arsenal using attacking 4-4-2 formation. I am proud of that impressive victory!

At the same time, Tottenham with attacking wide 4-2-3-1 becalmed my winning emotions scoring 3 goals in the first half. Well, that was really painful. Sure I understand the circumstances: away match, PL leading team, strong squad with an average player value of $20M... Nevertheless, we manage to equalize game flow having switched to the main 4-2-3-1 formation and scored 2 times. That was not enough and we got 2:4 at a scoreboard.

PL table. Better than Arsenal!

Crystal Palace is higher than Arsenal in the current table standing.  That's because the Gunners are in crisis and Wenger is under thread of being fired. Well, I don't believe it could have been a chance for me to get the dream job. My reputation is not good enough for that in case if Wenger will be sacked right away. Though I would definitely agree receiving Arsenal head coach job opportunity - it's out of the question.

Crystal Palace players

I have 5 players with average rating higher than 7.0. It's certainly not enough but gives some prospect of growth from other standpoint.

Newcomers didn't show their real strength, and I expect to see more as soon as they blend into squad. In particular I believe we will see better performance from Ciro Immobile and Ivelin Popov

My attacking players began the season with some kind of underperformance. I can point Jonny Williams out - fans' player of the last year didn't manage to make a single assist!

At the same time we can see new defensive line is much more reliable than last season one. Defenders showed a good level of communication and teamwork. I have no centre back who can win all aerial challenges though.

To sum up, here's my thought about the current squad: I think the Eagles can really finish in Top 8 in the long run.

Next matches

How do you like that Christmas time calendar? 4 home matches and two of them will be against Manchester grand clubs. Amazing experience should be!

What's your opinion of my new tactical approaches by the way?

Please feel free to comment if you have any questions or minds.

Excited to blog for you,
Vitaliy Mokosiy

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