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New Year - New Dream Job Story

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Happy New Year to all of you my dear readers!

This blog update is hugely important for my whole next FM 2015 experience. Please read carefully, write me back in the comments and vote in the poll. I do need your advice!

Fired from Braganca for job hunt

Shocking news, ye?

Just let me explain how that happened. I had untouchable reputation in Braganca. But then having 5 points from leading Varzim and Felguiras till the end, I understood there wouldn't be any promotion this season. Once again. In nearly one step from success.

Meanwhile championships in other countries finished and quite many managers left clubs by different reason. So I had nearly 10 clubs somewhat higher reputation to apply. Well I applied for job in some clubs including Grimsby, Novara, Exeter... Braganca board reacted immediately blaming me during interview. I didn't manage to justify myself and got fired after all. 

Interesting that my scout Victor Leonenko (famous Dynamo Kyiv forward in the past) followed me and left the club as well.

My reputation is nothing

Sadly but fact, all my job hunt attempts were unsuccessful. I breathed out and decided not to rush with actions. First and foremost I took a look at my manager profile trying to evaluate current reputation and career stats. 

It seemed I should find some better job than my last one at Portuguese National Championship level because during the first and second seasons Braganca had been among overachievers with complete board happiness. Unluckily, my reputation didn't increase anyhow.

I desperately had been using 'Apply All' button resulting in 10 interviews with either PNC or English Conference North/South clubs. All of them were candidates for relegation next year. So as for me that was somewhat odd logic by FM 2015. I think I deserved better options...

After all attempts I noticed July had already begun and it was no time for waiting, otherwise transfer campaign could be missed.

So I accepted offer from Workington, relegation candidate club of Conference North.

Maximal mid-table season expectation was claimed to Workington board.

Workington squad was lacking a lot of depth at that moment.

So I went to free transfer and loan markets and signed many youngsters using non-contract offers.  It allowed to economize wage budget. But all existing and new players are one-level weaker than Braganca squad. That's actually embarrassing, sounds like one step backward...

I played several friendlies and then 3 starting Conference fixtures using all three tactics developed for Braganca... In short, I got totally disappointed by the results and poor quality of shown football. Players cannot even pass accurately, try to panic and clear ball out.

By the way, you can compare Portuguese National Championship reputation with Vanarama Conference North/South League. 126th instead 108th is just another step backwards in Dream Job story...

I want Dream Job story restart

Coming back home from my parents home to Kyiv, I was thinking of my current Dream Job story state and pleasure from Football Manager 2015. And I came to conclusion that I don't adore playing FM 2015 so much as previous versions. It's not FM 2015 problem - it's current Dream Job story problem. There are some significant factors influencing me and my decision to start a new game:
  • Normally I am able to play 8-9 seasons till next FM gets released. So the dream to manage Arsenal will never come true in FM15 after two seasons with Braganca without promotion. It's not motivating at all. I do want to become Arsenal head coach.
  • I switched from Comprehensive match view to Extended highlights during season 2 what decreased level of feelings and pleasure from gameplay. Don't want to rush anymore, desire to play more slowly.
  • Low league management is not for me. I dislike I don't know players in real football. It's much more exciting when you know how that or another footballer acts in the real life and see him in your squad or opponent team.
That's why I want the restart. Hope you understand me dear readers.

It's still going to be Dream Job story where I either manage Arsenal from the very beginning or start with Premier League relegation zone club trying to improve reputation for future Arsenal head coach job.

As normally happens in True Football Manager blog, it's up to you to decide. Please use the top right poll widget to vote immediately. I give you one and half of day to decide. 

Excited to blog for you and waiting for a new club,
Vitaliy Mokosiy

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