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Two new tactics unveiled

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Hi guys,

Thanks for reading my Dream Job story. By the way, you can comment what story sides should be more/less lightened. It would be awesome to hear your opinion.

Today's update about Braganca contains the tactical info and latest results. The 2nd season is being played with already successful 4-4-1-1 tactic and two new tactical schemes presented below.

3-5-1-1 with Standard Mentality

It is oriented to a total ball control in the centre of midfield. 5-in-line midfielders + AMC provide a ball possession level I need.  The tactics works really great against 4-5-1 formation which is quite popular in Portuguese National Championship.

Key team instructions unique among all three tactics I use:
  • Much Lower Tempo
  • Stick To Positions

3-1-4-1-1 with Attacking Mentality

This tactical approach is more fluid and attack-oriented. My team tries to stretch opponent formation vertically in some ways using wingers and box-to-box midfielder. At the same time it's more reliable defensively comparing to the aforementioned 3-5-1-1 because of ball winning DMC who helps trio of covering center backs. 

One of key tactical features here is Be More Expressive team instruction. It hints whole team to move and act more fluently and inventively.


Latest results

I got very diversified results with lots of scored and conceded goals.

8-5 win should be striking your eyes now. Well, that was something really weird - the match without defense. It's so bizarre that I don't even want to analyze it anyhow :)

It's much more efficient to pay attention to those three away defeats. Fafe was pretty lucky to win and it's unfair results as for me. Premier League club P. Ferreira seized on opportunity to make almost 30 shots during one match. My Braganca was absolutely helpless against, and that makes sense. It was like mouse against cat.

Most of all I was disappointed by loss to Campomaiorense. Again it turned into an irrational result and there should be a draw instead.

This is how PNC league table looks after all:

4 points of gap to top 2 places and 5 fixtures to play. I think Braganca has all chances to promote to the next round bearing in mind current team form and high morale level.

 Braganca players

Braganca has been experiencing problems in defensive line. All new centre backs are not better than Obama and Corunca in the previous season, and this is quite worrying for me.

For the time being our strongest area is still midfield. Summer transfers worked out for it. For instance, Leal improved team robustness and can be considered one of key Braganca players now.

Attacking midfielder Rafa shows even better performance than Rui Borges did.  Just look at his brilliant stats:

First stage match to play 

Away encounter with Vieira should turned into most significant game in the first season's half. It seems it should decide destiny of one promotion place. We'll hope to see Braganca in Top-2 after all. Otherwise, I would be seriously disappointed and put my Dream Job story under hesitation.

Go Braganca!

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Vitaliy Mokosiy

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