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Season 2. Revolutionazing

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Hi guys,

Here I have a huge portion of fresh Braganca news. Dream Job story continues, and today I am ready to report about three things all together:
  1. Revolutional squad changes during summer transfer window.
  2. Claimed season expectations.
  3. First results in season 2 with the new squad.


Squad revolution in the lower Portuguese League is a totally normal thing. It happens with many PNC clubs because of semi-professional club status and one-year player contracts. So there should not be any surprise for you in how Braganca was refreshed by me.

Most of previous season participators left the team:

Here is the list of Braganca newcomers:

All new player profiles you can see using these links:

Here is no place and sense in this blog post to analyze everybody who arrived to Braganca - I am leaving it for your own pleasure. Nevertheless, I would like to single out three best players signed during summer transfer campaign.

1. Rafa - AMC

Playmaker who came to replace season 1 team leader Rui Borges. I think he is even better than Rui due to quite high physical skills.

2. Rudi - ST

Aggressive forward that can become a top PNC goal scorer next season.

3. Leal - MC

Leal should become our core central midfielder. I am very please with his Teamwork and Work Rate levels.

Team report & wage budget

Unfortunately, I didn't manage to find better centre and left backs. Braganca reputation is too low and best PNC players doesn't even want to talk about joining to my team.

The following set of player cost me quite much. But I decided not to become a scrooge and focus on winning promotion this season. So finally I think wage budget looks good enough.

Claimed season expectations

Whether is there anything I could claim but winning promotion? Surely no. However, odds are still odd. I deem this time my squad is more balanced and stronger to achieve the set target.

Season 2 beginning

I won't be telling quite much here. Do not want to make this blog post too long. Moreover, it's too early to discuss players and their performance because it's obvious I'm facing tough squad blending period now.

Here are the results of the played matches including pre-season friendlies:

'2 wins, 1 draw and 2 losses' is not what I wanted of course. But it's quite predictable. However, 5-point gap from leading Mirandela and Santa Maria is a bit worrying.


Santa Maria - Braganca 1:0 

Santa Maria won despite playing bad. That was the most unfair game at this point. Braganca should really have won it taking into account all the advantage my team had.

Braganca players

 Closest matches to play

Next match will be played against another PNC club and we have all chances to go into the 3rd round of Portuguese Cup. It would be great because income from the cup is perceptible for Braganca balance which is below -$170K now.

That's all for now. Stay tuned and don't forget to write you comments below :)

Excited to blog for you,
Vitaliy Mokosiy

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