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Season 1 is completed. Braganca got...

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Hello dear readers,

Are you ready for the news about the last Braganca matches in season 1?

Promotion league

Braganca lost the first match to Camacha but competing Moimenta failed in their match at the same time. So league outcome was moved to the last fixture. For some reason I didn't manage to beat Coimbroes getting just a draw. Luckily, Moimenta did not seize on my loss of points, so Braganca remained at the 2nd position after all.

It was tough and nervy experience. I was playing the last match with league table widget enabled keeping track of what's going on in parallel games.

Promotion playoff

First leg

Casa Pia... I will remember this playoff opponent for long time. The reason is simple: they crushed Braganca with 5:1 score in the first leg. A really sad story but I should tell you how and why that happened.

First and foremost I made their squad and tactics analysis before the encounter:
  • Their squad was stronger than mine in all areas but defensive line. Well, no surprise here.
  • At home Casa Pia has been playing narrow attacking 4-3-3
  • Away tactics is classic 4-5-1 with 5 midfielders in line.
4-3-3 is currently the most inconvenient opponent formation. My 4-4-1-1 doesn't work well against it. I wanted to use narrow 4-1-2-2-1 but merely had a lack of players for it due to injuries. That turned into one of fatal defeat reasons.

My goalkeeper Nelson had been quite stable just right till the first match against Casa Pia. It turned into disaster for him and me. So many mistakes including in one match! Two goals conceded from average-quality long shots... That was an awful performance :(

I was also missing injured Rui Borges whose creative mind can make any match.

Second leg

The reply match was played by Casa Pia with 4-5-1 tactical scheme. It was not that defensive approach as one could think. Switching to maximally attacking style with respective mentality and much higher defensive line cost us the conceded goal and several other dangerous moments in our penalty area. At the same time Braganca players could score those 4 goals if we count all clear cut and half chances. Casa Pia goalie hindered that confirming his team is definitely better in this playoff...

This is how my Braganca got completed the season in one step from promotion.

And here are results of all last four official matches. 2 draws and 2 defeats...

Final player stats

Board confidence and finances

Board is happy as you see.

Surely, there was no any improvement of club balance. We almost reached -$200K. I hope that won't hinder the board to increase wage budget for the next season.

My head coach profile and future plans

I am posting my current profile state to track its changes and help you to understand how my current reputation is high or low. I don't think many things changed from my start with Braganca.

Stay or go

It's unlikely some club with higher reputation will make an offer me, so I would prefer to stick with Braganca for the next season. Moreover, I understand what changes should be done to get promoted next time!


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Excited to blog for you,
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