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Braganca squad analysis after season 1

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Hello dear readers,

I went deep into squad analysis and would like to share its results today. Let me begin with common team stats sorted by position:

Surely this information is not enough to evaluate every player in details. I created and prefer to use a special stats view where I can compare key player statistics on one screen.

I always liked Tackling/Aerial/Passing/Shots on target ratios. They are very helpful to quickly compare players' performances. Normally I look at the same position to compare. For instance, currently it's easy to see center back Coutu exceeds Obama and other competitors quite much.

According to the stats, Braganca most valuable players are:

  • Nelson (GK)
  • Coutu (DC)
  • Filipe Pedro (DR/DL) - 16 years old
  • Win (DL/ML)
  • Luis Gancho (DM/MC)
  • Rafael Vieira (DM/MC)
  • Nuno Vieira (MR) - 17 years old
  • Rui Borges (MRLC/AMRLC)
  • Luis Rodriguez (MC/AMC)
  • Horacio (ST)
However, it's not that simple at all. All footballers but two youngsters have ending contracts...

Ending contracts. Who should stay?

Whom to leave in Braganca... Decision was not easy one for me. Crucial information here was of course current player wage:

It was like a filter helping to leave aside those players who expect too much money for their services.

Finally, I singled out three players who should definitely continue playing for Braganca. Other guys are merely either too expensive or not good enough. Best forward Horacio doesn't even want to enter contract talks.

Now I would like to explain my choices.

Nelson (GK)
Why he should stay:
  • He was confident and reliable keeper with exception of few matches (unfortunately, including first playoff match against Casa Pia). 
  • Average rating - 7.03
  • 8 clean sheets in 34 matches
  • Passing accuracy was 81%
  • Nelson was named in Team of the Year!

Coutu (DC)
Simply one of the best Braganca and PNC players.  Just look at his quantities of made key tackles and interceptions:

Definitely Coutu is a key performer for Braganca!

Rafael Viera (MC)

Why he should stay:
  • Best central midfielder
  • 22 years old and some true prospect. Can become a leading PNC midfielder according to scouting report
  • Passing accuracy: 80%. 18 key passes in 22(1) matches
  • Low wage demands over $110 p/w

Rui Borges has to leave

That's what I think about my best player. The most complicated team building decision during my time in Braganca. He will turn 34 in one month and become even more slow. Another problem: Rui Borges is fairly susceptible to injuries. First season Braganca's attack suffered quite much because of that.

Last but not least Rui Borges wants to receive $475 per week. Too large salary in his case.

Do you think I am right?

Last but not least I have already signed new contract and am going to fight for promotion next having totally rebuilt squad. Revolution is here!

Excited to blog for you,
Vitaliy Mokosiy

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