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Braganca in Promotion stage of PNC

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I know many of you couldn't wait till I report about the latest news from Dream Job story. It's the right time you've opened True Football Manager blog for that!

6 fixtures were played, Braganca is not among leaders of the group. However, we still have all chances to promote to the Second Portuguese League.

Braganca performance

As you can see above I had the unsuccessful start with 2 losses. Very optional losses I would say. Just to be fair: Braganca should take at least two points in these matches.

Two starting defeats 

Moimenta da Beira - Braganca 1:0

Worst short targetting ever for Braganca: 13 shots - all are off the target.

Braganca - Tirsense 0:2

It wasn't our day again. Unlucky Braganca attackers with injury-recovered Rui Borges didn't manage to score at least once and failed all created chances. Nevertheless, our advantage over Tirsense in the second half was very high but somehow they survived our pressure.

Calling a spade a spade, unfortunate Promotion stage start for Braganca.

Tactical win: Setting up attacking mentality

Santa Maria is our former group mate in the previous PNC stage. Recalling two matches against them: 1:1 at home and crucial 2:1 win away. Both matches were really complicated and cost me much nerves.

Santa Maria began taking off advantage from the very start of the match. They created couple of dangerous moments and I saw it's necessary to change something if I wanted to gain a positive result.

What I did is just changed Control mentality to Attacking (which is not used/trained in any of my two tactics). It gave an immediate effect:
  • Almost all Braganca players began playing more aggressively.
  • Full backs and central midfielder having Automatic duty joined attacks. Left back Filipe Pedro managed to score his first goal arriving to the penalty box.
  • Advantage was completely overtaken in the first half
  • 5 unresponsive goals scored in a beautiful fashion

League table

My team is in 5 points from so desired top places. I've already played against both leading clubs Camacha and Moimenta da Beira. Can say there's nothing special about both of them. I didn't feel these team are stronger than mine. So 8 fixtures are ahead and Braganca will try to catch them!

Braganca players

Horacio was completely amazing in the last match against Santa Maria. His hat-trick made him Braganca top scorer at this point.

During last matches I understood that our results depend much on quality of defensive work. Thusly, I can single out centre back Coutu and goalkeeper Nelson whose stable performances help Braganca to have promotion chances.

Rui Borges is the best and most valuable player despite his 33-year age.

By the way, I did manage to get rid of two weak players Eddy and Fabien Capello freeing up some payroll budget. The trick was made with help of my assistant coach. I gave him 'Sell or Release' instruction on Transfer Status screen of each player and it worked out!

That's all for now folks. Stay tuned, next update is also going to be about Braganca.

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