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Best FM 2015 Sites

This page contains my personal view of currently existing FM community. My idea to create this list of the best FM 2015 sites is just simple: from time to time one may need help in some FM issue, want to install FM graphics, share own Football Manager story, or just read some good FM blog or guide.
This page is a starting point. It contains only the best Football Manager resources throughout the whole Web.

All rankings are based on my personal impressions and can't be changed by opinions of others.

Rankings are editable. If you know an active English-language FM site with some unique content or services for Football Manager fans, please remind it in the comments below. I will kindly take a look at your suggestion and possibly add to one the rankings.


First of all, here is the most interesting category for me because I have been writing to True Football Manager blog since 2007 and thusly helped quite much to set up the fashion of FM blogging. 

1. FM Veteran
One of the most smartest authors. Most his articles often contain something interesting for me.

2. SI Sports Centre

3. Strikerless

4. Real-time Football Manager

5. The Coffeehouse: FM Discussion

6. Hayes & Yeading - Making History

My blog doesn't participate in this ranking just due to ethics. 


1. SI Games Forums  - The most active place for discussions. Quantity of FM expert players is higher  than anywhere else. There you can even have nice chats with members of Football Manager development team.

2. FM Base

3. FM Scout

4. SortItOutsi

5. The Away Stand

6. Football Manager Story

7. The Dugout


1. Guide to Football Manager
Awesome and extensive guide I can easily advise to any either FM newbie or even expert players. Helps to increase game understanding much.

2. SI Games forums - Tactics and Training section


1. FMS Podcast
Unluckily, it's the only known for me podcast about Football Manager. The point is in that high-quality podcast production is harder than writing to the blog or creating a videcast.


1. Work The Space
Youtube channel that has more than 22000 subscribers. Also, the author manages my favourite club Arsenal which is particularly interesting for watching.

Graphics and other downloads

1. SortItOutsi.net 
Their graphics megapacks have been the best since... I don't even remember what year!

2. FM Scout

3. Football Manager Story

4. Passion4FM

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