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A nice chance to finish the second

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Hello my dear readers,

The first season with Braganca in Dream Job story is nearly completed. What I can say now it's going to be a nervous ending in context of getting promotion from the very first attempt. Here is how my promotion stage group looks like:

Braganca matches

3 wins, 2 draws, 1 loss in official matches.

I should confess we had a set of games different by events, playing style and luck:
  • Confident away wins over Coimbroes and Felgueiras. It was a kind of surprise for me meaning current Braganca got some maturity during this season.
  • Tough 1:0 victory over Tirsense. Quite tedious and nervy game.
  • Lucky 0:0 against Santa Maria. Thanks to our goalkeeper Nelson who got the Man of the Match award with 8.7 rating.
  • Unlucky 2:2 with Estarreja. We managed to concede a goal during injury time...
  • Shocking 1:5 at home against our competitor for the 2nd position in the league

Tactical failure with 1:5 score

Looking at the match stats, you see Moimenta da Beira had less quantity of shots. At the same time they were more efficient in attack creating more Clear Cut Chances and Half Chances. Simultaneously, their defensive efforts worked out as well. It resulted in higher ratio of won tackles (80% vs 75%) and 15 long shots by Braganca meaning Moimenta moved away our attacking line from their penalty area.

I should confess Moimenta excelled my team in tactics.

Braganca player stats in the match:

My players

Rui Borges is injured which does make me sad of course. It will tough to play two last league games without him. I don't want to say Braganca is totally Borges-dependent but our attacking force gets quite much weaker when he gets injured.

Other Braganca players can be divided into 3 groups:

  • U17 youngsters with long contracts
  • Ugly players with contracts ending (I will certainly let them go)
  • Key players with contracts ending in June whom I probably should like to stay.

One of third group footballers is centre back Couto. He became the best player of reported period and my best signing in the first season (now I can claim that!).

Coutu - MVP

His match stats with excellent values of won and key tackles, 3 MoMs, 353 interceptions in 31 matches.

His form during the reported period:

Promotion chances

Well Braganca should win 2 next matches to guarantee remaining at the 2nd line. It seems not that difficult because both games will be played at home arena. Moreover, Camacha has already won the league and can take a rest in the match against us, I hope.

In case if we succeed, there are two strong teams in Group B as candidates for playoff round: Sertanense and Casa Pia. They both have better squads than Braganca. Though it's not that significant in lower leagues, as practice shows choosing right tactical approach is truly crucial thing.

I hope to play these matches during the closest days and report about outcome of the first season in Dream Job story. Stay tuned!

Excited to blog for you,
Vitaliy Mokosiy

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