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Welcome to Braganca!

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Hello dear blog readers,

I want to tell you my first club was found quite quickly. Those clubs that were available at the start rejected me, even Girknyk Sport from Ukrainian First League. Though I understand the league has the 62nd reputation in European rating.

All of sudden vacancy in the lowest league of Portugal was opened. I applied to Braganca and received the job promising to win promotion in the very first year. A risky step but I don't afraid challenges and this time don't afraid to be sacked. Anyway it's a bottom level and I'll be able to find another team if things go bad :)


During talk with chairman I decided to opt one 'Sign young players for the first team' philosophy. It's pretty easy to accomplish and should give some benefit to me even if results are not so good as expected.

Braganca possesses good facilities and low youth recruitment and coaching levels.

 Team report

Team report from assistant manager made me to be wary about weak defence and lack of players. There are just two centre backs and both have serious shortcomings. For instance, the main one is Obama (yes, yes, Obama!) from Cameroon with Pace=6 and Acceleration=8. He can become a weak link in case of opposing against fast forwards. Though I understand fast forwards at this stage have speed attributes being around 10-12.

In short, my aim is to add defenders into the squad. By the way, I will put all player profiles to the blog when transfer window is closed.


Finances are pretty fine for the current level of team. Sure, one can easily predict they will get worse every month due to payroll expenses and lack of income. However, starting values are comfortable for me.

Competition and competitors

As you've just seen I promised to win promotion. It's not that simple as it could be expected. Portuguese third division consists of 80 teams divided into 8 groups. Promotion means my Braganca getting into top 2 of the group and promote to the next level. Pretty complicated but very interesting league rules there. I promise to share rules overview in the next blog update.

Media prediction hints it's going to be tough to achieve claimed target.

One of the most interesting first things I made was team comparison throughout all 80 league teams.

As it was seen in the team report Braganca has good attacking force but lacks classy defenders and goalies. Strentgh of defence is the 74th, one of the worst in the league...

Attempting to get rid of unneeded players

To sign many new players, I need some payroll budget getting freed. That's why I began trying to sell some players. That turned into my first obstacle on the way to glory :)

Nobody wants to buy those players, nobody wants even to sign them for free. Moreover, the players doesn't accepted my attempts to mutually terminate contracts. 

Maybe you can hint something to me?

What I dislike about new match engine

Having played several friendlies, I can state the new match engine looks too raw. Even despite all that smoothness (which is nice). My mind was shocked by too accurate long balls from defenders and midfielders with passing below 10 and even below 8... How can that be? Looks unreal for low league football. 

Another problem is regarding match graphics quality. I tend to use high resolution 2560x1600 with 175% zoom to get comfortable set of screens and widgets on them. However, my high-end Mac Pro with NVidia card can produce smooth match flow without lags at Medium settings only. The settings are really medium with exception of pitch texture. It is much worse than High settings have. Eye-blinding sometimes and thusly disappointing...

The last but not least - "dancing players" in Ronaldo style. This is how I call player attempt to dribble when opponent players are pretty far. Looks quite stupid.

Now dear readers, tell me:

  • Have you experienced this kind of issues?
  • Do you see any other serious shortcomings in Football Manager 2015?
Please share your opinion in the comments, it's always welcomed!

Excited to blog for you,
Vitaliy Mokosiy

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