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Unbeaten run with help of hot prospect arrival

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Hello dear readers,

The long post title sounds optimistic and like the one that needs explanation. Well, as you understand my Braganca got into the unbeaten run of official matches. But was it enough to promote to the next stage... that's uncovered two screens below if you can't wait ;)

There's a single loss in the list but it was friendly game.

Hot prospect arrival

It was a true key moment of the first season half. Braganca got 5-6 players injured and I simply couldn't pick anybody more or less suitable to play at MC positions. Wage budget was already overspent as you understand. But then I recalled DJTacon's comment made to First match with Braganca post. He shared his experience regarding very cheap youth contracts signed with 15-year old guys...

Well I did the same trick. There was a plenty of youngsters who was ready to play for just $35 per week. Luckily, that was allowed by club board independently of currently spent wage budget. This is how these 6 young footballers joined Braganca:

They increased squad depth and helped to survive during tough period with numerous injuries. 

Soon I will add their profiles to squad pages of this blog. At the moment I am going to show the best of them - right wing midfielder Nuno Viera:

Ye, we did it!

As you understand the unbeaten run brought very good morale levels. Everything together helped to show confident and reliable play.

We were fighting for the 2nd position till the last fixture. All of sudden Braganca managed to jump to the top and win the group!

Club board is really happy about that:

The only negative here is club balance which can't stop decreasing...

Braganca players

Braganca players managed to cope with set targets. Even without Rui Borges who was injured for 3 weeks and got another injury during the last match against Viera

I am glad I found out who is the best forward out of Horacio, Samir and Ouiya. Mobile Horacio played key role together with Rui Borges to achieve this success. His 10 goals can be a real testimony. 

Hot prospect Nuno Viera played 4(1) games and made 3 assists in them. That's also inspiring!

Another achievement is centre back Couto. If you remember, I signed him before the season and he became a rock in the defence and the example to follow for other defenders.

My profile

I decided I need to add state of my profile after every milestone. It will allow to follow profile changes which is interesting for reading on the one hand and should be helpful to change career on the other hand.


It's interesting my attributes improved comparing with the story start. It's a little bit bizarre because I don't know how to explain it.

Promotion stage

My next target is to fight for top two positions in Promotion stage group. Winners and second places of other groups are already there and promise tough matches. I am pretty sure Braganca can promote because everything depends on tactical schemes in low league management.  Squad strength doesn't differ too much between PNC clubs.

Braganca could lose Obama?

And I want to complete the blog update with contact news I got regarding Obama (actually not Barack :), just my DC from Cameroon). Just for fun.

Thanks for joining me again. Hope you enjoy reading the report about latest events in my Dream Job story. 

Please don't hesitate to write some comments. Just do it :) As practice shows, your comments are helpful and influence how I play Football Manager.

Excited to blog for you,
Vitaliy Mokosiy

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