Saturday, 29 November 2014

Mid-season thoughts and preparations

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Hi my readers,

I was snowed under and played FM not so much time during last days. At the moment I am just coming up to the first match of Promotion stage. However, I think its time to share some thoughts about this time interval and upcoming 18 matches.

Braganca confidently won all 4 friendlies against weaker teams, that is is nice.

Optimism in my head

My team is in very good form and at excellent morale level after success in the first PNC round.

By the way, as it had been promised all profiles of new Branganca youngsters were uploaded to the squad pages:

All of them are 16-17 years old, so there's no wonder they are showing the best training performances.

Though totally my best players are of course Rui Borges and Horacio. Main attacking force of Braganca!

Promotion stage matches

Tomorrow I should have some time to play at least two first matches and begin comparing strength of the teams between First and Promotion stages. Well, nobody will be surprised if Braganca faces problems against new opponents. But I hope current amazing form of my players and high tactic familiarity should help much.

So there it is. No more news for a while. Wish you to enjoy playing FM 2015 as much as possible.

Excited to blog for you,
Vitaliy Mokosiy

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