Sunday, 2 November 2014

FM15 Beta: UI, Scouting, Match Engine and other new features

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At this point I don't play Football Manager 2015 Beta, just try to visit all screens and attentively look at all new features developed by SI Games. Consider this blog update as a sequel of the previous one. Let's take a look what I dug out.

New UI

In general I am impressed with how the new user interface is constructed. It's actually the best one in all series. Top advantages of this UI are:
  • Excellent smooth animations
  • Left sidebar which is very helpful for gamers, in particular inexperienced ones
  • Top search bar with embedded browser of nations and clubs
  • Modern plain controls and panels

Match Engine

I played couple of friendly games with random tactics and first eleven selection just to enjoy new animations and match flow. Well, it's just awesome and beautiful! And it inspires because match engine is a core thing in Football Manager: if it's bad, then whole game can be considered unplayable. So I am happy to see this kind of match engine in the game.

But surely I need some real FM gaming experience to evaluate improved match engine. It's one week till my Dream Job story beginning... So difficult to wait :)


Press F5 and you will see one of largest changes in Football Manager.

It's obvious that scouting section was reworked to make FM more realistic. I totally agree the former Player Search screen should have been replaced by something like this scouting. Now we are able to enjoy the game from some other view angle, turn into real club managers, feel and overcome all difficulties in true player search.

By the way, feature with unmasked intervals of player attributes' values adds realism as well.

Here I also have the special message for some FM gamers:

Guys, don't use Genie Scout, save file editors, and other cheating. You loose all fun game creators intended to produce for you.

Opposition Instructions. Defaults

It could be considered a simple addition for FM. However, I would insist on its high value for gamers who use OI. It should just save pre-match time and let be aside of OI setting routine.

Small but nice features

Promises tab in Profile. Now I can always see all promises made to players and staff on one page. Of course it's a pretty cool and convenient feature.

Involvement to trainings. You as head coach is allowed to take part in training process. Thusly you can setup training categories for yourself at the Coaches screen.

Questions to you

Tracksuit vs Tactical profile

How will tactical and training attribute grow?

That's what I don't know now. In particular I am interested of that because I'm going to start my FM 15 story with minimal values of all manager profile attributes. Like a total newcomer in the football world.

In-match Team Talks

Look like a promising and realistic feature. Though I don't understand how we can measure an effect of made in-match touchline shout. Perhaps we should check the body language stats. Am I thinking in right direction?

Excited to blog for you,
Vitaliy Mokosiy

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