Monday, 17 November 2014

FM 2015 Graphics

Dear FM gamers,

Playing Football Manager is better and more authentic if you download and install some additional graphics: player faces, club logos, team kits. It make our favorite game more vivid, realistic and bright.

This article is created to help out those who are interested in the best FM 2015 graphics or merely don't know how to set it up correctly. Here are my choices for Football Manager 2015 used in Dream Job story.


FM 2015 FacepackFM 2015 MegapackFM2015 Graphics

Cut Out Faces Megapack is still number 1 for me. Guys from SortItOutsi have been producing most nice and large facepack of players and coaches from year to year.

Here they presented 152000+ faces in the zip file weighting almost 7GB.

Download this FM 2015 Facepack  (pay attention to FAQ located below download buttons)

Shiny Logos

FM 2015 Logos
  FM 2015 Graphics

There is also logopack called Metallic Logos loved by me during last years but it doesn't work well on high-screen resolutions (2048x1280). All the metallic logos show up blurred on my MacBook Pro. That's why I rejected to use it and installed Shiny Logos looking plain and beautiful on any resolution.

More than 16000 club logos and over 1200 competition logos. File size: 1.8GB

Download this FM 2015 Logopack

SS Kits

FM 2015 Kits

As a matter of fact kits installation is the most tedious and long process actually. Graphic files are divided into parts by each league, so one has to download multiple kits for different leagues and install all of them one by one.

The most nice kits called SS can be found at SortItOutsi site as well. Here's the link leading to all of them:

Hope I managed to help you sharing links on these nice looking sets of FM 2015 graphics.

Excited to blog for you,
Vitaliy Mokosiy

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