Thursday, 20 November 2014

First matches with Braganca

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Hello dear blog readers,

Today I am sharing information about my first match experience in Dream Job story. In short, Braganca start in Portuguese National Championship was pretty fine and makes me thinking in optimistic way regarding selected tactical approach. Here is my set of results:

3 wins, 2 draws and 1 loss in total.

Analysing season start for Braganca 

Despite heavy losses during friendly matches it was quite successful. I played a lot of friendlies to create tactics that would suit to the current squad with two serious problems:
  • Weak defence
  • Lack of flank midfielders and wingers
Finally, I decided to begin with counter-attacking football and formation based on two anchor men. That adds some reliability because each anchor man helps nearest full back during defensive phase.

First match of Braganca

It was cool to see how my guys confidently won the first match. Even a little bit surprising. However, I think Cerveira was too weak to oppose. They didn't even manage to get ball possession again my team playing with counter-attacking mentality.

Just wanted to share goals from this game but FM 2015 made a buggy Youtube upload:

Do you have similar problems?

Most inspiring victory

That was my first win against team having stronger squad. Slight advantage during the match and beautiful long shot by Luis Rodrigues were top two positive things.

PNC group with Braganca

Very tight competition here at the start and we can't predict who will actually finish in the promotion zone. Let me play more matches and may be we'll see group leaders.

By the way, I would like to share PNC competition reputation. You see it's even below the third divisions of Croatia and Czech Republic for some reason. Important information in context of my Dream Job story and its objectives.

Braganca players

A lot of ratings above 7.00 look exciting and promising. Though I understand it's only beginning and situation can radically change very soon.

Pair of attacking midfielders Luis Rodrigues and Rui Borges were team drivers during the reported period. Especially I would like to single out Rui Borges successfully playing Advanced Playmaker role in Braganca tactics. The tactics itself is very playmaker-oriented with large portion of freedom given to AMC.

Next matches

I hope to have more time to play FM 2015 and get back to True Football Manager blog with October-November report soon. Stay tuned!

Excited to blog for you,
Vitaliy Mokosiy

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