Tuesday, 21 October 2014

In one blog post till the story end

Hi my dear readers,

I have some kind of mixed feelings. It always happens when you have to stop playing your current save and switch to a new one. Football Manager 15 Beta will be released this Friday, that is the reason why I decided to accelerate current AZ story. Normally I play matches in Comprehensive mode. For the sake of story progress, all reported matches were played with highlights in Extended/Key mode.

AZ matches

There were no winter transfers this time. The only change: left back Wielinga with Abysmal morale was loaned out because we broke off due to his wish of playing in the first eleven.

As for the results I am pretty happy with them.

AZ matches


Unluckily, Eredivisie intrigue is over for AZ. I don’t see any chance to catch up with PSV. The same can be said about Vitesse and other that can only dream about the 4th position this season. So my main focus is shifting to Dutch Cup at the moment.


Black day in Rotterdam

There was the only serious and totally unexpected 0:4 failure which I called Black day in Rotterdam. For some reason Sparta managed to score 4 goals of all 4 shots on target. 100% efficiency, three mistakes by my centre back Witschge, shocking result…



Match stats

Dutch Cup semi-final rehearsal

The last match was also quite strange. We didn’t manage to overcome ADO Den Haag playing ten together almost whole second half. It’s a somewhat worrying sign because AZ and ADO Den Haag should play once again in Dutch Cup.



AZ players

I have no time to analyze players this time. So very quickly, AZ players sorted by average rating.

PlayersPlayers 2

My last matches in Football Manager 2014


These games + hopefully Dutch Cup final will complete my Dresden + AZ story in FM 2014.

Stay tuned to see how AZ story will end, whether I will be able to win Dutch Cup or not…

Excited to blog for you,

Vitaliy Mokosiy

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