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Final AZ story post

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Welcome back to my blog! Dear readers, today I want to tell you how Dresden/AZ story completed. This long and quite complicated journey in Football Manager 2014 is over for me and you now.

Outcome of Dutch Cup

Dutch Cup was my only serious intrigue in the 9th season during two last months. So let me begin with the semi-final encounter against ADO Den Haag.


The match didn’t turn into an easy walk for my AZ. Early goal got me frightened a bit but then my team proved its strength looking confident in second half and extra time.


Unluckily, I got two problems before the final against Ajax.

Problem #1. Key AZ performer Rafa who made more assists than any other player in the squad should miss the final.


Problem #2. AZ was at the 4th guaranteed line in Eredivisie. Last summer I had promised board to qualify into Champions League, so that’s why they were ready to loose patience and fire me in case of lost final.


Dutch Cup Final

Eventually the time of super-final came. That was not only Dutch Cup final, that was the final of my FM 2014 story, and of course arch-rivalry and most important match in the season

Ajax selected their traditional scheme with 1 central and 2 inside forwards. Hurtado, Dekker and Nouri are very cool guys in Dutch football, believe me. They can tear down any defence in the league. It was hard to oppose them once again.

Final Ajax

Ajax had a perceptible advantage right till the 58th minute when their playmaker Oliver got his second yellow card. This match event turned upside down completely everything. My players started to dictate tempo getting back ball possession.

Two goals by Guilherme and Vilters provided a comfortable lead and the trophy.

Final stats

Watch all four goals:

Match stats

Last matches in AZ story


There was no any intrigue for my club. At the same time I became a witness of hot battle between PSV and Groningen for the title. PSV wondered me with enormous efforts to overtake Groningen. They were unlucky but very mighty and brave.


Goal by AZ goalie

This is how my goalkeeper Hobie Verhulst managed to score. Superb long shot :)))) What a luck to get this incredible goal in the end of my gaming experience with FM 2014,


AZ Players

AZ PlayersPlayers 2

MVP is Marcos Guiherme. He was merely irreplaceable during the season and one of the best signings in my whole FM career throughout years.

Rafa is another key player who has been dispatching ball and making assists more efficiently than anybody else.

I want to praise defensive line: Groen (DL), Vilters (DC), Boly (DC), Schenkeveld (DR). The four committed many efforts to arrange reliable and stable defending.

In addition I want to underline that total average rating looks like absolute success. Almost all players have it >= 6.90. That’s great!

Meanwhile in Dresden

My former club Dynamo Dresden managed to climb a ladder to Europa League finishing at the 6th position after all.


They were not that successful in this season’s Europa League. The first knockout round encounter with Nice became an insurmountable barrier.

Europa League

What’s next

So there it is. I can finally claim my Football Manager 2014 is over. Want to thank everybody who has been following. Special thanks to those who write comments in the blog now and then. You’re awesome!

One may ask: what’s next?

Football Manager 2015. Dream Job story.

By the way, I have recently bought a new laptop to get high-level graphics and gaming experience with the new FM. It’s actually newest 15-inch Apple MacBook Pro with NVidia card. Here it is on the left side compared with my old orange Sony Vaio notebook.


Excited to blog for you,

Vitaliy Mokosiy

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