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4-match test for AZ

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Hello dear readers,

The latest 4 matches could either bring my AZ to a group of title contenders or push out of Top 4 decreasing Champions League qualification chances considerably. Away games against Twente and Ajax + home encounter with Groningen could be turn into anything from 0-point story to 3 wins.

Well I passed the test with decent result.

Quite complicated season interval

AZ matches


Twente – AZ 1:2

What I like is another away win over Twente. My team didn’t make so much domination as in the previous season but, however, AZ had a slight advantage throughout the whole game. Special thanks should go to our star Marcos Guilherme.


Ajax – AZ 2:1

Unfortunately, our arch-rivals played better. Their flanks very super-active constantly providing keen passes to central line.


AZ – Groningen 0:0

Tough, very tough. Both teams had goal moments but I feel somewhat lucky with this draw anyway. After this game I came to the conclusion Groningen deserve to win the title this season.


AZ – Cambuur 2:1

Excellent consistency and extra-time assist from Rafa helped good old Marvin Stefaniak to score the goal. AZ is in the Dutch Cup quarterfinals now! What I expected to be a calm match turned into the nervous encounter. Though our advantage was pretty much confident.




Situation did change after the latest three fixtures. Groningen and Ajax made a gap and, let’s call a spade a spade, they will decide the destiny of the title. Meanwhile we should fight PSV for the valuable third position.

AZ players

AZ playersAZ players 2

Average ratings didn’t change much since the last blog update. AZ players show very confident performance and brilliant teamwork. Even so, there are few guys reported by assistant coach as those who have squad blending problems: Marcos Guilherme, Prince Ngcobo, Dustin Groen. Thusly, I have some room for improvement to see eventual increase of play quality.

My main concern now is about effectiveness of forwards: Rubio and Chukwuma. Both guys somewhat declined closer to winter and cease from scoring goals often. But I hope it’s a temporary effect.

It was also pity to loose Quincy Promes for 6 weeks. Certainly he is one of my key midfielders and can hardly be substituted.

Future matches

I was extremely lucky with Dutch Cup draw getting a lower league option to play against. Escaped another encounter with Ajax.

Dutch Cup

And the next series of matches is:

Future matches

Meanwhile in Dresden

Now let’s take a look how my former club Dynamo Dresden plays during the current season.


Well… pretty bad as you can see.

However, they have much better results in Europa League.

Euro Cup

That’s all for now folks. Don’t forget to comment this blog update.

Excited to blog for you,

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