Friday, 12 September 2014

Short AZ squad review

Dear blog readers,

So here is my first AZ blog post. As you remember season 8 began and my new club is at the bottom of Eredivisie. Today I want to make squad review quickly sharing information about current players in my disposal.




Let’s begin the review with goalkeeper position. Here AZ can boast quite good and reliable (at first sight) goalie Hobie Verhulst. He spent entire career in AZ and looks like one key team players. Koen Bucker is much weaker but can be a decent substitute for Verhulst.

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Bart Schenkeveld is considered by assistant coach as the strongest centre back. Could be. Though he has very serious shortcoming: Jumping = 11. At the same time he is not pacey defender having same 11 for both speed attributes. He suits to DR position more than to DC.

Strongest left back Mitchel Diijks seems the best at DC position as well possessing Strength of 18 and Jumping of 17. If I decide to play two DCs, most likely 23-year old Beau Vilters will join him to make pair.

Versatile young Wesley van der Vall lacks Teamwork (8) and Concentration (10)  but still can be used as main DL and DR because good physics, high Determination (18) and decent technical skills.

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There I have three key players:

  • Quincy Promes (MR/AMR, MC/AMC). The most valuable AZ player. Can strengthen any Dutch club.
  • Ruud Vormer (DMC, MC). Superb mental abilities. Captain.
  • Jan Moravek (MC, AMC). 31 years old playmaker.

Loaned Dario Bruzzone from Milan and left winger Nico Schultz look quite nice as well on a background of other midfielders who are simply not good enough.

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Here I have some kind of shortage. 4 forwards in the squad:

  • Target man Catalin Tira. Decent one but nothing special.
  • Quite fast Serbian Ivan Bozovic. Good team worker.
  • Loaned from Schalke Uwe Gebhart with 4 attributes >= 17. Very quick but young and poorly balanced in all attributes.
  • Bobley Anderson with poor Finishing and Composure.

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Tactical question

Now when you’ve become acquainted with AZ squad, I have a question for you my dear readers:

What tactical formations would you use if you were me?

Answer in the comments please.


Excited to blog for you,

Vitaliy Mokosiy

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