Friday, 19 September 2014

First transfer campaign in AZ

Hello dear readers,

I had two options before January:

  • Leave squad as it is and gain a middle league position reliably
  • Make transfers taking some risks

You know me :) The the latter option was more tempting, that’s for sure. Moreover, I thought it’s won’t be difficult to keep my club away from relegation zone even having squad blending process of new players.

Players out

Players out


All sold footballers were not often seen in the first eleven. Maybe Catalin Tira and Nemanja Gudelj played matches more frequently than others. But nobody of them impressed me. Almost all of them had ending contracts in summer. So it was a great piece of business to sell these guys freeing payroll budget for future signings.

AZ newcomers


I can’t say AZ squad is now fully staffed. There are some weak spots in the defence. But anyway transfer campaign did strengthen AZ midfield and attack.

1. Simonas Kavaliauskas (MC, AMC) – $22.5K


Lithuanian rising star was signed to become one of AZ leaders in future. Simonas is so good that his level is even enough to play in my former Dynamo Dresden.

Mentality with excellent Work Rate is his main advantage. I also like that Simonas is very ambitious person.


2. Diego Rubio (SC) – Free

Diego Rubio in FM 2014

Rubio should turn into our attack threat for any opponent. He is certainly better than Ivan Bozovic and sold Catalyn Tira. Promises to be an efficient Eredivise striker.

Rubio feet

3. Hristo Mitov (SC, AMC) – Loaned from Schalke


Tough guy, fantastic work rate and teamwork, good finishing and first touch. I loaned Mitov to use him not only as target man but also in AMC position.

Can’t wait to see if he’s really good in long shots.

4. Redzo Kovacevic (DC, MC) – $775K

Redzo Kovacevic

This transfer became unlucky. I bought Kovacevic to strengthen AZ defensive line. But it turned out he played for 2 other Dutch teams this season and is unavailable for match selection till summer. What a fail!

5. Daniel Morales (DL, DC) – Loaned from Roma


Backup player.

6. Gary Fischer (DMC, DC, MC) – Loaned from New York


Backup player.

7. Calin Luchin (GK) – Loaned from Cluj


Substitute goalie.

Team report and finances after transfers


You see AZ squad became stronger. There is a hole at DR position which would need another loan. I still have a couple of days till transfer window closing. Hope some decent DR would agree to join AZ. Currently payroll budget allows that. I managed to decrease budgeted deficit in January as you can see.


Excited to blog for you,

Vitaliy Mokosiy

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