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Squad revolution before season 7

Hello blog readers,

It’s time to uncover all summer transfers I made. Season 7 will be played using “win or die” principle. If I don’t manage to get into Top 3, there’s no way to continue Dresden story. That’s why I was very careful with squad changes taking only those players which I believe in.

This is a squad revolution, the largest in Dynamo Dresden story!

Players out



Let me comment the most significant sales.

Thiago Casasola, Sadio Berthe and Milan Djuric rocked me with request to get transfer-listed after unsuccessful Bundesliga last season. So I had no choice.

Young talent Miroslav Machachek was intercepted by FC Bayern because he didn’t want to talk about new contract with Dresden.

Fabio Schellotto went to Mainz for $3M due to my dissatisfaction regarding his performance.


Brazilian wonderkid goalie Fabio… It’s sad but he had very complicated contract with minimal release clause of $19.5M. Porto offered the money and bought Fabio without my approval. Some good money at least…

FM 2014 bug

Perica and Panjkret were key players in Dresden. Firstly they asked me about ambitions for the next season. I promised I see Dynamo Dresden in European cups and they liked what I said. But all of sudden both guys requested transfer one week later. Dresden have just played 3 Bundesliga fixtures at that time point having 1 win, 1 draw, and 1 loss…

What a bug!


Have you ever seen anything like that? I was pretty much frustrated.

Players in


So here are my newcomers. I hope these players will help Dresden to return at the highest level of German football. 

I want to discuss in Top 8 transfers here, other players can be checked in the squad pages via the right-sided widget about Dresden.

1. Edgar Prib (AMC, AMR, AML, ML, MC) – $7.75M


Edgar Prib is a guy of extraordinary versatility. At first sight it seems he can play everywhere. However, I would prefer using him in the centre due to lack of speed, in particular Acceleration.

I deem Prib should become a key Dresden performer from the very first matches in the new season.


2. Mamadou Sakho (DC, DL) – $9.5M


Superb centre back who wasn’t happy with how his matter had been going in Liverpool. Sakho will definitely strengthen Dresden defence. Most of all I like his high level of mental skills. Also Balance = 17, crucial for winning balls.


3. Fernando Calderoni (ML, MC, AML, AMC) – $4.5M


Man City is too strong to have place for such a talent. As for me Calderoni looks like a gem player. Technically gifted, highly determined, pretty versatile midfielder. May be he lacks some physics but I am going to improve it a bit during trainings.

4. Bogdan Butko (DR, WBR, MR) – $7M


+1 Ukrainian footballer in Dynamo Dresden :) I will simply give out right flank to Bogdan Butko. He can tackle the ball, he can cross it, he is speedy and hard-working flank player.


5. Fabian Giefer (GK) – $2M


I didn’t see any option to sign goalkeeper of Fabio level at the moment. That’s why smart transfer of experienced German goalie seemed the best for Dresden.

Fabian Giefer is one who can deliver stable and reliable performance. I believe in that.

6. Oscar Servio (SC) – $3M


Oscar Servio is a prospect. At the same time Argentinian bought to replace suddenly lost Perica. Though I am  not sure how good Oscar will play at the very beginning.

Pay attention: Off The Ball, Teamwork, Finishing, and Heading >= 16.`Oscar is also physically pretty strong forward.

7. Javier Segarel (SC) – Loaned w/o monthly fee


Replacement for two other Dresden forwards: Servio and Robert. Though Segarel can force out Servio from the main squad having somewhat better attribute values at the moment.

8. Niklas Sule (DC) – $6.25M


I can explain why I paid the money for Niklas Sule:

  • Good performance last year
  • German nationality
  • Ability to play using two feet


So after all

Balance have even increased for this moment. It make me comfortable and underlines correct transfer policy. Recalling my experience with previous Football Manager stories, overspending transfer money didn’t work well.


This is how Team Report looks now:


Let the season start!


I am very excited with upcoming matches and can’t wait to see how Dresden newbies will try to gel into the team.

Being in the Top 10 after 10 first fixture would be enough for a start.

How do you think dear reader?

How do you like the squad revolution?

Excited to blog for you,

Vitaliy Mokosiy

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