Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Squad blending continues

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Blog post 828 is dedicated to progress of Dynamo Dresden in season 7. Squad revolution is already behind, ambitions and expectations are very high. Though current squad blending doesn’t allow to see stable performances so easy as one would want.


In general our team play improved but we faced some problems in away games. Particularly, it was sad to loose in German Cup against Gladbach. They sobered me with my wish to win the cup this year… Unfortunately, I must concentrate on German national league now.

Three defeats and two conceded goals against Wolfsburg were caused in a large part by poor performances of substitute goalkeepers. My main goalie Fabian Giefer got injured for  one month…

GladbachGladbach stats

Dresden – danger for Munich and Dortmund

It’s so pleasant to see my team is able to oppose the toughest German elevens again. Dortmund and Munich have wonderful squads with lot of players valued above $10M. And it seems I am on the right way because draw against Bayern and confident victory over Dortmund were crucial results during the reported period. They helped Dynamo Dresden to appear quite high in the league table.

Dresden player stats (Dortmund match)

Dresden stats against Dortmund

Table standing


Dresden players

PlayersPlayers 2

At the moment I can sum up intermediately regarding squad revolution results. First of all, I can state some new players are already stable performers:

  • Edgar Prib with his 2 goals, 4 assists and 10 key passes.
  • Niklas Sule with high percentages of won tackles and headers
  • Fernando Calderoni. 3 goals, 3 assists.

Unluckily, other newbies are not so good. Bogdan Butko is more or less stable but he could be more dangerous during attacking moves. I expect higher quantity of crosses from him.

Mamadou Sakho has been disappointingly unstable and non-reliable. And it’s not a problem of his weakness in air actually. He’s just gelling into the squad.

Young forwards Segarel and Servio don’t want to score and underperform. However, I understand it can be explained by their age and lack of experience at such level.

Robert – our new attacking leader


While youngster don’t score, I have the man who is able to lead the team scoring often. Robert is my Brazilian Dennis Bergkamp. Smart and technically gifted player, scores free kicks quite often (4 times during this season).

He works especially excellent in Shadow Striker role when I use Christmas Tree tactic.

Robert stats

Future matches

Next matches

I am not sure how many matches I will be able to play till Friday. But at least three first of them should be played as it seems now. Hope to take 9 points in them and move up in the table!

Euro 2020 group for Belgium


My Belgium got drawn into quite comfortable group. We just have stronger squad than Macedonia and Russia. Though Russians are dangerous and I would love to beat them confidently. However, it’s early to think about that. It’s now more than half of year till summer 2020.

Some interesting facts about who manages the group opponents.

FYR Macedonia is managed by Irish Steve Staunton. Italy Antonio Conte. Russia Michael Laudrup.


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