Friday, 22 August 2014

Season 7. It can be the last one

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Welcome back to my blog. The post title sounds somewhat pessimistic but I hope I will continue to manage Dynamo Dresden onwards. Tactical and squad revamping cannot give immediate effect and I should for the second half of the season to say something concrete. Currently 7 Bundesliga fixtures played and here what I have after all.




I can’t boast with position in the league table but nevertheless it’s early part of the season. Top 5 clubs have just 4 points more.

New tactical systems created in summer work well and we can expect much better results. Results without those disgusting 0:3 and 0:4 defeats against Hertha and Schalke. By the way, both matches were lost due to my wrong selection of tactics. Thusly, I can expect it won’t repeat in the next games.


9:8 penalty shutout


It was extremely cool! HSV was always a hard nut to crack for my team. Normally we fail to win or even make a draw. This time our opposition turned into outstanding performance by both teams and spectacular game for stadium visitors.

HSV equalized score every time after Dresden goal. Including penalties. So it happened 11 times till the penalty save of Fabian Giefer, that penalty shot was failed  by former Dresden player Panjkret. Haha :)

Guys, I don’t remember if I had longer penalty shootout in previous Football Manager saves!

PenaltiesDresden stats

Dresden players


Surely it’s too early to say something about players… But what I like is that my stake on Robert as main Dresden forward worked out. He has two inexperienced youngsters Servio and Segarel behind his back instead Djuric and Perica last season. Robert plays nice football and is very confident making shots from free kicks.

Next games

Next games

Home matches against FC Bayern and Dortmund can make a whole weather. Loosing to both leader of German football can be painful for team morale level and further matches. So I should concentrate on gaining draws at least against them.

After so much German Cup game with HSV described above I want to the Cup. It’s time to battle on every team on our way. Gladbach is a serious opponent and there should be some extensive preparation efforts before the match (additional squad analysis, for instance).

Belgium. Successful qualification to Euro 2020

My parallel experience with Belgium is pretty successful. Team is just too strong to fail set target of Euro 2020 qualification.

By the way, my favourite Belgian players are Adnan Januzaj, Eden Hazard and Maroune Fellaini. They are simply success drivers and irreplaceable players.


Watch my 3:3 game against Denmark


So I hope you like today’s post. If you want to know any details about Dynamo Dresden and Belgium, please write in the comments. And as usually – stay tuned.

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